‘Corruption 101: Liberian-style’ Book Free to Liberians, Author Announces

Len Lindstrom, CEO and president of Liberty International_web.jpg

The CEO and president of Liberty International Mineral Corporation, Len Lindstrom, on Wednesday, March 12, announced that Liberians, who want to get access to his recently published book entitled ‘Corruption 101-Liberian Style’ can now download it free on the internet.

According to him, the book has drawn the attention of many Liberians since it openly exposes and documents the illegal activities of numerous executives, who have presided over the affairs of the nation’s natural resources.

Mr. Lindstrom said his book is the talk of the town and number one conversation piece in the nation because it exposes government-appointed officials whose illegal actions amounted to the deliberate economic sabotage of his companies.

He explained that the book detailed numerous events of his five long frustrating years at Liberty attempting to resolve issues with seven ex-officials of the Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy (MLME).

The Canadian investor expressed the belief that rampant corruption has impeded the flow of much needed investment and greater development in the nation for the betterment of all Liberians’ lifestyles.

Mr. Lindstrom recalled during the launch of the book several journalists asked where they could get a copy.

In fact, the hunger for the book was so great that many people literally ran behind him, shouting, “The Corruption book-I need a copy of the corruption book!”  Unfortunately, it was impossible to place copies in the hands of the thousands of people who requested it since it sold at a cost of US$72 per copy.

The CEO and president of Liberty International Mineral Corporation said that thought he was frequently offered US$100 to 200 for the book, he has not sold a single copy. Instead, he used the initial printed material as a means to make the international community and major institutional bodies aware of what was happening to him in Liberia.

“The good news is that the book is now available to everybody on the internet. Because this is such an important issue to all Liberians, a website has been set up so that everyone living in the country to download it for free,” he announced.

Mr. Lindstrom added the new website also contains a news feed which will enable the reader to follow the developments in the case of Liberty VS MLME and the Government of Liberia.

Meanwhile, to download the book, simply log in to www.corruption101.net and fill in the order form.

The website has been designed so that it is geographically sensitive; which means that it will recognize if your computer or electronic device is in Liberia.

And if you are a Liberian citizen, the price of the book will switch to US$0.


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