Costa Arrives in Liberia Ahead of December 30 Protest

Security Officers stop Mr. Costa supporters for entering the fence, while awaiting Mr. Costa.

-“I came because of the importance of Weah Step Down protest,” Henry Costa tells supporters

By Alvin Worzi and William Q. Harmon

The Council of Patriots’ (CoP) lead campaigner of the nationwide protest, popularly known as the “Weah Step Down Campaign,” Henry P. Costa has arrived in the country ahead of the planned December 30 protest.

Thousands of Liberians, believed to be followers of Mr. Costa and supporters of the planned December 30 protest, early Thursday morning gathered at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County to welcome Mr. Costa.

However, prior to the arrival of Mr. Costa, a contingent of armed officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) were seen at the airport and juxtaposed along the highway leading from the airport to Monrovia.

The leadership of CoP is calling for President George M. Weah to step down as the country experiences extreme economic hardship since he ascended to power for nearly two years. The group is also demanding good governance from the ex-footballer who, they say, has no regard for the rule of law, especially the Constitution.

Some of the supporters told the Daily Observer that they left their homes as early as Wednesday and slept at the airport, awaiting Henry Costa with eager anticipation.

Amid rumors that the famous talk show host Mr. Costa would be arrested upon arrival at the RIA today Thursday, December 19, Costa emerged from the airport terminal unhindered, into the embrace of his supporters.

The crowd greeted him with chantings and slogans, singing: “George Weah go, George Weah go, George Weah go…”

Six big yellow buses were chartered to transport the CoP’s supporters to and from the airport, while some carried their own vehicles.

“Weah not able to govern this country. Weah’s nightmare is here now. December 30 is successful already with the arrival of Mr. Costa. Weah worries with the presence of Henry Costa,” supporters of the December 30 protest sang at the arrival of Henry Costa.

According to some of the supporters, the decision to call on President Weah to step down is intended to seek the interest of the Liberian people and not him (Weah). Mr. Mo Ali, Unity Party’s director for Press and Propaganda, was also seen welcoming Mr. Costa with a hug.

Mr. Costa’s convoy, which has departed the RIA already, is expected to stop at the VAMOMA Junction, around the 24th street and begin with a marching band, headed for for central Monrovia. Costa is expected to will renew calls for the “Weah Step Down Campaign” at an intellectual center called Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO), which is located on Carey Street in central Monrovia.

Mr. Costa told supporters upon arrival that he was delighted to be back in Liberia, and there should be no tension about his arrival.

“I’m honored by the turnout today by my supporters and I’m prepared to work in their interest and the general interest of all Liberians. I’m also happy for the love and support,” Mr. Cotsa said.

Costa told supporters that the purpose of his return to Liberia is because of the importance of the December 30 “Weah Step Down Campaign” protest which, he said, “is supported by thousands of Liberians.”

He added that “the Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean does not know the law because the law says you have freedom of expression and freedom of assembly according to Articles 17 and 15 and we are combining the both and utilizing them on December 30.”


  1. Dear Henry Costa,

    Welcome to your country Liberia.
    We support a peaceful protest on December 30, not an insurrection.
    While we want Weah to go, it should be done within the constitution of Liberia.
    We support a peaceful transition in Liberia. Beware of any trouble in Liberia!

    Beware, beware, beware!

  2. Not surprised at all! Liberians can dance to any drumbeat as long it is playing! These are the same people who threatened last elections to declare war if George Weah did not become president. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Liberian Civil War, some Liberians are still singing, “He killed my mama, he killed my papa, I will still vote for him.”

  3. Unfortunately, Weah is an illiterate man who ended up paying one of his senior officers in government in person of Christopher Wisner to do online classes for him from an adulterated online University—the DeVry University. He is a failure and very dull to learn anything worth learning. The longer he stays in power the likely the country will continue to languish in the abyss. He must leave with his loots he acquired from his two years of staying in power. The country today is a laughing stock in the international community simply because we have an illiterate man as a president.

  4. Congratulations to His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, President Of The Republic of Liberia, Justice Minister Dean and State Security for exercising Wisdom and not allowing the arrival of Mr. Costa to Liberia to be something that is really Not but the precautions are understandable. Use it if deem necessary.

    To those that want President Weah to go and so called ‘peaceful transition’ that’s your right to ask for that BUT there are those who are also Liberians that also have equal rights under the law that are saying anything short of the Majority that put him there through the ballot box or an impeachment, Nothing will be peaceful and you will have your hands full before you realize it.

    Beware, beware , beware ! AS WELL.

  5. I can not take this….. If I was Mr. Justice Minister. My question, were did you get ur degree? “The Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean does not know the law because the law says you have freedom of expression and freedom of assembly according to Articles 17 and 15 and we are combining the both and utilizing them on December 30.” lots of fake ministers need to go back to school and stop misleading our poor Liberian. Fake leaders !

    • You don’t need a degree to interpret the language of the constitution. What you need is strong reading comprehension skills backed by critical thinking skills.

  6. Henry Costa who claimed, without providing evidence, that Progressives gave a list to the PRC of Tolbert’s officials for the firing squad is now teaching Justice Minister Musa Dean about Law and the Liberian Constitution. Ironically, he has yet to learn that his statement of “buying guns for old rebels to kill” on his “orders” should government close his radio station constitutes a crime of terroristic threatening even in America where he resides.

    So, if the secondary purpose of this story is to praise the pugnacity of the “famous” talkshow host, the last laugh on Daily Observer, not the government. The authorities have rightfully showed restraint by not responding to provocation with overreaction as anticipated by the same clandestine inciters of the vigilante mob that burnt down a police station last April in Margibi County. In other words, maintaining a non-invasive Police presence sucks the energy out of a tornado.

    Needless to say that some remembered Daily Observer’s description of Qwinwonkpa as a “Strongman” in a fake story about him Rambo-like leading colleagues during the Coup while SKD was hiding behind a flower bush near the Executive Mansion. This doesn’t suggest the newspaper shouldn’t report stories, but rabble-rousing even in the midst of public safety anxieties sounds irresponsible. Henry Costa and Yekeh Kolubah aren’t untouchable by the law, and like others before just expendable foils for a far-reaching purpose: Unconstitutional regime change.

    • Sylvester, Henry is very well right. After the coup the Progressives were on the bent of paying back. Yes, they helped make the list for the 13 executed ministers of the Tolbert government. The list was originally 3, but they helped add 10 more to the list. So, Henry is not lying. Those ministers and government officials were executed with the full acquiescence of the progressives who were brought on board to help run the government.

      • Jackson Neal you are a liar! Even the so called progressives have from day one PROVEN they were incapable of making any decision or suggestions on the 13 executed.

      • Mr. Neal,
        Only the best of Liberia’s educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillset can move Liberia forward.

        The founder of Liberia were massively illiterate as well. USA should have given them education which did not happened. They in fact were concentrated on keeping “African” down.
        How many children were killed in Harper, Maryland during William Tubman rule; just so he could keep in power (over 100+)? Are we urgly?

        For me William Tolbert was the only educated president in Liberia’s history so far.
        The direction is From Matt to Mattress, which is true.
        The fact is CoP does NOT have the solution either but it is their right to protest and government should give the protection.
        Everybody should respect the constitution.

  7. Liberia is not set up; a messy country.
    Only the best of our educated can move Liberia forward.
    Liberia is massively illiterate and functionally illiterate. We have not gotten started yet.

    The Know-Hows are also NOT in the CoP or in any Liberian group? The Know-Hows are also NOT in the Diasporas, etc.

    Almost 40+ years nothing good has happened in Liberia.
    God bless us.

  8. I get it. Liberia is going down fast, if in fact the country hasn’t hit rock bottom. Everyone is complaining. Civil servant employees are struggling to make ends meet because their paychecks are not rolling. Hospitals do not have enough medication. Major streets are covered with potholes. Electricity is scarce in some places. Inflation is skyhigh. Prostitution is rampant. The list continues. The foregoing are issues that affect the daily lives of Liberians who live in and out of the country. Very well understood!

    Caution : Please. Let’s handle things democratically. No more use of brute force.


  9. A Decoy, Solicitations From the Oracle?

    Reminiscent of the last days of William R. Tolbert. Welcome home “Baccaus Matthew”. It could be Venezuela or Hong Kong on steroids. We hope not in the case. When the protest leaders arrived from visiting the ORACLE, as it was done in by gone years of the PPP, it’s our poor Liberian masses that are left vulnerable to the results of such FARCE.

    Been there done that, a history lesson for all Liberians. Maybe it is a “Decoy”, for something greater underneath, as was in the case of the “rice riot”! It is my poor Liberians who pay the heaviest price. When things are uncertain, they ( the ringleaders) will desert the masses and retreat to the ORACLE, leaving our poor people destitutes. A sign of unpatriotic characteristic behaviors.

    May the “ wind of change” brings prosperity. Not a sinister motive, as we are used to seen.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Nurse Practitioner, Meridian Health.

  10. Bro. Moses,

    We totally agree with you that the purpose of this protest is far-reaching : Unconstitutional regime change.

    If the organizers of the December 30th protest goal is anything other than what is stated, how come they are not taking this message from village to village, from town to town, from county to county where the voting population is, to get a Majority consensus to act upon their petition ?

    It is the right of the December 30th protesters to ask the President Of Liberia to step down BUT I can easily tell them the answer will be NO today and NO on December 30th. Now what will be their next course of action ? Stay in the streets to disrupt the functions of government and disrupt the free movements of other Liberians that are not interested ?

    Even 150,000 people stand in the streets of Monrovia does not amount to the Majority of the population of Liberia. What we are against is minority rule or the minority views, beliefs or RIGHTS be force on other Liberians who also have equal rights under the law.

    As we monitored the situation in Liberia, there were supporters of the December 30th protest on record that threatened to burn down Minister Tweah’s house, Minister Mcgill’s house, the RIA terminal and the cars of government officials if Mr. Costa was arrested today.

    Because of this security threat to Government officials, their families and peaceful citizens of Liberia, We are calling and will continue to call on the government of Liberia to designate specific route and area for example ( ATS Stadium) for the protesters NOT to include the Capital building Grounds, The Executive Mansion, And Definitely Not The Ministry Of foreign Affairs or The Temple Of Justice should be off limits. Please protect the seat of government.

  11. The Liberian Government will have to use Henry Costa and his accomplices as an example regarding criminals who have decided to commit the act of TREASON. Do not give credence to criminal acts. Grab that fool Costa and treat him as the US handled Osama bin Laden. And you will see no more of such bullshit.

    • Look at you because your family got Job in the government so you are talking nonsense … See why the country can’t go anywhere… Go sit down somewhere mehn

      • Our sufferings today are caused by the 2018 departure of UNMIL from our beloved Country; this created very big financial and material gaps in our economy. More than 50 Million United States Dollars on a monthly basis were being transferred by UNMIL into our various commercials banks while they were here for peace-keeping; these amounts kept our economy buoyant, stable and on an even keel, till their departure!

        Our Security is presently very fragile and unstable because it was no more in the hands of UNMIL, who realized how delicate it was and, therefore, held it firmly in their hands like a chicken egg and NEVER PERMITTED NO JUSTIFIED OR UNJUSTIFIED PROTEST WHILE THEY HERE WITH US!

        Our SECURITY is presently in our hands; but we do not know how very fragile and delicate it is, which is why we’re playing and poking jokes with it – planning for one protest and the other protest now then. THE SOLUTION TO OUR MANY PROBLEMS IS FOR EVERY ONE OF US TO PROTECT THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION, WHICH IS IN OUR HANDS PRESENTLY! WE SHOULD STOP THIS RUNNING AROUND OUR STREETS JUST TO POKE FUN WITH THE SECURITY OF OUR BELOVED COUNTRY WHETHER WE ARE JUSTIFIED OR NOT! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, BUT WE ALL STAND TO BENEFIT SOON IF WE TAKE IT NOW!

    • Matilda, look around you in the world. Watch the news today on France.

      The people will vent their anger, beware of the ICC!

      We bet anyone to shoot a single shot in Liberia.

      • Were the guns silent when NPFL entered Liberia ? You better believe His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah is the Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces Of Liberia and if there’s a threat of unconstitutional regime change, He has the authority from the Majority to order all security agencies to move in. Yes shots will be fire.

        Did you take Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to ICC when some of us were in Monrovia and she asked Charles Taylor to LEVEL Monrovia and she will rebuild it ?

  12. Henry Costa understand that president Weah was overwhelmly voted by the Liberian people, so if you don’t like his leadership just keep quiet, because these are the same problems that make our beloved to be like this because the known more people are many with impact on the masses they so claim to care for

    So so belly driven politician in this come
    Because this government refused to comply to your selfish gain that the reason we can’t hear in our heart

    God will judge you guys one day

  13. I was astonished to learn from the Finance Minister that Weah was not elected to pay government workers on time. That was an irresponsible statement from the likes of Tweah. Our people must work months and months without getting pay on time? But all is well for us who elected the football man. He will continue to kick our asses, and we love him.

  14. Matilda,

    Hahahaha…..Obviously there are citizens of Liberia that are angry over the present economic conditions facing the country, Even President Weah admitted to it and said that he’s working with international partners to help his government fix the problem in order to bring relief to his people.

    If the protesters need to walk, vent and blow up steam, that’s the least the government can do, give them the space, That’s why we are recommending the ATS stadium and NOT the streets of Monrovia. The whole month of December, even those that don’t know the law will be telling us about the law, So let me add mine to it ‘There is no where in the constitution of Liberia that says you can assemble anywhere’

  15. Glaygbo,
    Did you mean to use the word “protest” instead of”protect”?

    You are 100% correct. The protesters have a right to protest! But they also need protection. I don’t mean juju for gun protection or the right to bear arms during protest. Realistically, if the protesters have such juju that repels live bullets, it’s all good. The government is obligated to protect the protesters. That’s what I am talking about.

    On the upside, it’s a kind of a two-edged sword Mr. Glaygbo. Whereas the Liberian government is obliged by law to provide maximum protection, it is also mandatory for the protesters to act right. The last protest in the country went well. It is hoped that the 30th December protest will occur peaceably.

    Let’s hope and pray for peace.

  16. LOL…LOL… Eaddy, I’m not sure if your post was directed at me and I stand corrected, If it is, please show me the money or minimum benefit from the government. Hahahaha.

    Friends and family have work for every government and faced the same economic hardship that why it easy for us to admit to it and recognize it and you are right, we are the vast majority that are suffering. Sorry I can’t help it but to laugh again Hahahaha.

    I have always posted that no Liberian that is true to himself or herself should be happy under those conditions but that shouldn’t give rise to an unconstitutional regime change because that have the propensity to open a circle that might continue for a long time and not be easily broken, that’s all. Please let me know where I can pick up the benefits LOL LOL …..

    On a serious note, we love Liberia, we have human capital and other investments there and will hate to see us go back further.

  17. Majority, Oh Majority! This Majority our people are claiming, how I yearn to have this Majority in 2023!

    In the 2017 presidential election, George Weah earned a total of 732,185 votes, which represents 15.47% of the Liberian population.
    Majority, Oh Majority! This Majority our people are claiming, how I yearn to have 3 times this figure in 2023.

    Considering the number of voters, the 732,185 votes earned by Weah represent 33.53% of the total number of registered voters in the 2017 presidential election.
    Majority, Oh Majority! This Majority our people are claiming, how I yearn to double this figure in 2023.

    Of the total number of registered voters, only 1,189,764 people cast valid votes, which represents 55.80% of the voting populace.
    Majority, Oh Majority! This Majority our people are claiming, how I yearn to have 90% participation rate in the 2023 elections.

    For those who are branding the Majority Slogan, beware of these figures. You represent only 15% of Liberians.
    Take heed and act accordingly.
    May December 30 be peaceful. May other protests ensue until we can get the “fixes” promised.
    All hail Liberia hail!

  18. 732,185 out of 1,189,764 looks pretty good as the Majority among the population that VOTED especially when all the LOSERS had the remainder to divide among themselves. what were the percentages of the BIG LOSERS……. ?

  19. Please give the people plumbing, electricity, and post office’s. They need to live as human beings as they are! No more poverty!!!! Lead them into prosperity not poverty. Build actual roads… come on it is just that simple!!!

    • Yeah, It will be that simple to restored the needs and wants of the Liberian people if Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that asked her NPFL Rebels to level Monrovia be the one responsible to rebuild it.

      This woman was rewarded with the Liberian Presidency. Her government of 12 years came in with the country’s debt wavied, more than 2 billion USD infused in the Liberian economy and she and her children stole the Liberian people money, printed billions of LD unauthorized and built personal mansions in South Africa, Yeah, Go after her and her children, Its that simple.


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