COP Suspends Youth Wing Chairman, Eight Others

Henry P. Costa, chairman, Council of Patriots

What appears to be a politically and financially induced decision taken by some members of the Council of Patriots (COP) Youth Wing, has backfired as the national leadership of the pressure group has begun taking drastic actions against those involved.

The COP National Leadership in a statement on Wednesday said it has suspended nine members of its Youth Wing, including its Chairman, Ben Togba, pending an investigation into what it termed as circumstances that led a few members’ recent decision to break rank with the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Ben Togba and a few of his colleagues, at a press conference in Monrovia on Monday, said that they were withdrawing the membership of the COP from the CPP to focus on advocacy rather than politics.

The decision by Togba and others left many wondering as to whether the COP, as a mother institution of the Youth Wing, was ever a member of the CPP—a body that is known to only have four institutional members: Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberian Party.

However, a release signed  by the COP head, Henry Costa, said, “The COP wants to make it abundantly, emphatically and categorically clear that it did not authorize the pronouncement made on August 31, 2020, in Monrovia by some members of its Youth Wing withdrawing their membership from the CPP.

“The National Leadership of the COP further informs the public that the Youth Wing did not then, and does not have the authority to make any such statement regarding the relationship and collaboration between the COP and CPP in particular, and other organizations or parties in general. It is the sole authority of the National Leadership to determine and decide with whom it engages or affiliates in the interest of the Liberian people, and not its Youth Wing,” the release said.

Few days after the COP Youth Wing declared the purported ‘suspension of membership’ with the CPP, some members of the youth group have accused their leader, Togba and his accomplices, of receiving over L$500,000 from Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., to announce the group’s withdrawal from the CPP.

Suspended COP Youth Chairman, Ben Togba (center), and some members at a recent protest in Monrovia

One of the Youth Wing members, Dominic Musa, in a social media post also accused the youth Wing Chairman of holding a secret meeting with Minister Tweah to petition CDC Senatorial Candidate Thomas Fallah for a financial reward. According to other members, the COP Youth Wing’s decision to suspend its membership with the CPP was done unilaterally.

According to the release, the suspension of the COP Youth Wing Chair and other members remains intact, pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation into the facts and circumstances that led to the press conference in which they averred that the Youth Wing of the COP was suspending its membership from the CPP.

Those suspended include Ben Believe Togbah, Jr., Chairman; Puka Roberts, Lansana S. Kanneh, Michael Varney, Foday N. Massaquoi, Kendrick Pelenah, Da-Silva, Robertson and Joshua Francis Kar.

While Ben Togbah is suspended, the Youth Wing’s Vice-Chair for Administration, Sameria Nyemah, will act as Chair. The Executive Committee of the COP calls on all to cooperate with Sameria and give her the full courtesy she deserves as acting chair of the COP Youth Wing.

“The COP wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the solid relationship and cooperation existing between itself and the CPP. Accordingly, the COP National Leadership wants to assure all of its members in Liberia and around the world to be assuredly confident with the serenity that the situation is well under control.

Meanwhile, a swift internal investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances that led to the unfortunate pronouncement. Upon the conclusion of this comprehensive investigation, appropriate punitive measures, and deterrent
mechanisms will be put into place in order to avoid a repeat of such an unacceptable occurrence,” the COP release under the signature of Costa said.


  1. Monkeys all over Liberia have black hands. We knew that the phony COP is a bunch of toothless bulldogs who are bent on graft and corruption. Those suspended members of the Y. Wing should just surrender the LD$500k (allegedly) received from Minister Tweh to Chm. Henry Costa, for onward distribution, and they will summarily be reinstated. After all, that’s insubordination. Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA.

  2. It’s been known for a very long time that corruption exists within the CPP/COP dis-organization. Yep. It’s a dis-organization, not an organization!.

    Another troubling issue is that the members of the CPP/COP dis-organization are not in sync. Of course, it should be understood immediately why. They’re not in sync because they are disorganized. Simple as that! In the most shameful sense, the CPP/COP people (or politicians) give the impression that they’re aligned politically, but in essence, that’s not the case. It seems that every one of them would like to become president. Now, in and of itself, “aspiring” to become president is not a crime, but it’s insane to think that every one of them will become president. A sensible thing to do would be for them to align behind one potential presidential candidate. But knowing them, it will never happen.

    Bottom Line….
    They are doomed!

  3. Henry Costa’s COP is a militant wing of the CPP; whereas, a pressure group influences particular government policies, and may use protests in promoting those interests. The COP shouldn’t have registered as a pressure group. Our so-called patriots run a political movement that undermines (through continuous protests) recovery of an inherited ailing economy. Not to mention that their leader Pedro Henry Costa and member Rep Yekeh Kolubah relentlessly make terroristic threats, and advocate violent regime change.

    Mama Liberia will continue to experience economic stagnation, dependent on USAID’s handouts, and the attendant unstableness, because only she in West Africa allows flagrant violations of her laws by individuals who don’t give a rat’s ass about the welfare and safety of our people. The status quo is dangerously unsustainable; our political leadership must restore economic wellness and stabilization. And we will not be deterred by abuse from hooligans that raised themselves in the streets of Monrovia. Oh well, the foreign covert agents that pay Costa “pressure” government through him!

  4. Do the intellectuals ask themselves why a former de facto colony of the greatest country on Planet Earth isn’t doing well while most West African countries are? Liberia has natural resources in demand, and climatic and topographical advantages for a potential prosperous nation, but poverty and divisions seem to be her fate. We can’t explain away this perpetual condition by corruption alone, a solvable problem with America’s help. Perhaps, our helplessness and hopelessness confirm a biased worldview held by some significant political segments of American society.

    To make matters worse, American secret operatives, according to writings of her own citizens, for example, Dr Hahn’s book “U.S Covert and Overt Operations in Liberia from the 1970s to 2003”, stoked the April 14, 1979 rice riots, enabled April 12, 1980 coup, and influenced ECOMOG’s turning over of SKD to then warlord PYJ. They say a functioning democracy is impossible without an informed citizenry, therefore, how could highly educated men and women, many of whom benefited from being Liberians, seem satisfied with the existential slippery slope their heritage finds herself vis-a-vis the foundational and fundamental relationship with the U.S?

    Liberia must retain it, but under new rules of engagement and partnership. We appreciate the continuous help, but she doesn’t have any right to weaken and destabilize our space at will by series of covert measures. What kind of uncertain hell hole are we handling over to our grandchildren, folks, and that’s the bloody question? I see the common sense in being silent and safe before powerful secret agents indirectly murder you. However, I am near 72 years old and my grandfathers had discussed the same American enigma. What an anguishing life to watch for the next decade or so while the lives of yet unborn great-grandchildren are ruined: God have mercy!

    • Mr. Sylvester g. Moses

      You paint and dark and gloomy picture of the Motherland.

      You are almost 72 years young and I am sure you have seen many things and you say that your ancestors have discussed the same American Enigma.

      What advice do you have for a fellow like me who is in his mid 30s .

    • Sylvester Moses you are speaking about the same covert agents you once worked for. Now that you aren’t on the take. you want to talk so that Weah can give you a job? Spare us this so called indignation.


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