Costa ‘Returning in May’

Henry P. Costa says despite his surreptitious departure from Liberia last week, he will return in May.

“Let Immigration arrest me,” he says

Popular talk show host and chairman of the Council of Patriots (CoP), Henry P. Costa who secretly left Liberia through Sierra Leone a week ago, after refusing to show up for further investigation over allegation that he entered Liberia in December using a forged laissez-passer, has finally landed in the United States of America, promising to return to Liberia in May this year.

On the Friday, January 17 edition of BBC Focus on Africa, Costa said:  “I will be returning to my home country in May.  I will go home; let the immigration authority arrest me and take me to the court for prosecution, I am willing to go.”

On his Facebook page earlier, Mr. Costa appreciated the President and people of Sierra Leone for the kind gesture shown him while in that country escaping from the wrath of the Liberian Government.  Costa believes that if the Government of Sierra Leone had sent him back as requested in telephone conversation by the Liberian Government, his life would not have been spared and would not face justice for a crime he says he was not charged for.

While in Sierra Leone, the government there said that it does not take dictation from another government, but was protecting its democracy and the human rights of Costa, noting that he (Costa) was not arrested and detained, as was speculated, but was being under humane treatment.

Civil Society Organizations in Sierra Leone also added weight to Costa’s protection in that country by telling the government not to turn him over to the Liberian Government on ground that his life would not be protected and that the Government of Liberia was after him not because he committed a crime, but because he had staged mass protests against bad governance and endemic corruption in Liberia.

Circumstances surrounding the surreptitious departure of Costa from the country would make anyone to be concerned about his return.  Moreover, government’s loyalists believe that his departure in this form and manner suggest he would not return to Liberia until the current administration’s constitutional tenure expires.

Nevertheless, the tough-talking political commentator and activist and chairman of the Council of Patriots has told the BBC and Voice of America (VOA) that he is returning to Liberia in May 2020, and the BBC Focus on Africa says it will be watching the drama.

In a counter argument by Costa regarding the allegation that he was in possession of a forged laissez-passer, he said he left his original passport in Accra, Ghana and decided to acquired the laissez-passer to enable him travel to his son in Italy.  When he entered Liberia on December 19, 2019, Costa said the Liberian Immigration assessed his document and endorsed it for entry into his home country but, after staging the January 6 protest that ended in chaos, he was about to return to the United States when the same Immigration authority seized the document for being allegedly forged.

“It is the Immigration that changed my previous document and gave me a forged document, because when I got to Liberia my first document was accepted and I entered my country.  So they gave me the forged document just to have me detained because we staged two mass protests against bad governance and corruption that this government is carrying on,” Costa said.

Responding to a question about being supported by the “Congau” group for “Not willing to see the natives rule Liberia,” Costa said:  “I am a Kpelle man myself.  My tribe is the largest in Liberia and the Kru tribe to which the President belongs is just a little portion.  The inability and incompetence of the government to lead the country is the problem; not a Congau group or any group supporting other than Liberians who see George Weah flying a private jet and building wealth for himself all over the place.”

Although the Liberian talk show host whose Roots FM station had been shut down by the government on recommendation by the President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has decided to return in May this year, members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) comprising the All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party (LP) and the Unity Party (UP), have expressed fear over what it calls “Threats and attacks” on the lives of Henry Costa and Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah.

A release issued by the Mo Ali, a member of the group, notified the public that the two men, Costa and Yekeh, were encountering serious harassment and attacks carried out by unknown people because of the men’s critical views about the George Weah Administration.

According to the release, the continuous harassment and terroristic threats on the lives of men do not give them the sense of being free to exercise their rights as citizens of the country.

Upholding Article 15 (a) of the Liberian Constitution which states:  “Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.  This right shall not be curtailed, restricted or enjoined by government save during an emergency declared in accordance with this Constitution,” the CPP executives noted with emphasis that as they and other Liberians exercise their constitutional rights by holding the government in check, they continue to encounter attacks, harassment and threats from unknown individuals believed to be loyal to the CDC.

The release said it was predicated upon this environment of threats and harassment that Mr. Costa had to escape for his life through neighboring Sierra Leone to the United States where he was going when he was stopped by the Liberian Government.


  1. Weah has created his own headache. He will have to look everywhere for the pills to cure this illness while the people will be left alone to die from hunger and abject poverty. Quel dommage!
    It is often said prevention is better than cure, but Africans like the contrary.

    By this guy saying he is coming to his home country in May is not just a simple talk. When a blame person says he will stone you, it means he already has the stone in reach.
    Qui chercher, trouve!

  2. Absolutely, there is no case here against Henry Costa from the Weah led administration. Their case is totally a carton because, Costa presented to them a document on dec.19,2019 at the port of entry, the RIA and said document was never disputed to be forged and was accepted by the airport and immigration authorities of the republic of Liberia.

    Costa was in Liberia for 3 good weeks and no authorities ever called him in for questioning regarding the so called forge credential as claimed by the government but only to create such atmosphere during his departure from Liberia that, the document was forge? When did the Liberian government realized that, his documents were forge?

    Now Henry Costa is saying that, the document he presented to the Liberian government immigration authorities is not the same documents in question now. He is saying that, the immigration authorities has change the credential because his signature is not the same or has been forge. Well, in this situation, someone is being dishonest here and considering the facts, I will believed more of Costa than the Liberian government because, if this is the very document that is in question now, it was presented previously at the port of entry and was valid. What have change in the course of 3 weeks to deem the document invalid?

    All this was to mastermind the stayed or delayed Costa from returning to school in the U. S which is very wrong on the part of the Weah administration. What’s is the beneficiary aspect of this to the administration? Are they really serious about this lasses passes to follow Costa to another country when they told him that, he has done nothing wrong? Is it Costa to be investigated or the individuals that secure him the document in Liberia? Their investigation should never be focus on Costa because, the document was obtained in his absence despite he is the carrier of the document. He was called in to explained how he got the document, he did and I think that was enough to facilitate any investigation, if there was one.

    The government is just embarrassing herself in every way about Costa handling. Same embarrassment about Hon. Yekeh Kolubah. Why is the government detaining the driver of Yekeh Kolubah for? If guns were found in Hon. Kolubah vehicle as alleged by the Liberian government, it is Hon. Kolubah that needed to be arrested and not the driver. The driver is just a driver to the vehicle so why is he being held for finding guns in Yekeh’s vehicle? Are they afraid to arrest Hon. Kolubah or just pushing him to confrontation by arresting his driver?

    The entire world is watching and president Weah need to be very careful on how to deal with Costa, Hon. Kolubah and all those that are vocal against his administration. He need to stop taking these criticism personal, accept them and correct his mistakes and these guys will soon or later stop because, the Liberian people are looking for leadership from you and not rulership. Stop going after your citizens in foreign and neighbouring countries for whatever reasons best know to you.

  3. I think this paper should bring story to the Liberians people that will bring relief to their hearts instead of bringing non important stories to negatively sway public attention. By now, the thing Liberians people need is job opportunity, good healthcare, roads and better education, but non of these guys around here claiming to be voice for the voiceless are found in any of these category.

    Liberians how long should we continue in such negative drama? In he nutshell, Costa portrayed himself as an hero for the poor as being claimed around here. From the days of Bacchus Matthew and now is Costa, wow! What Liberian people have benefited from these so called vocalists. Our country continue to experience deterioration, our futures have no guarantee.

    My advice to the government is that don’t go after Costa, Librarians are living in abject poverty and depends on you for speedy relief

  4. A Toxic Commodity, Still many Buyers.

    Exploitation of any kind, is very bad. Exploiting your own people because of their limitations and capabilities is the worst form of cynicism. Liberians, time again have rally around false hope and empty promises, and they have paid heavy a price.

    We are like TERMITE FLIES (borcor-boy), that are attracted to illumination that leads to our destruction and destitutions. When Mr. Henry Costa phone the BBC focus on Africa Program few days ago, he made mention of him being member of the Kpelle Tribe. “My tribe is the largest in Liberia, the President tribe is very Small”. According to Mr. Costa, this is what the President always says. Similar statement had been made in the past, pitting tribes against tribes in Liberia. It has all the ingredients of destruction and carnage.
    If there is a rift between the CoP and CDC, let it remain among the BIG MEN. Mr. Costa is experiencing crow drought. The size of the crow he had during June 7, is less than what he had on December 30. People are beginning to realize the truth. He is changing tactics as events unfold, and to keep his ‘grip’, he is dispirit to stay in “business”.

    These are the same statements that fuel the Liberian Civil War. The death toll of our war escalated because of the ethnic cleansings; all because the combatants were after civilian on both sides. Statements like, ‘the NPFL came to liberate the Mahn and the Dahn”, were often heard in circles. It was totally wrong, because some poor Krahns who didn’t have anything to do with government job, or member of the Doe’s inner circle, were killed.

    The framers of the CIVIL WAR, knew by putting one tribe against the other, they will galvanize support and there will be few neutral elements left in the Liberian Society. So instead of the NPFL turning their gun on DOE, they turned it on the Krahns and Mandingos. Not all Krahns were members of the Doe regime. Less to say, what wrong did the Mandingo do, to be haunted. Certain element within the rank of highest ups, felt that’s the only way the Mahn and Dahn (Gio and Mano) could be enthusiastic to fight to the end.

    Invoking tribal division, is a toxic commodity, it was once sold to the Liberian People, there were many buyers and small beneficiaries. The results were devastating. The Liberian People should not agree to anyone who come to divide, destroy and sit on top of their corpses to rule them again.

    So, let it stay between the BIG MEN of the CDC and the BIG MEN of the COP. Not the Kpelles and the Krus.

    By; Mamadu S. Bah, Nurse Practitioner,( Meridian Health).
    Born:1982, Greenville, Sinoe

  5. Frankly, I really don’t care how many times Henry Costa visits Liberia. If he chooses to fly in and out of the country every week, it’s his choice.

    Although I do not support Costa, I don’t hate him as a human being. Of course not! What I think Costa ought to do is to say how he can help Liberia move forward. The creativity factor is the most honorable! For example, in the US, the Democrats do not like Trump. But, the work of the citizens of America goes on. Over the weekend, there was a female protest march (on Sunday) in Washington, DC. The women were strategizing and mobilizing about ways in which the lives of all Americans can be improved. In other words, job creation could be a new strategy for Costa. It’s highly unlikely for jobs to be created for all the followers of his, but I strongly believe that some jobs can be created.

    Some people might ask….”how can Costa create jobs when he’s at odds with the government of Liberia”.

    Reply: The same way in which Costa talks about Weah’s ineffectiveness.

    On the other hand, if Costa re-strategizes, he can make a dent. For instance, instead of making threats of putting his followers out there to protest always and always, Costa’s message could be changed to bread and butter issues. A populist message is highly effective. It may not bring forth fruits overnight. In the long run, such a message will resonate. All I am trying to do is to lessen tension between Costa’s forces and those of the Liberian government.

    As always, peace.

  6. Costa’s mention about the Kpelleh ethnic group from which he hails comes as a response to a query posed to him by the BBC commentator. The query was concerning remarks made by Weah that the so-called Congau people that comprises less than 5% of the population and of which Costa has some familial connection, did not want to see him in power.

    But is this the case? No. The issue is Weah often deflect the question about his failures to deliver on his campaign promises and his inability to handle the prodigious task of nation-building by projecting his anger on Congau people. This is often an old worn out tactics used by tribal politicians to evoke the xenophobia, ethnic animosity, and primal spirit within certain tribal groupings of the society.

    The election results revealed that all the counties with eligible voters voted overwhelmingly to elect Weah with the exception of Lofa. Even Montserrado County, which comprises the largest concentration of so-called Congau people, was swept by him. What is then the source of the recent upsurge of the bad-blood between him and the Congaus? Is this because he regards the Congaus as the minority tribe so he sees it as an easy target to vent out his frustration? Or is this another machination to socially bifurcate the society to continue the endless bloodshed?

    When we trek on memory lane: Samuel Doe killed droves of government officials many of whom hailed from the Congau group in the name of corruption and abuse of public office. What is the report on corruption today under the leadership of George Oppong Manneh Jlateh Jlarkon Weah, the country giant, and the true son of the soil?

    If only one’s tribal identity is the key to national development then why have the so-called abled and well educated country people not developed the country?

    When organizations or individuals refuse to take blame for their shortcomings or cannot find the solutions to confounding problems they often project their anger on other people. This tribally divisive and vicious, defense mechanism is used by crooked politicians to divide the gullible masses; often times, the consequences are deadly.


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