Costa Safe in Sierra Leone

Henry P. Costa, chairman, Council of Patriots

Henry P. Costa, head of the Council of Patriots (CoP), appears to be enjoying the hospitality of the Sierra Leonean Government, having landed in that neighboring country following his secret departure from Liberia on Sunday, January 12.  Mr. Costa had been invited earlier for investigation at the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) concerning his acquisition of a laissez-passer that the LIS says was ‘forged.’

As he was preparing to go to the LIS Headquarters last week, Costa posted on Facebook his concerns about the huge presence of officers of LIS and Police in the vicinity of the Immigration headquarters.  For that, he and his lawyer refused to go for the investigation. Later, it became known that he had departed Liberia through Sierra Leone for the United States, even though he was banned by the Liberian government from traveling back to the US after the January 6 protest.

Amid speculations that Costa had been arrested by Sierra Leone authorities, the government of Sierra Leone through its Minister of Information and Communication, Mohammed R. Swaray, promised to protect the rights of Henry P. Costa.

“The Bio Administration will not take dictation from any government regarding the ongoing saga involving the head of the COP,” Minister Swaray told the BBC Focus on Africa program.

Confirming that the Government of Liberia had requested the Sierra Leonean Government to extradite Mr. Costa, Minister Swaray said: “We just want to ensure that we fulfill his rights, he himself can attest to that, he’s been very well treated, and we cannot take dictation from any other government, we are a democracy.”

Minister Swaray added that, while there is some cooperation with Liberia regarding the request from immigration authorities, it has no intention of straying from its democratic principles. He clarified that Costa is not in detention; that he is enjoying full human rights because they are a sovereign democratic nation that does not take instructions from other people.

Mr. Swaray assured Liberians and supporters of Costa harboring suspicions that light is at the end of the tunnel. “I can only say to those Liberians thinking that way to continue to be glued to the radio, we are doing what we need to do now and soon we will do what’s right without compromising or jeopardizing our credentials as a democratic, freedom-loving and accountable administration.”

Before that, the Civil Society Organizations in Sierra Leone had held a press conference calling on their government not to turn Mr. Costa over to the Government of Liberia, citing a reason that the government was only after him because he is vocal stance in exposing the government of its deeds and leading peaceful protests against ills practiced by officials of the Liberian government.  The CSO group then cautioned the Government of Sierra Leone not to treat Costa as a criminal but should be given due regard and his rights should be respected and protected while in Sierra Leone.

“We believe that Mr. Costa’s right to demonstrate is guaranteed under both Liberian and international law, and we strongly condemn the Liberian government’s attempts to punish him for exercising his right,” the CSOs said.

The CSOs added: “We urge the Government of Sierra Leone to immediately release Mr. Costa and allow him to travel to the United States of America or his preferred destination. We further urge the Government of Sierra Leone to reject an extradition request from the Liberian government as we are reliably informed that, if extradited to Liberia, Mr. Costa will be severely tortured by the Weah administration.”

“Should the Sierra Leone Government extradite Costa to Liberia, it will be equally blamed for any abuses or violations to which he may be subjected. This will certainly have far-reaching implication for Sierra Leone’s human rights credentials and its international image,” the CSOs said.

Meanwhile, Liberian President George Weah’s office has dismissed allegations and insinuations by Costa that the administration is threatening his life. In a statement issued Wednesday, January 15, the President’s office said “the Weah administration respects the sanctity of human life and the fundamental rights of people, and would always do everything to protect all citizens and foreigners within its borders without discrimination.”

The President’s office added that over the last 24 months, it has always demonstrated extreme tolerance by providing security for dissenting and agitating citizens and will continue to do so within the confines of the laws in the coming years.

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio yesterday ordered the release of Costa from custody and denied the request from the government to have him returned to Liberia.

Before his departure from Liberia, Costa was invited by the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) for questing about the laissez-passer he used to enter Liberia on December 19, 2019, to stage the planned ‘Weah Step down Campaign’.

But after honoring the initial visit to the LIS, Costa said he felt threatened by the process and escaped to neighboring Sierra Leone.

After waiting for few days without seeing Mr. Costa, the LIS issued an ultimatum, demanding his appearance no later than 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, or face arrest.  On the very Wednesday morning, Costa posted on Facebook that he was in the hands of security in Sierra Leone and they were very nice to him, urging his supporters not to panic.

The decision of LIS came from Costa’s alleged failure to appear on two different occasions at the (LIS) headquarters to answer questions pertaining his acquisition of a laissez-passer through the assistance of Sylvester T. Nah (as named by Costa) a few weeks ago, prior to his arrival into the country ahead of the 30 December 2019 protest which was postponed to January 6, 2020.

Meanwhile, Costa was cleared to depart Sierra Leone, as he wished.


  1. The government of Sierra Leonean has disappointed many of us Liberians. I thought Sierra Leone was a democratic country where free movement of people existed. Can they provide any genuine reasons for arresting Henry Costa? Costa was simply enroute to the United States; he wasn’t seeking asylum in Sierra Leone. Why hinder his safe passage for this unnecessary publicity?

    The man is unsafe in Liberia, and Sierra Leone being a neighbor, he sought an easy passage through it to come to the United States where he is pursuing his studies. Why arrest him? Did he commit a crime in Liberia or in Sierra Leone? Julius Mada Bio should know better. He is not like George Weah who has the least education among world leaders.

    Unlike Weah who hired a friend to do his bachelor and masters degree online from DeVry University, Mada Bio actually earned his degrees with his sweat and labor. He is more educated than Weah. The last time President Weah sat in class was when he was in the 8th Grade in 1983.

    Since 1983, Weah never attended any formal school. He is dull and uneducated for him to be thinking that he is on par with Julius Mada Bio of Sierra Leone all because they share the same presidential title. What is evident is that he is a child and Julius is an adult with cultivated education.

    Julius should not have allowed Costa to be arrested in the first place knowing very well that himself was once a student in the United States. He should not be stopping West Africans from traveling though his country for political reasons emanating from their countries.

    • Jackson Neal, I hope u read the Daily Observer New in full because Sierra Leone admitted Mr. Costa is not under arrest neither custody and he shall not be return to Liberia. CSO group in Sierra Leone urged their Government to render full human right services and protection to Mr. Costa till he decides to leaves Sierra Leone.

      I disagreed if u commenting Sierra Leonean Government many Liberian except to stress your point better.

      • I am balancing my opinion with information given by the Sierra Leone information minister Swaray…Please go the BBC Site and listen to the interview, and not just opinion on Observer site.

    • Jackson Neal (not your own name) the fact that when you used your only two boys children for ritual and you were not arrested by the Sierra Leonean authorities, does not mean that when a country seeks cooperation for another country to arrest and return a fugitive (as is the case with Costa the fugitive), that country should without studying the situation refuse to cooperate or even just do as the requesting country has requested.

      Governments facing such situations as was the case with beighboring Sierra Leone, firstly consider the political implications at home, before even the diplomatic ramifications , or treaty obligations for or against the requesting country’s request..

      So you must learn now that both countries’ actions are kegitimate as was the case with Ghana when Ghana refused to hand over Charles Taylor in 2003 who was even indicted by the UN, and not as the case with Costa who is a. NOT YET INDICTED CULPRIT.

    • Sierra Leone will not be part of the execution of your own citizens, we had a very negative experience with you guys. Your present administration need to know how they hand there Sheet.

  2. Thank you, President Bio! I hope it serves as a lesson to Weah to stop making people hero overnight.
    What could it have cost you to ignore this guy and leave him alone? You are now looked at suspiciously in the sub region and in the eyes of the international community as an evolving dictator.
    Consequences: Aides will be curbed, movement of people into Liberia restricted and international condemnations.

    You promised to fix things for the poor people of Liberia; pro-poor government. Concentrate on your agenda. The people need to eat, live in decent homes, send their children to good schools, get good healthcare in Liberia and not out of Liberia, drive on good roads. Fix things Mr. President, you promised to do so.
    Fix things as you promised or quit, lest you create more problems for the people you “love”

  3. The government of Sierra Leone did the right as an sovereign nation and administer by sound minded individuals. They have shown to the entire world and the region about what is leadership and not ruler ship. What was the Weah administration thinking about Hon. Bio leadership in Sierra Leone? They thought they can just request and it happened?

    The Liberian government had all the time needed to question Costa and they themselves made it clear to the entire world that, Mr. Costa was never under arrest nor had done anything wrong. So why keep on investigating one thing over and over? Only to delay Costa from attending school this semester or provoke unnecessary confusion to add fuel to the burning fire? What good will this be to the people of Liberia? Why is this government being so stubborn about about doing things just contrary for the best of Liberia?

    The Weah administration has really propell Costa as leadership material when he is not. Why is the GOL (government of Liberia) even had to request or follow Costa to Sierra Leone? This by it self speaks volume about what Costa is saying that,they want to kill him and he is afraid of his life. Your claimed he did nothing wrong so why tailed him to another country? At this point, your really wanted to kill him if they had extradited him per your request. That’s the picture written on the wall and the Weah administration should make no mistake about this,killing anyone that’s critical about the regime at this time will be a serious error and wrong calculation.

  4. When a sovereign government implements human rights or justice in excess this is what happens. Once the immigration and or the police discovered that Henry Costa had committed such immigration violations as fraud, the government, through the Ministry of Justice, should have wasted no time in detaining , charging, and indicting, the culprit.

    But instead they allowed Henry Costa who has been discovered to have commited such violation and offense to go about his business freely, because some gbagbatee lawyer would guarantee the physical presense of such a notorious culprit.

    Sierra Leone ofcourse did what any sovereign country would do given the context By detaining such a culprit upon the request of an ECOWAS member state. But to believe that Sierra Leone could go any further than that, when the fool was never indicted is higly unlikely. But again, the government could siimply ensuring that the culprit is extraditable at anytime; and not necessarily from Sierra Leone now, if such is not possible art the moment. So, yes, this may also be a sound strategy or tactic.

    Nonetheless,this episode must notify the Liberian government that once the criminal act or acts of such culprits have been discovered, there should never again be any delay in detaining, charging, and indicting the cuolprit. Once rthis is done, even if the culprit or fugitive escapes into another country, the hands of the country would not be tied as is th case with Sierra Leone at the moment.

  5. Costa has left Liberia. Sadly, his followers are left behind. The reality on the ground is that some or most of his followers are unemployed. Costa has a God-given right to organize and plan civil protests. But in order for him to be seen as a serious patriot, it is his responsibility to learn how to create jobs for his followers! The flamboyant Costa has never been heard to say what could be done in order for his followers to gain employment. Personally, I wish him well. However in my view, I think Costa should use some of his wealth (if he has any) to create jobs instead of playing the blame game all the time.

  6. The sierra leonean minister is playing games to gain good reputation from the Costa saga when he claimed “while there is some cooperation with Liberia regarding the request from immigration authorities, it has no intention of straying from its democratic principles”, then why did they detain costa under the pretext of protected costudy? from who? Sierra leone remember! When Liberia had her war, you made fun, even to the extent of producing songs like “in libira today, man dey sorffa”, supported the war through Foday Sankor and gen. Mosquito. You only realized the evil of war when the face of the liberian opposition(Charles Taylor) tutored Sankor and Mosquito to do long sleeve and short sleeve. Costa is another grotesque face of the Liberian opposition! It might be too late if one springs up Sierra leone after your “democratic mechanization” !

  7. Costa is en route to the USA on Royal Air Maroc.

    From a simple radio talk show host to a hero with international recognition.
    Weah has created problem for himself.

    Ineptitude and ignorance under the disguise of tyranny and dictatorship!
    I hope Liberians will learn lesson for the last time and always stop say and doing imbecilities. Just consider the number of years of setbacks to be incurred again!

  8. “Hero” to scumbags and vagabonds is no hero. A hero never runs away nor chooses to be the foot soldier of a notorious murderer and thief. That Costa is a fanatic for Benoni Urey tells he.Costa CANNOT be a hero.

  9. Petarus Dolo,
    A hero with international recognition? Who embraces or recognizes Costa internationally? With minimum respect, I am flabbergasted at your defense of Costa in such terms. The gentleman is not popularly known anywhere except in Monrovia. I don’t think that the average Ivorian knows Costa. And in America? Please! Costa needs to do more at home in terms of creating jobs. He will be respected if he creates jobs for the unemployed people of Liberia. Even if job creation is not done by him directly, he can motivate his wealthy friends to invest in Liberia. Take your statement back! Don’t daydream. Wake up to the smell of reality.

  10. A Dog Cannot Catch Its Wagging Tail

    The only people who see Costa as a hero are almost the same who see Baccus Matthew as a hero. Is there heroic about Baccus when he told William Tolbert to drop rice price from $10.00 in April 1979? Twelve months later, Matthew was serving as cabinet minister in a government that was protecting businesses selling rice $22.00, twice the price under William Tolbert. Matthew kept silent when rice was sold as twice the price under the PRC. Why?

    Time and time again we see our “Liberators” coming from across the Atlantic throwing a “hot metal” at our peoples plights as a rescue rod. A drowning man can clinch on anything for his dear life. In the case with the “ Liberian Liberators”, they are not certain. When it gets tough they spring across the Atlantic for safety. Leaving the very people they claim to be liberating.

    Mamadu S. Bah
    N/P Nurse Practitioner, Meridian Health

  11. I hope that this Costa issue will not tempo with the long time good relationship that have existed between the two countries. As this story being insinuated by this paper, the Sierra leonean CSO or government spokesman didn’t gave any diplomatic reason for Costa extradition, instead advocacies are more applied. As a post war country, Costa had already planned to plunge this country back into another devastating turmoil through his invective utterances or so called advocacies; but thank God for using this current government to deal with these issues professionally.

    Costa has paint himself as hero for those failed individuals that has misused thousands of dollars for themselves under the villains regime of EJS. Where are the thousands of dollars they were making over years. It is soon you to complain. They have nothing to offer to this country. What is your tangible participation in the economics that you people broke down in the course of twelve years.

    It is my ardent prayers this matter should be handled amicably for the benefit of the ordinary citizens. Costa had caused his own idiotic problem and fled from facing the law and further caused diplomatic havoc. Shame to you Costa.

  12. Mr. Solee is getting the point I am making.

    To date, there is a diplomatic friction between Liberia and Sierra Leone for a minor case that should have been swept under the rug.

    Hunan rights NGOs lingering around in search of funding may use Costa to fight for his “human rights and freedom of speech”.

    Costa has been on the VOA, BBC and African TV channels (I have seen at least two of them with him). Can you imagine the publicity he is getting?

    In the USA, he will obtain political asylum status. Do you know what it means for the Liberian government?

    You guys are downplaying something with many repercussions. Revisit our recent history and know how to deal with some issues. The government should have just ignored this guy and go about normal business. Costa has huge support with some elites in Liberia, know this. We know them. Getting into trouble with him is indirectly provoking those guys.
    Let’s watch and see what unfolds

  13. Petarus Dolo,
    It’s true that Costa is getting a great deal of publicity. But that’s not what you are saying. You’re blaming the government without addressing the main point.

    Let me tell you briefly what has occurred. Costa was found to have forged his travel documents when he entered Liberia. Do you think he should have been ignored based on what he did? Hypothetically as a president, would you allow forgery to be done by one of your citizens?

    Be firm. State the truth and nothing but the truth.

  14. Say you unshamefully, “Costa has huge support with some elites in Liberia, know this”. Come on brother man. Man up will you? Should we cuddle ourselves before your elites, some of whom are Alexander Cummings and possibly you?

    Wrong is wrong. If he had not forge his travel documents, Costa would have departed Liberia via RIA.

    Thanks but no thanks!

  15. Hney,

    First, I am not a Costa admirer.
    This guy was in the USA and started issuing threat of destroying the RIA if arrested upon arrival.
    When he got to town, did you see the crowd that went to receive him from the airport?
    When he was heading his protest on January 6, did you see how he was guarded?

    Back to the point of forgery. Why will the person who issued the forged document in the government agency not be arrested and persecuted if justice has to be done to all?
    Why will the airports Costa travelled through accept a forged document without detaining him?
    I am not a security agent, but these are few brain twinkling issues that bring me to the conclusion that this is a political hoax.
    Weah should concentrate on delivering on his promises and avoid procrastination on teeny weenies.

  16. Brother Dolo,
    Say you, “please leave Cummings out of it again, please”. My man, you’re kidding! Leave Cummings’ name out because he’s spotless? To your chagrin, Cummings is fair game. Don’t pray over something like that. Even God will reject your fake tears, Dolo! Cummings is a founding member of the CoP. Costa is a CoP freedom fighter. The two men are inseparable. I will not leave Cummings’ name out. Remember, I respect him and you, but I am in disagreement with both of your political philosophy. Therefore every time you espouse Cummings’ agenda, you expose him to criticism. I don’t care how you slice the ice, Cummings is fair game.

    What’s your problem today in the Ivory Coast? Did you eat ar-che-keh….. plar-carli ……or futu banan? (All three of the foods are misspelled. But you know what I mean). Maybe so. Take a walk and concentrate on your current situation. You come talk about “please leave Cummings’ name out, yah”. Is he your daddy? Get a life. I Ana going to Lee the man out ol.

    The other problem is this……you create a problem and in a twinkle if an eye, you skip to another place. You are telling your readers that Costa went through the RIA with fake documents without being caught, right? Well, what do you expect? So he was not caught then, however it’s been revealed that his documents were forged. Should he go Scot free? Did he do something illegally?

    Dolo, you are turning people off more than doing your missionary work for a candidate of your choice whom you’ve never seen or talked to. Only a snail can believe that.

  17. Dolo,
    Go to “Youpugon” and ask the snails if they know anything about Costa. You here oldman? Go na.

    Correction: Twinkle of an eye. Not twinkle if an eye.

  18. Liberians need to understand the roles and responsibilities of State agencies and stop accusing the president or gov in general unnecessarily. I do not support some policies of the CDC; therefore, I am critical in my observation. Within the Costa saga, LIS was only doing its job in keeping within its scope of duties after it was discovered that the man had arrived and entered the country on a forged travel doc and attempted to use the same fake travel doc to leave Liberia. According to the daily observer, FrontPage Africa and other news articles, Costa was invited twice by LIS for queries about his travel document (Liassaz-Passer), and he did not show up. If you have been invited for an investigation, you must provide genuine reasons for not being able to attend such a meeting. Instead, Costa told officials in Sierra Leone that he received a called from top security officials in the government who told him to leave the country because there have been plans to assassinate him….. Also, he said because there was a massive presence of police and immigration offices at LIS HQ, so he was afraid. LIS boss assured Costa’s Lawyer that his office had no plan to arrest Costa.

    “One who comes into equity must come with clean hands”. The Maxim bar. (Common Law)

    Costa knows very well that he had committed a forgery by entering the country on a fake travel document with hopes of not been caught. Yes, he was successful on arrival, but upon return, his table was turned by an educated and proactive staff of LIS. You know, he admitted in another article, by saying he send $20 to his friend (Sylvester Tevez Nah) to get him the laissez-passer when he arrives in Ghana. This is a severe offence the man knows it is a potential criminal charge. In the context of the Republic of Sierra Leone, their authority had no choice but to keep Costa because he admittedly said that “if I return to Liberia I will be killed”. That’s the game Costa played because the fugitive knows he was escaping investigation of forgery if guilty he was going to go to prison or get a hefty fine as per the LIS Act.

    But in all vein, I don’t see the reason for President Bio to respond to Liberia’s extraction in the way he did. His response could potentially tint his country’s bilateral with Liberia in the future if Sierra Leone asks Liberia to surrender any of its Citizen. The fact that this government of Liberia had not issued an arrest warrant on its citizens, but respect freedom of speech should have been crucial in Bio’s decision. On the other hand, Bio was bound by human rights obligation not to allow Costa to return to Liberia due to Costa’s fabricated statement (” I will be killed”).

    With reference to the Civil Society Organization in Sierra Leone, it is vital that evidence is produced or several sources are cited when commenting on national issues of another government. My question to the CSO
    Did Costa provide substantial evidence to justify his claims against the government of Liberia wanting to take his life?
    Has Costa come up with any proposal or economic reform to enhance the living condition of the citizenry of Liberia?

  19. Mr. Nimene,

    Let’s look at the context of this LIS “forgery case”.
    Costa had just arrived in Liberia like a president, he had successfully organized an anti-government protest and immediately after, his is summoned for forging a Laissez-Passer, a document he used to travel through the gates of the same “educated and proactive” LIS agents. Come on brother, can’t you see something fishy about this whole thing?

    The other time Bio came to Liberia to speak at the UL graduation ceremonies, he echoed coded messages from the governments, men and women who sacrificed their lives, time and resources to bring the peace we are now enjoying. Did you expect him to extradite Costa if such messages were not even decoded by the Weah’s government?

    It has been heard over and over, even from recordings, how Weah wishes he could strangle Costa to death. Do you think it was a simple questioning with such plethoric number of LIS and other security forces? You must be joking brother. Costa is human and so he fears for his life. I could have done likewise if top government officials would call me up to tell me my life was at risk.

    I, Dolo, have been in the Ivory Coast and ordered travelling documents from Liberia to use. I have freely travelled with such documents in Liberia without any LIS officers bothering me at all. Come on brother, understand what is going on here.
    By the way, I am not a Costa admirer, just objective analysis.

    Uncle Hney,
    I love this man so much! Sincerely, no joke, I like you in every facet of your writing and debate styles and techniques. I wish to see you one of these days, if you don’t mind. I guess you are missing attieke, placali and foutou banane. Do you want to visit Yopougon and Plateau Dokui again? But I am sure the lady you were dating is old now and legally married with many children. She’s no longer a young girl since it’s been a ‘hellable’ long time. Abidjan has changed greatly, though.
    I travelled to Accra 5 months ago, I saw that there is a real competition between Accra and Abidjan. Both cities are being transformed greatly. The people are at work, their governments serve their interests. They love development and good lives.

    Invitation: The day you think about visiting Liberia, I can host and entertain you in the Jam for one week, nothing more than that. RSVP!

    I beg you oooh, leave Cummings out of our discussions. Don’t make my boss and president to get angry with me, Sir.

    Good morning to all. Peace unto all!

  20. Sir Petarus Dolo,
    Every time I depress the letter “P”, your full name pops up. That’s probably because I bang on your name almost everyday. Maybe the computer is telling me one or two things:

    1. Cool off on Honorable Petarus Dolo or

    2. Press the peddle of harassment down on the gentleman. Get under his skin.

    Thanks for spelling out correctly the specific items I mentioned yesterday. I knew you would correct the spelling. And yes, because of that relationship, (you know what I mean) I visited the Ivory Coast six different times in the 90s. What was meant by God to be will be. Unfortunately, although both of our hearts bled because we were young and in love, it wasn’t what God had ordained. She lives in France!

    I’d like to say thank you for the flair of generosity in you. When it becomes possible for me to go to Liberia this year, I may stop over in Abidjan for a day or so. Hopefully, I will meet you! I will treat you to a cheeseburger place in the downtown area of Abidjan. I hope it’s still there.

    On the line of national development, you’re right. The Ivorians, Ghanaians and just about most African countries are on the path to national development. Liberia is not as aggressive in terms of infrastructural development as most countries are. Example, roads become unserviceable and impassible when the rainy season hits. That’s an abandonment of responsibility! It’s been going on since the days of Tubman, Tolbert and the rest of them. However, although Mr. Weah can be blamed in some areas, he certainly is not responsible for the poor condition of the country. Weah must do his part. We expect him to be creative. On the other hand, let’s not forget that there is recession in Liberia! There was recession before Weah came on board. But regardless of how slow things are, I pray that Weah will not be distracted by people who protest everyday.

    The hairest area of disagreement between us is the Cummings issue! I cannot fathom a logical reason why you abhor Cummings’ name to be discussed. You’re the one usually brings your idol’s name up. You brag about his qualifications. You give the impression that Cummings is an aficionado. He strikes you as your beau-ideal. Dolo, stop being thin-skinned. Every time you canvass for your man, you will encounter people who will not like him. But don’t be offended by that. He is a human being. As such, he’ll have his share of critics. I am one of them. Don’t you think you should chill a little bit on Cummings until 2023?

    Hang in there buddy!

  21. Thank to the government of Sierra Leone, this’s a lesson for the Liberian government. President Weah please do the works of people and leave Costa alone.

  22. Uncle Hney,

    I will be glad to entertain you for a day in the Ivory Coast. I would have love for you to spend a week to discover the country with me.
    From reading you about this Ivorian lady, I can imagine how passionate this love story was. Anyway, it was not meant to be as you rightly said.

    Let’s come to Cummings, our point of disagreement.
    Cummings is neither a political nor a managerial aficionado. He is a human and fallible. He had made and will make mistakes until his last days on earth. But know that HE IS MY CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT!
    I support the guy because he fits within the portrait of the person I had imagine to bring true reconciliation and lasting peace, and kickoff the sustainable development process of Liberia. For me, such person shouldn’t have been involved in the war in anyway, he wasn’t.
    Such person should fear God, he does.
    Such person should be a family man, he is.
    Such person should be a technocrat, he is.
    Such person should have extensive experience, he has.
    Such person should have earned his or her wealth fairly, he got rich fairly.
    Such person should be humble, he is.
    And such person should uphold merit, he does.

    I would love to see other Liberians come out like him. It would provide many alternatives to choose from. Some have shown up, but not all of them fit in that portrait drawn.
    Uncle Hney, try to spend at least 3 months in Liberia and see the new Liberian habits; the country is almost like Sodom and Gonorrhea; if you work in government and you don’t steal, you don’t have at least 3 girl or boy friends, they call you “gbele”.
    If you are in school and spend most of your time studying, they call you “gbele” because I can just pass on the side and give the prof $25 and I have a passing mark.
    The list is long.

    You taught before, from my exchanges with you. Can you compare some of what you read here with your Grade 10 or 9 students? But these people are university graduates. What do they do best? Insults!
    I did all my higher studies in French but people understand my English better.

    I will not chill on Cummings. I will run his campaign until 2023. I would love for people to hear about him, know him and judge him before 2023. Liberia is a confused country right now.

    Have a wonderful weekend Hney

  23. my family and I was discussing the various discussions that take place on this forum and we formulated several theories on this: firstly, to write a story about Uncle Hney and his lost love. “the Love that never was” will be the title of the story. How Uncle Hney wailed and wept when he was abandoned by the love of his life and he threatened to do unimaginable harm to himself if she did not come back to him. he wandered, in daze, for a while until he sought the face of God and he was healed. That is the crux of our story. Uncle Dolo, your input is solicited in writing this story, please, since you are considered to be a man of accomplishments. At least, that is how I think of you, Sir.

    Uncle Hney, this story is about you. say the word, and this story will be abandoned. But my dad and I took a bet that you, being a person who surrounds himself with mystery will agree for the story to go on. my 150 Liberian dollars is on the line. so refuse for the story to go on so I can “chop” my pappy 150LD.

    Back to the matter at hand. This is a complex issue. some people see Costa as their hero, as their deliverer and they hang on to his every word. I suggest here that the govt of Liberia made him into a hero. Firstly, they afforded him too much relevance and saw him as their nemesis, which in my view, was a mistake.. now people in my age group see him as the alternative and they look up to him.

    To the issue at bar:
    It was alleged that Costa commited a crime by travelling on a forged document to enter the country. if such was the case, why was he immediately not apprehended at the port of entry? he was allowed to roam freely about the country and only when the govt felt that he was being a thorn in the their flesh, they did summon him to explain how he entered the country. One cannot miss the political undertone that is taking place. He did answer the summon to go to the LIS. I know that because I was there. The huge security presence on the day of his appearance at the Immigration office was staggering. and well armed to the teeth. was all that necessary just to question an unarmed civilian? Immigration response was the security was necessary in the case of any eventuality. Costa felt threatened, and rightly so, given the rumors that there was a plan to assassinate him. So he left the premises. Who can blame him. I know I don’t.

    the government kept insisting that he is not a wanted man but at the same time Cllr. Cephas is preparing an indictment to arrest him. Fast forward to sierra leone. now he’s in that country enroute to the USA and the Liberian govt is seeking his extradition, when he is not charged with any misdemeanor. Huge.

    Extradition, a noun, is defined as sending a person back to the country where they have been accused of committing a crime. the government erred in not charging him. that is just my piece. I will comment on Mr.
    Costa another time.

    Uncle Hney, my dad has put himself in the “fries” and is now claiming that you owe a little over 20USD for the errors you keep making.

    Peace to all.

    • Joe,

      My warmest weekend greetings.

      I am willing and ready to partake in writing that passionate love story about Hney’s lost love. Give me some time to propose 3 different titles from which we can choose. I think your title doesn’t really portray the passion Hney portray here all the time. It must be catchy, passionate, mesmerizing, romantic, idyllic and picturesque.

      My regards to your family and enjoy the weekend and forget the troubles in Liberia. Welcome back home brother.

  24. Welcome back JM,
    Please be informed that I laughed real hard when I read your comment about me. It’s the best I have read in recent days. I am going home and driving, something I shouldn’t do.

    So stay tuned.
    I will side with your dad. You will lose the bet!

  25. General Dolo,
    I did spend three months in Liberia last year. Are you asking me to spend three months there every year from now on? One of the appointed Ministers (who made a job offer) made my life miserable! The experience of that Minister left me with bitterness. Dolo, I can’t and will not get into details. For the satisfaction of your curiosity, I was there in Liberia from July to October, 2019.


    • Uncle Hney,

      Hope you are spending a nice weekend today.
      Let me start by begging you again Uncle Hney, “General Dolo”, please remove that title next time. I am not a military personnel. I am a civilian in words and deeds.

      We have the same experience with Liberia Uncle Hney. Promise of job and then expecting you to do what, I don’t know. You said, “I can’t and will not get into details”, I understand you perfectly because I know what you mean. Me too will not get into details I am glad we are converging at a common point: frustration with the status quo.

      So, Uncle Hney, we need to change the status quo and ensure merit is recognized and hard work is rewarded. Remember what Mr. Peter Curran usually writes at the end of his posts: Only the best of our educated people with the required skillsets can change Liberia. I agree with him 100%.
      We need to usher in a system that will uphold such values. I know you will never get on the Cummings’ team, but I believe you uphold merit and reward for hard work. Think about it before 2023. Make a way for your offspring in Liberia. They are Liberians. Find a team or come a form a team, maybe I could join it. But beware I’m a diehard for Cummings. It doesn’t mean I can’t observe others. But I believe you are a good man with great virtues.

      Have a nice weekend.

  26. Uncle Dolo, greetings to you, sir, hoping that you and yours are faring well today. one of the few persons that I look up to is my dad, he is my hero. He is unlettered but his wisdom is unmatched and I discuss with him what takes place here on this forum. I have told him about Uncle Hney and also toldl him about you and your undying loyalty to Mr. Cummings, and how you think he will make a good president for this county.

    My dad wants to know this: if you claim not to have have met Mr. Cummings before, and you have never interacted with him, what Reasonable Man Standard are you using to conclude that he will make a very good president for this country? I do think that this is a fair question. Come next election, i daresay that you will be out there campaigning for Cummings. What are you going to say to convince folks like my dad? That he was a CEO for coca cola, and that he left his job to come to Liberia to help rebuild? What will you say Sir?

    Uncle Hney, my dad is now hounding for the 150LD just because you said you would side with him. Not far


    • Joe,

      For once, you have not been fair to me. How can you tell me that your dad is unlettered if he’s always fining Uncle Hney for his omissions and enjoying his choice of words and style of manipulating words?

      Mr. Moses, my regards and wish you a nice weekend. However, I will briefly address your queries:
      It is true, believe me, I have never met Cummings. As a businessman, I have learned to research on people I have some interests in, especially public figures. Besides reading about Cummings on prestigious sites like Bloomberg and others, there is always someone who knows someone who knows the person you want to know about.
      I have done extensive research on the guy, from his youth to the schools he attended before enrolling to CUC. I tracked his records in the university he attended, his professional echelons and know exactly how many boards he sits on today. I know his net worth and even the family he married from.
      In a nutshell Mr. Moses, I have interest in the man, and so I have been digging into his life. That’s why, if I were to die in politics, I would love to die alongside him for Liberia.

      Have a nice weekend Mr. Moses

  27. Thanks very much brother Dolo. I will immediately comply. No more “general Dolo”. I am a humble guy. I thought by awarding such a title, you would recognize my simplicity and at the same time uphold your dignity. Liberians like big titles. But you seem to be different, it’s a credit to you.

    Comrade Dolo, please note that a bet by JM and his dad went viral about 24 hours ago. I sided with his dad, which means Joe Jr. lost the bet! While Joe Jr. wishes that his little hard earned 150 bucks didn’t get chewed up in his face, I am afraid he’s done. That’s what happens to a young guy….he knows how to run, but he can’t hide. It’s like a young guy who hides under the bed, but once you turn the lights off, he yells because he’s in the dark.

    A book proposal:
    Watch it. He’s about to solicit people’s opinions. He’s saying all the good things to you. It’s a trap. I would like to see you take a pause. Even if he promises that the proposed book will be a top seller, take that with a grim of salt.

    Okay Dolo. Have a nice weekend. We may have a different political agenda, but we are undeniably patriots. I totally agree with you. Let’s work hard in order to improve the lives of our people.

    My breakfast this morning: Two boiled sausages, one boiled egg and two toasted garlic bread.


    • Uncle Hney,

      Enjoy your breakfast and have a nice weekend!

      As for the book, I will consider your advice and bet back to Joe.

      • Good morning Joe,

        I understand what your dad means but please, someone unlettered is someone who did not go to school. I admire is simplicity and humility but please tell him we will look up to people like him, an alumina of BWI, to restructure so many technical and technological domains in Liberia in our vast reconstruction plans.

        Let me share something with you this morning Joe. When I was coming up in school, the person I admired most, my hero and icon, was called Amah (allow me to withhold his last name). He was a very brilliant student attending TC in Maryland then.
        He was brutally killed in Maryland during the war because he was too smart for them (understand the word ‘them’). Ever since, I hate inept, mundane and unlettered leadership at every level.
        Let’s solve this problem in Liberia, everything else will be added unto us.

        I wish you a nice week Joe.

  28. Uncle Dolo, we thank you thus far in agreeing to partake in the writing of Uncle Hney’s Love story and we wait for the 3 proposed titles for the Love story that never was. take all the time you need, sir. My dad, sister and I are ready to go. My mom is sitting on the fence on this one, claiming that the love story belongs to Uncle hney and the lady and not for everyone else’s ears.

    Thats what she says, but thank God, we are in a democracy, majority carries the vote, and we outvoted her but now she claiming that every Sunday we will eat dry rice for a long time. Reminds of Teddy Roosevelt who famously said, “talk softly but carry a big stick” . Is democracy really a democracy? I think it has always been “Might overcome Right”


  29. uncle Dolo

    when I say that my dad is not lettered, I meant no disrespect to you and certainly not to him at all. That is how he looks at himself. I know that he is an extremely smart individual. I think that he does that to hide his vast intellect. he is a graduate of BWI when BWI was BWI in the mid 80’s. Just being a graduate of this prestigeous school at that time speaks volumes.

    But thank you for giving us your position of Cummings and we look forward to you getting back to us on the proposed names for Uncle Hney’s Book. I tell you, you will like it. an outline is already being formed as we speak. and please be on my side on this one.


  30. Uncle Dolo,

    good morning. hope your weekend went well. When I used the word “unlettered” it was the wrong choice of word. thank you for your correction. everyday, I bow to your wisdom. our generation thinks that that we are smarter than my dad’s generation. False.

    But you absolutely right the technicians helping to rebuild our country. those days, BWI graduates went to work for Firestone, LAMCO,Bong Mines, and other places and it those graduates that had those places operating at full capacity. Alas, those technocrats are far and few in between. The problem is that there are no more institutions to produce such technicians. BWI is still there, but just in its glorified form.

    That’s one of the challenges that the next President will face; Eucation. huge problem. Education is the bedrock of any society. There is a massive brain drain in the country as, I am sure, you are aware. how will he tackle that, to bring it to par with other countries, and if possible, surpass them? You sure your Mr. Cummings is up to the task?

    Enjoy the week, Uncle D, and whatever you do, stay safe.


  31. Good morning Joe,

    Your question about education as the major challenge for Liberia is what drove me closer the Cummings. It is the core of Cummings’ program for Liberia.

    Joe, I beg you, take up some time to revisit Cummings’ 2017 campaign website and read more about his manifesto.
    The war in Liberia started on December 24, 1989 and officially ended in 2005 upon the election as president of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
    Joe, it means children who were up to 10 years then and who were not fortunate to have been taken out of the country knew nothing but brutality, atrocities and hatred. Such children received “sub” standard education. They make up the majority of the population in Liberia right today.
    The children who lingered around the sub region can be divided into 2 categories: one group was fortunate to get some kind of education, like me, through the assistance of the UNHCR, others did not get any education at all and may have returned to Liberia or are still lingering somewhere in the sub region.
    Those children who were fortunate to have travelled abroad (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.) with their families got exposed to very good systems; some are well learnt while others wasted the opportunities and may never come back to Liberia, maybe due to “pride” or “shame”.

    Joe, Cummings understands and knows these problems. That’s why if you were to make him your next president, he would embark on the following:
    – Begin a first year with an “unprecedented” budget of 2 billion dollars. This budget would enable him to maintain the same standard of lives for our people overseas in Liberia for them to be coerced to come down to patriotically work with their compatriots for the start of a sustainable development of the country. We don’t want to hear Liberians say it would have been “scurrilous” to come home to serve their own country. We want them to do it with joy, pride and dignity with their firmly placed on their chest to sing the Lone Star forever.
    – Vast training programs by these people from the diaspora in every sector will ensue to upgrade the human capital of the working class. Concomitantly, the educational system will be totally revamped to meet the WASCE standards in the sub region. The people are fooling our children by telling them to graduate with a pass mark in 1 subject out of the 9 during a WASCE.
    – A team will be set up to tour and bring Liberians back home from the sub region and other countries. We are not many for some Liberians to be left out lingering in the wilderness. They will come home and proudly contribute in the developmental processes of their country. Liberians will once again be proud to be Liberians.
    – By the time the clock is clicking in the 6th year, begin massive investment in technological advances by transforming some of our produce into finished products. At least our farmers must be able to cane their beef, bottle their juice, mechanize our farms, etc.

    Joe, the above are easy to do. We need the right signature at the Executive Mansion. Rwanda went through their nightmare in 1994. Today that country has gone nuclear. Are they more intelligent then Liberians? I emphatically say NO! No Rwandan is better than Cummings or Dolo.

    Just a gist, read the rest.
    My regards to your daddy Joe.

  32. Hello brother Dolo,
    A new week has begun. We’re grateful. God is good.

    You seem to have good intentions. Sadly, you’re infatuated with Cummings. What puzzles me is that you’ve said on many occasions that you have never spoken to Cummings, neither have you met him in person. But yet, you seem to know everything about him! In other words, you know everything about Cummings as much as you know about yourself. I have never ever seen anything like that in my thankful years of existence. Frankly, your assertion is hard to be believed.

    Take a look at one of your sentences of appraisal above…….”No Rwandan is better than Cummings or Dolo”. Gosh Dolo. Don’t become so pollyannaish about an aspiring Liberian politician like that. In my view, your statement is a malapropos. Based on your assertion, permit me to ask this question: Is any Rwandan better than any of your kids? Or, are all Rwandans better off than all Liberians?

    I am totally convinced about the fact that you want the lives of Liberians improved. I support you and I believe most Liberians have a similar vision. But because most Liberian politicians flip flop a whole lot, it’d be advisable for you to cogitate differently over how you showcase a guy you’ve never seen or talked to.

    Hang in there Dolo.

  33. Good morning Uncle Hney,

    I wish you a very nice week, full of inspirations and love.
    Note that I am in the lab looking for a suitable title for the novel we are to write about your Ivorian soulmate.

    Since you are retired, as you once stated here, I will confess here that you have better experience in life than me.
    I understand and agree that politicians flipflop a lot, but the guy I am talking about here is NOT a politician.
    I have seen people flipflopped a lot. The most stricken was not a politician but a man under whose courtship I sat to be nurtured with the word of God, now serving in government in Liberia, thereby abandoning God’s flock.

    Cummings will NEVER be blameless as president of Liberia. He will NEVER deliver on everything. He is a man and therefore shall fall short of the glory of God.
    I am running campaign for him, but not hailing him as a god. I want Liberia to begin with someone with such credentials. If we, as a people, set this precedence and uphold it, the sky will be the limit for Liberia. We are bright minded people, very smart in our diversity. Why should we always be hindered or handicapped by the leadership we usher in? We are the Lone Star of Africa, a country that spearheaded many economic, diplomatic and military initiatives in Africa. Why should we be lagging while Rwanda has gone nuclear?
    Why should be complacent while Nigeria, Ghana, countries who once considered our country an Eldorado, have gone industrial?
    Why should we be proud of ourselves when we are footing electricity bills to the Ivory Coast?

    My blood boils over every time I let myself think about these inanities. What is sickening is that our people do not even know about these things. We still judge on tribalism, nepotism and on religious or denominational line.

    Uncle Hney, though I hold the Rwandans in high esteem, I am with the firm believe that we can do better than them if we vote in someone like Cummings, or someone with similar credentials.
    Politics has shown its’ limit in Liberia. War has shown its heathen face. Mediocrity has left the people in abject poverty and in total ignorance.
    Let’s try excellence and see if it will fail Liberia. It has never failed the USA, Canada, Europe and the World at large. Liberians should try it to see if it will not work for us.

    My respect Uncle Hney.

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