CoP Responds to Protest Postponement

Council of Patriots chairman, Henry Costa (seated, far left): "The CoP did not call off the protest; the CoP is not calling off the protest..."

“We did not call of the protest… but we oblige…”

In response to the 11th hour intervention by the Liberia’s foreign partners, calling for a change of date and venue for the protest that was scheduled for today, December 30, 2019, the Council of Patriots (CoP) has announced their provisional compliance with the postponement of the protest. However, the organizers have emphatically stated that the Government of Liberia’s proposed new date and venue — Sunday, January 5, 2020 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium — are unacceptable.

Below are highlights of the CoP press conference, held today at 10 a.m. at the headquarters of Roots FM in Monrovia:

  1. CoP will not protest on a Sunday or Friday, out of respect for their supporters who are members of the Christian and Islamic faiths and worship on those days, respectively. They noted that their earlier protest, which took place on Friday, June 7, 2019 and said that CoP will never again hold a protest on a Friday.
  2. CoP will not assemble in an enclosed space (such as a stadium), for it defeats the purpose of the people airing the grievances in full view of the people who need to hear it.
  3. While CoP complies in principle with the rescheduling of the protest the group absolves itself of any part in the decision to postpone. “The CoP did not call off the protest; the CoP is not calling off the protest…” That this was solely an intervention by Liberia’s international partners on behalf of the Government of Liberia due to the government’s professed lack of capacity to provide protection for citizens who plan to peacefully assemble.
  4. CoP proposes Monday, January 6, 2020 as the rescheduled date for their peaceful protest and that it will not be in an enclosed venue.
  5. CoP also referred to the intervention of Liberia’s international partners at this 11th hour as “an intrusion” into the internal affairs of the state. “We do not object to intervention or intrusion, as much as we feel they are getting too much involved in our domestic affairs — that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But we hope that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to the US$25 million [infusion]; that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to other bread-and-butter issues like the L$16 billion; that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to the attacks on Honorable Yekeh Kolubah, Senator Dillon, or Henry Costa or Mo Ali…”
  6. “We believe we have captured the attention of the International Community. Few senior diplomats will be up late at night, gathered in a room, going back and forth over our assembly. We think that, in itself, is a singular accomplishment; that today Monrovia is quite and peaceful… that nobody has been hurt and, God willing, nobody will be hurt.”


  1. Good development on both sides. In order to calm things down for the good of the republic, there was no argumentum ad baculum.
    Although the CoP is often viewed by its opponents as being ostentatious, there is no doubt that its decision to postpone today’s march until an unannounced date was a good idea. Similarly, the government of George Weah deserves credit because of its appeal to international mediators for help to call off today’s march that could have been disastrous.

    Costa is undoubtedly a shock jack! Regardless of that, Costa represents and speaks for a body of Liberians who have different issues that affect them. Like Costa, Weah is the elected leader of Liberia. The fact that the two opposing sides were able to work behind the scenes in order to avert a shameful national disaster means that they can talk. It is hoped that both sides will not travialize one another or allow their egos to foreshadow the interest of the Liberian people.

    There’s no doubt that the Liberian people are going through thick and thin. For instance, there’s a bucket list of issues that need to be addressed quickly:
    1. The cities of Monrovia and Paynesvlle need to be cleaned. There’re piles of garbage that should be picked up and disposed of at a selected disposal area. Jobs can be created by hiring the unemployed to collect garbage. Rocket science is not needed to figure this out. Weah’s appointees should use their education to become creative.

    2. There’s no running water in most areas of the two cities.

    3. There’s a “constant shortage” of electricity in many areas of both cities.

    4. The public schools are overcrowded. To make matters worse, public school students do not have enough textbooks and desks in their classrooms. (I was there for three months this year. I visited some schools)

    Hopefully we’ll get there.



      (1) CoP will not protest on a Sunday or Friday, out of respect for their supporters who are members of the Christian and Islamic faiths and worship on those days, respectively.


      (2) CoP will not assemble in an enclosed space (such as a stadium), for it defeats the purpose of the people airing the grievances in full view of the people who need to hear it.

      BUT IN LEGAL, PRACTICAL, AND ORDINARY, MEANING OF THE WORD ASSEMBLY AND THE IMPLIED AND EXPRESSED INTENTION OF THE VERY CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION, ARTICLE 17 IS MEANT FOR All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common good. AND SUCH ASSEMBLAGE CAN ONLY OR BEST BE DONE IN A CONFINED AND SAFE PLACE AS A STADIUM FREE FROM THE DISTURBANCE OF THE REST OF SOCIETY. AND SUCH CONSULTATION OR GATHERING , AS FAR AS COMMONSENSE IS CONCERNED IS NOT MEANT TO BE AIRED TO THE REST OF SOCIETY OR OTHERS WHO ARE OF NO SUCH INTEREST, BUT RATHER to instruct their representatives, to petition the government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances . So when these bandits and actually politically illiterate scumbags say …CoP will not assemble in an enclosed space (such as a stadium), for it defeats the purpose of the people airing the grievances in full view of the people who need to hear it., THEY EXPOSE THEIR UNFITNESS FOR ANYTHING REASONABLE, CIVILIZE, OR SOUND!

      With their displayed stupidity and ignorance in items 1 and 2 of their so called proposal, one needs not bore himself or herself with the rest of their childish and silly items 3 to 6.

      • What you do not know will not hurt your intelligence. Having said that , the organizers of the protest have already won by their nonviolent action of paralyzing and distracting the regime’s attention from major issues that are commonly facing the people. For three lost years, the regime has focused its attention on the organizers of the protests and has been out of touch with realities facing the nation and its citizens . So much so that in three years time not much have been accomplished or lives changed for the betterment of the country. It has always been the talks of words between the regime and the so-called organizers and their so-called protest action . And every time that happens, the regime’s attention is drawn from its agendas . Every thing stopped. International Aid Partners have to leave their busy schedules to attend to political issues in Monrovia. The organizers have actually made the country ungovernable for the regime through their nonviolent protest action, but through simple threats to protest. Now only two years left for the regime to turn the political uncertainty and economic hardship around, and do something meaningful for the citizens. The other one year on the President’s contract will be election season. As it is , the campaign season has already begun with the threats of more protests to the official campaign date and year of 2023. Six years will have just been wasted. Either the protest organizers were responsible for the political distractions or the egos of President Weah got the best of him. The scared tactics about protecting every time or every month by the organizers have actually proven to make the country ungovernable by the regime. The President fell for this old political trick that the previous regime experienced and politically and cleverly maneuver itself from in order to accomplish some sort of limited developments while also maintaining the peace. It is all about political skills and education. Now you know. Names calling do not work , if so the previous regime would have lost focus and engaged in names calling every time there was a protest threat to that regime. However, the American Eagle has landed, so is the IMF and the World Bank, hope something can be salvaged from all this political uncertainty and unnecessary political drama. Imagine three years lost to fear, and created nothing but hardships. Wow ! What kind of leadership will waste so many years after receiving a peaceful political transferred of power ? Unbelievable !

        • James Davis you do not make sense at all. It is NOT CoP nor its silly, hooligan, immature, and childish conducts which birthed this fundamental and sole PROBLEM this government is faced with which IS THE INHERITED DETERIORATED ECONOMY passed over to this government by the Joseph Boakai/Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Unity Party notoriously CORRUPT regime.

          What these silly, hooligan, immature, and childish conducts on the part of CoP has done, is simply strengthened the government of Pres Weah and his Coalition of Democratic Change and made UNOWAS and the rest of the international community to heavily give President Weah all of the needed support up to the completion of his first term, and highly likely his second term, as proven in the decisions and actions of the major and great powers, ECOWAS, AND THE UN.

          So any intelligent or reasonable person can see that CoP has lost, and Pres Weah and his Government has emerged.victorious added by the fact that the government and the IMF and the World Bank are set to improve the economy.

          • @KouGontee:

            3 years is a long time for you to continue to blame the past administration for the sustained,continuum of woes this administration suffers.
            Right before Oppong ran for the presidency, the EBOLA epidemic had devastated the economy and, that was no secret. Meaning that any person running to replace Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf had to be aware that he or she was going to inherit an economy that would require a mastermind to salvage.

            Maybe Oppong should have looked inward and withdrawn from the 2017 Presidential Elections.

            After 3 years, if you are still blaming Ellen’s administration; you probably should be also thinking about acknowledging that you are incompetent for this job.

            Full Disclaimer:
            I was never and, will never be a fan of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s.
            This has been the case since 1990, when I heard her on the BBC giving instructions to her rebel NPFL group to “level Monrovia”. I was one of hundreds of thousands of armless civilians who were trapped in the beseiged city at the time.

    • Cooper,, you being a fan or non fan.of Ellen is irrelevant..Now, point of correction: from January 2018 to December 2019 IS TWO (2) YEARS. You must be a comedian or merly playing to be of the opinion that a successor president should fix in two years what his or her predecessor could not fix in 12 years.

    • Bunch of sub-humans! Do not listen to the face-saving lies of this kid Costa! No international partners called him not the rest of their suburban backsides. It was they who made the call at the 11th hour after they CoP realized the international community had left their CoP backsides to the mercy of the government which was ready to use THE DOCTRINE OF ALL NECESSARY MEANS to put they the CoP bastards into their deserved cage as happened in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ivory Coast under Ouattara.

      • Apparently you are disappointed that the CoP yielded to reason by postponing its planned demonstration? It seems there was much wisdom in that resort and to reasonable minds, compared to the foolhardy adamancy in carrying out the demonstration against all the obvious gathering odds. As Costa underscored, at least they are still alive today in order to keep fighting their cause. Whereas you the purported hero and brave one, cannot even post here in your own name? Costa will remain a true hero to his supporters any day, compared to a faceless nonentity as such.

        • Dempster Yallah, you are here again hiding behind the fake name Hilary Snyder while saying other cannot use their own names? Dempster, you are aware this kid is simply doing what you, and the rest of you followers of Amos Sawyer, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Dew Mayson, Baccus Matthews, did in the 80s, only to later find out that those for whom you people were followers, were specificly only seeking their selfish desires. AND YOU KNOW IT. You better keep quiet or go and join your fellow mentality of followers.

          • Call me Dempster Yallah, or whatever your perverse fascination with the man. I am even flattered to be taken for such principle iconic figure, compared to the fop doodle cullion you are.

            I am even surprised that the editorial board of this site could allow low life like you and others to post here as hermaphrodites. The Daily Observer and other regular or formal Liberian websites ought to make it a requirement, for posters to comment on their platforms under identifiable characters. That way, these pseudohermaphroditic posters would measure their real privates at all times before insulting others here.

            We hope the Observer and the other sites can make that a standing requirement. That would be no censorship but simply obligating people to stand by what they write, period!

  2. All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the

    right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their

    representatives, to petition the government or other functionaries for the

    redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate

    in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.


    WITH REFERENCE to the above constitutional provision (Article 17) where is it implied or enumerated that all persons shall have the right to march through the streets preceded by their so called leader threatening attacks via serious breaches of public order.

    And then the government should sit naively nodding to such serious breaches of peace and public order because some Christopher Smith in his bad faith hustle for Liberian American votes in his constituency is ranting and panting as someone who has not studied the abuse of rights, as is the case with these politicians hiding behind this little boy after they were rejected by the people during the election.


    The GOVERNMENT establishes and holds sovereign jurisdiction within defined territorial borders and exercises sovereign, unrestricted, and absolute, powers.


    In short, it is the constitutional obligation of government to grant or deny permit to assemble as stipulated in Article 17, while also designating the place, date, day, time, span, etc. of such assembly as stipulated in article 17 of the Liberian Constitution. ATS ON SUNDAY OR YOU GO IN THE FOREST.

    • It might suit you well to stick with football (soccer) than veering into constitutional matters, something way above your little comprehension level. When the constitution avers as you quoted above, what part of that implies that aggrieved citizens supposed to gather at the ATS on a Sunday rather than anywhere of their choosing, counselor?

      If governments or subjects of protest or demonstrations were the ones to dictate the places and times of protests against them, don’t you think every such actions would be directed out of town? Or in some out of sight areas, claiming no impact/significance thereby defeating the purpose of those protest demonstrations? Protest demonstrations just happen to be intended to draw attention to; to denounce or decry something or given practices.

      And for your information and future reference, a demonstration is quite different from a rally. A demonstration as the name implies, and whether for or against whatever the objective, could entail marching in order to register the intended purpose or make the necessary impact as objective. Whereas a rally, whether protest or raising awareness, funds, garnering support for a cause, sporting event/team, is the action often confined to a defined space. This is just off the cuff excursion for this writing and as alluded to earlier, for your future reference in order to not embarrass yourself again, about something you know very least to nothing about. Fair?

      • Hilary Snyder, and you expect the constitution to specify the category or type of public social capital ( eg.Tubman High auditorium, TWP building, ATS, etc.) and not an environment or place government or any reasonable person may deem conducive.? Worst, you also believe a government would request such persons (article 17) to converge out of a domicile or political subdivision where the majority of such group is based. You re very stupid to say the least. responding any further to you is an absolute waste of time.

          • Dempster while hiding behind your fake name Hilary Snyder,, you must be dreaming to believe you can ever be anything near the iconic. As I emphatically made clear to you here, you Dempster Yallah, you are a mere follower of those rascals and political flunkies of the recent past.

            The fact that you were trashed to Belleh Yallah to tame your little self does not make you anything near anything recognizable. I simply decided to expose you as a reaction to your dullness and hypocrisy.

            That is, you been a tool, fool, and a follower for the likes of Amos Sawyer etc., you should not be the one or one of those hypocrites advocating such political nonsense clandestinely been carried out by Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey and the rest of them or anyone for that matter. So you can go on dreaming of being an iconic figure while still carrying your stigma of a follower of political flunkies.

      • When the intentions that are on record of the COP are made known by the chairman of said group, Henry Costa for months before he left the States for Liberia pose a threat to Liberia’s national security ie burning down of the international airport, destroying government properties, the government has an obligation to protect other citizens and contain such threat in an area that they ( the government ) will have the capacity to repel any act of terror.

        The government of Liberia has taken it position and stood by it, the international partners of Liberia concur in the 11th hour with the MOJ, If the COP decides to do otherwise, let them go ahead and face the consequences.


    I believe Liberia is the Israel GOD spoke about or it is Israel for Africa. one day it shall come to pass.
    His hand is upon Liberia.Liberia shall wake up again to be the best and safest in Africa and one of the best and safest country in the world.

    Nations shall come to own Liberia positively not to bring peace but for peace; they shall want to be friends of Liberia and follow Liberia steps to transformation; they shall bow and fight to make Liberia their own not like UNMIL; the glory of God shall shine upon this land of Liberty alone the sea coast; all eyes shall see and know that God is with us; the moon and the sun shall stand stay to witness Liberia’s making decision once more for Africa and the world; and Nations shall come back to fight against Liberia but they shall not overcome her; The Lord shall give her a new name, not that the name Liberia will be change but nations will call Him the God of Liberia and many will not believe that there was war ever fought in Liberia if they don’t read or study about her.

    My we all pray to see those days; may it come to pass not because I have said it but becuz God is Good and he has a plan for Liberia just Like other nations.

    If you are reading this, its a sign that it is coming to pass beginning now in Jesus name, I ask that you please say a prayer for Liberia. so shall-it-be.

  4. Correction:
    The misspelled word is “shock jock”, not shock jack. See the second paragraph, first sentence.

    Again, Costa is a shock jock!

  5. Let me seek this opportunity to thank you Johave God for saving mama Liberia from selfless politicians through the intervention of the international community. God let your will be done in this country.

  6. Harlem


    What happens to a dream deferred?

    Does it dry up
    like a raisin in the sun?
    Or fester like a sore—
    And then run?
    Does it stink like rotten meat?
    Or crust and sugar over—
    like a syrupy sweet?

    Maybe it just sags
    like a heavy load.

    Or does it explode?

  7. Thanks for your concern for a Liberian friend of yours, Steffen. I am sure your friend is aware of your concern. Hopefully, she or he is in good spirits. As you know, the protest march was called off today. That’s good news! If you read further up, you’ll note that my yesterday’s prediction was 100% correct. I did predict that”if” the planned march had taken place, there would be no violence. Although the planned march did not occur, it’s fair to say that there wouldn’t have been any violence. I think I can be counted on as a person who can foretell events almost accurately.

    Hang in there Steffen!


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