Costa, Others Identify with Ebola Patients at JFK


As the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease intensifies across the country, Liberia’s leading radio talk show hosts, Henry Costa, Darius Dillon, Frederick Anderson, along with Montserrado County senatorial hopeful Benjamin Sanvee, have donated food and non-food items to Ebola patients at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia.

The items donated on Monday, September 1, by the group included rice, beddings, buckets, drums, Aluminum tubs and chlorox.

Others items included paper plates, spoons, towels and brooms etc.

Presenting the items to the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) at JFK, Mr. Costa, who is the general manager of Sancos Media Group Inc/Voice FM 102.7, said the donation is their own way of identifying with some Liberians who had been affected by the deadly Ebola epidemic.

"It is now time that everyone galvanize their support to our people," Costa said. “We can’t sit there and see Liberians suffering and dying from this ugly virus.  We need to help as concerned citizens of this country.”

Mr. Costa, Liberia’s eminent radio talk show host, emphasize that the virus had claimed many lives and that everyone has to do what he/she can in order to kick this virus out of the country.

“So, on behalf of my family and friends who gathered their minimal resources together to identify with you (Ebola patients) during this time of our health crisis, we say we are there for you no matter what happens.  We will tell them the truth,” he pledged.

Also speaking, Montserrado County Senatorial hopeful, Benjamin Sanvee,  thanked the health workers for their sacrifice in ensuring that the lives of other Liberians are saved.

“You are putting your life at risk and we don’t have anything to give back in return. All we have to say is thank you for your humanitarian service to our people,” Mr. Sanvee told the  health workers.

For his part, Mr. Darius Dillon also acknowledged the effort of the health workers and hoped that the government will began to give more support to fight the virus.

In response to the donation, a Ugandian Medical consultant hired by World Health Organization and assigned at the Ebola Treatment Unit at JFK lauded the the group for their support shown to their kinsmen and assured them the  donations would be used for their intended purposes.

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