COP’s Protest Ends in Disarray

Police in formation, awaiting the protesters on Monday, November 16, 2020.

The Council of Patriots (COP), the pressure group known for organizing series of peaceful protests against the George Weah Administration, did not find it easy on November 16, 2020 as had been in the past when it intended to stage another protest again against concerns about the scarcity of the Liberian Dollar on the market, the mysterious deaths of some government officials in recent times and the failure of the government to address their concerns for which they protested on two different occasions.

As the COP members grouped themselves and moved towards the Ministry of Public Works on Lynch Street to take the UN Drive to head for Capitol Hill where they had in previous times assembled, the Liberia National Police officers who were all dressed in riot gear with austere and unfriendly faces wasted no time to fire tear gas at them (protesters), leaving everyone to run helter-skelter.  Many protesters left behind their slappers and sandals as they ran to prevent arrest.

When the Daily Observer reached the scene, a man with bruises on his neck, feet and hands was lying on the road unconsciously, but eyewitnesses said he was brought from the Waterside end and laid right to the place the fracas with the protesters occurred.  “They brought this man soon this morning and laid him here.  He is a rogue beaten in Waterside and brought here; it is not the police,” some local residents on Lynch Street who expressed support to the police action against the protesters said.

Police officers were seen trooping and roaming from street to street in search of the protesters to stop them from gathering and perhaps arrest any of them that hands may lay on.

The Council of Patriots’ Secretary-General, Mulbah K. Yorgbor, Jr., in a telephone interview with the Daily Observer yesterday said the action of the police yesterday was a tactic to deprive Liberians of their right under the Constitution to a peaceful assembly.

According to Yorgbor, the action is an indication that the government has planned not to allow peaceful citizens to assemble any longer.  Even though they were dispersed by the police and could not assemble as intended, Yorgbor said “The fact that attention was drawn to the protest it was a success” for them.

Riot police proceed up Lynch Street toward Broad Street, in an effort to prevent protesters from reaching the Capitol.

Despite the police force to disperse them, Yorgbor said they will design other means to carry out peaceful protests and will not be deterred by what happened on November 16, to keep silent and deny themselves of their own right to peaceful assembly as enshrined in the Liberian Constitution.

There was, however, no arrest in central Monrovia, but the COP Secretary said one person was reportedly arrested in the Barnersville area; something he said was not independently confirmed.  

During the incident yesterday, many bystanders were heard mocking at the protesters and insulting them, calling on them to return and interact with the police.  Yorgbor in reaction to comments that manifest the disdain of the people for protest said “It is not because the people are not in favor of protest, but because the government is creating the condition for them to be afraid of protesting peacefully.”

As the senatorial election draws nigh, some predict that there may be cheating in favor of the ruling party and such a situation provoke protest, but Yorgbor said doing that will be in the presence of Liberians and they will be denied their voices.  As such, he said it will be left with the Liberian people to make the decision as to how to react to any electoral fraud that will deny them of their voices through the ballot box.        


  1. That is the way to go, POLICE! Those bastards should even be happy you chose not to use the very measures used by the NIGERIAN POLICE the other day! No government or its police allows hooligans to trample on the peace and stability of the nation. The state has the right to intervene and save the rest of society from these hooligans..

  2. Where is the freedom of expression you enjoyed, Weah?
    Allow the people to organize their peaceful protest, listen to them or ignore them, as CIC.
    We call this a democratic society.

  3. Here is the freedom of expression with you here enjoying the expression of your thoughts, and opinion. Only a stupid society or an irresponsible government would allow a group of people to carry on their endless protests every now and then with the sole intent to disturb and ruin the peace and order which should be enjoyed by the rest of society. The most appropriate peaceful protest is the protest at the ballot box and not any other form of useless and stupid endless protest as this which must never ever be allowed.

  4. On religious grounds, Jesus Christ once said that it is a brilliant idea for an individual to clean his or her own eyes before considering the
    possibility of cleaning someone else’s eyes.

    On political grounds, I will borrow Jesus’ catch phrase. In fact His ideas are always the best! Based on that, and because the COP barnyard is ridiculously weak and disorganized, I think COP should do the wisest thing by cleaning the mess within their ranks before venturing out to throw themselves up and down in the streets of Monrovia. Shame on the nocos.

    The COP people are out of step with the mainstream. The COP people are attention seekers. The COP people and their favorite defenders are hot air smokers. Their verbosity is less than a pipe dream. I therefore urge the National Police to continue to teach the COP people a lesson.

    There’s high unemployment in Liberia. One would think that since unemployment is so high, the disorganized and weak COP people could create jobs for the proletariat. That’s not going to happen because they (meaning the COP people) have no foresight. At the current rate of creating 100,000 jobs in 3 months, they will create 400,000 jobs in 12 months. Don’t believe them. It’s a game. They will be the losers.

  5. The fact of the matter is that there was no “protest”
    Reason #1: The CHIEF DISRUPTOR Costa boasted of their plans to put more than 80,000 people in the streets of Monrovia, but less than 50 COP thugs were seen trying to disturb the peace.
    Reason#2: The so-called Protest was planned for months, but failed miserably to generate a positive response from the Liberian people.

    According to the so-called Secretary General of the late COP, “The fact that attention was drawn to the protest it was a success”???

    That is a very sick argument, because attention was drawn to your so-called protest from the day you announced it.
    So the COP has degraded itself to “attention” seeking???
    Bottom line, your so-called protest from projected 80,000 protesters to less than 50 thugs was a DISGRACEFUL failure.

    Stop fooling yourselves. COP is very DEAD.

    The COP planned and well publicized November 16 protest was found DEAD ON ARRIVAL.
    This is an indication that the Liberian people are fed up with your NONSENSE.

    Tell your Chief sponsor; Alice Alexander BUTT BOY Cummings to work harder on his HOMOSEXUAL “Lifestyle”.

  6. Oh well, in spite of anxieties over a pandemic plus Ivorian refugees entering our porous borders, Henrique Pedro Costa must have the “customary pre-election street protest” to ensure pouring in of gofundme and advertising dollars. Yes, because of a huge following, he is now getting extra income from advertisers for creating content of inciting chaos at home: Patriotism par excellence…

    Put another way, our patriotic macho man receives money driving business-killing protests which hurt the most vulnerable of our people. Notwithstanding, a partisan enabling media space hails the scam as a “pressure group”. In 2019, the UK and U.S embassies warned about probability of terrorist attack, and apparently we have forgotten. Let’s face it, many of us are more loyal to collecting Benjamin’s ($), by any means, than Mama Liberia!

  7. Oh so that thief, fool, coward, and fugitive, is a Portuguese actually called Henrique Pedro Costa., and he goes about impersonating as Henry Costa, and even LYING AND IMPERSONATING THAT HE IS A KPEHLLEH MAN?? I thought as much, and wondered sometimes, as to where is that name Costa coming from, cause I know that name to be a Portuguese name.

    Henrique Pedro Costa, if you like your Portuguese self, you better just stay away from our shores. The day you make the mistake to bring your Portuguese ass back in our country again, we the common people will just kill your Portuguese ass. You know you are not really or fully a Liberian, and you want to come destruct the peace and stability of our country. If you call yourself, man, just bring your ass back here, and you will know why we say no non negro will ever be a citizen of our country. Darn thief, fool, coward, and fugitive!.

  8. ”As the COP members grouped themselves and moved towards the Ministry of Public Works on Lynch Street to take the UN Drive to head for Capitol Hill where they had in previous times assembled, the Liberia National Police officers who were all dressed in riot gear with austere and unfriendly faces wasted no time to fire tear gas at them (protesters), leaving everyone to run helter-skelter.”

    We really like this taking into account both the humorous aspect and the aspect of grave seriousness hereunder.


    Thanks a whole lot POLICE! They should be giving thanks and praises to you for not using similar measures as the Nigerian Police a little over a fortnight ago when a dozen or more were gunned down.


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