Cosmic Rays May Reveal Pyramids’ Secrets


You may have wondered what the inside of a Pyramid looks like, not the cavities and passages you see in “The Mummy,” but the actual structure of the creation, how it was built to last all these centuries, said the Egyptian Gazette.

The pyramids of ancient Egypt, according to Egyptian-trained historians, are about 4,500 years old. The seventh of the world’s greatest wonders have stood the test of time, and are referred to as ‘great monuments on the landscape of dusty gold, and majesty.’

The Gazette says now we can learn a little more about them, thanks to cosmic (outer space) rays. Cosmic rays are immensely high-energy radiation, mainly originating outside the Solar System. They may produce showers of secondary particles that penetrate and impact the earth’s atmosphere and sometimes even reach the surface, the journal explains.

Archaeologists have begun to use new technology to better refine human understanding of the pyramids’ internal makeup.

The new Scan Pyramids project uses cosmic rays to build “inside” maps of the Egyptian attractions. The images show the internal crooked chamber of a 4,500-year old pyramid known as the Bent Pyramid.

It is a 345-foot monument, 25 miles south of Cairo. Each of them measures 230 meters; 146 meters in height, and constructed with an estimated two million blocks (rocks), each weighing 15 tons, says the Gazette.

In ancient times, the pointed building was known as the Southern Shinning Pyramid. It is believed to be one of Egypt’s earliest designs. It looks odd, probably built in a time of transition, when engineering moved from stepped pyramids to smooth.

According to the Gazette, the cosmic rays used to unlock the secrets of the structure might be compared to X-rays. Scientists are using mound particles, which come from cosmic rays, to penetrate deep into stone.

Using these, researchers can gauge how thick the stonework is and build up a map of the internal organs of a building.

It took 40 days of exposure to the particles to garner enough information. Now there are images that capture the scale of the craftsmanship involved.
And this is just the beginning. There are plenty more pyramids standing for tourists’ attraction.

Source: The Egyptian Gazette


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