‘Corruption, Bribery Culture In Liberia’

The 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga, Bong County.

A Liberian Lawyer claims

The President of the Bong County Bar Association, Cllr. Kulah Jackson has described the issues of corruption and bribery in both public and private sector as a “culture in Liberia.”

He made the disclosure at the opening of the February Term of Court in Gbarnga, Bong County. Culture by definition is a way of life of a certain group of people, and if the two vices would be considered a culture, it means it is an everyday activity and is rampant in the country.

The Bong County Bar Association President revealed that corruption and bribery are not only limited to the Judicial System of the Country but affecting every sector in Liberia.

According to Cllr. Jackson, corruption is also suffocating various homes and families in the oldest West African nation.

“When you check in our various families, you can see corruption. The family is the smallest unit but a more powerful group. Even if you send your child to the market to buy fifty Liberian dollars pepper, he or she will buy twenty-five Liberian dollars pepper and keep the other twenty-five dollars to carry it to school,” the legal expert added.

He said it is now time that the Judicial System takes action against any judicial actor who is involved in such unwholesome acts or practices such as bribery or extortion of money from clients in the country.

He said the alleged involvement of some judicial actors in corrupt practices in Liberia is undermining the function of judges, noting that it is counterproductive to the Judicial Canon.

Furthermore, Cllr. Jackson said the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of Liberia need to investigate judicial actors who are accused of being involved in corruption and bribery cases, adding and if they are found guilty, they should be punished. He believes that doing this, will help to minimize corruption and bribery in courts.

However, Cllr. Jackson didn’t name any judicial actor who has involved in such an act that he says has the propensity to derailed the reputation of the Judiciary.

He, at the same time, recommended to the presiding judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit Court Cllr. Roland F. Dahn, to punish judicial actors who are always in the constant hobbit of staying away from Court opening in the County.

He lauded the local leaders of the County for making available 3.5 acres of land for the construction of the Bong County Bar office.

Also in remarks, the Presiding Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit, Cllr. Roland F. Dahn assured citizens that he will work with judicial actors in making sure that they have justice.

He disclosed that there is a total of 105 cases on the docket for the February Term of court.
Cllr. Dahn said the docket is comprised of 48 civil cases, 39 criminal cases, and 18 sexual violence-related cases at the 9th Judicial Circuit Court.


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