CoP Insists on January 6 for Protest

Henry P. Costa, chairman, Council of Patriots

— SDA Church adds voice to have their worship day protest-free

By Robin Dopoe and Titus Barbu

The leadership of the Council of Patriots (CoP) has rejected the January 4 date proffered by the diplomatic missions accredited near Monrovia for its protest, but insisting on January 6, 2020, as a feasible day they can have their protest.

Earlier, the foreign diplomats and the government had agreed on Sunday, January 5 which, but the CoP again rejected that date, saying that Sunday is a day many of the CoP’s Christian supporters go to church to worship God.  The CoP in a statement also said it was also not accepting Friday because it is also a day that its Muslim supporters worship.

The COP, after the government and the resident diplomats had suggested January 4 in place of the previous schedules, rejected the proposed date in a press conference on Thursday, January 2, saying they will carry on their protest on Monday, January 6.

“The COP will like to state here categorically that if we were to agree on the desired date of government, the COP will be setting a bad precedent,” the group’s chairman Henry Costa said. “It will mean that in the future and going forward, anytime any citizens wish or desire to protest, they will have to wait for the consent of the government, will have to wait for the government to dictate to them when they can assemble and that will undermine our constitution. Therefore, the COP has decided to stick to the alternative date that was pronounced on December 30, which is January 6, the date that we decided to peacefully assemble.”

Costa added that the government does not determine when people protest and it does not have a choice when it comes to providing security for its citizens to protest; rather, it’s the fiduciary and constitutional responsibilities of the state.

“We are afraid that our country is slipping into abysmal [state] of ruthlessness, lawlessness, and disregard of the Constitution. The COP does not want to be an active participant in the violation and abuse of our Constitution. We are giving in too much and being given nothing. Therefore, we maintain and respectfully insist on our international partners that we do not, and will not assemble on January 4.  When the CDC (ruling party) was in opposition, they did not write the government to request to assemble but we are better than that. However, we will not allow ourselves to be subservient to the whims and caprices of the powers that be,” Costa said.

According to Costa, the CoP has been cooperative and respectful of the government and the international partners, and it is unfair for the international community to be working with the government to decide when citizens should assemble to express themselves.

“We are giving in too much, the government asked that we do not protest on December 30th, the international community intervened and we gave in. We have exercised the highest level of reasoning, we have been cooperative, we have been respectful to our international partners and we think it unfair to us and beyond that, the government has to decide on what date the citizens have to express themselves,” he asserted.

In a joint statement on January 1, the ambassadors of the United States, the European Union, ECOWAS and the UN Resident Coordinator in Liberia had said that January 5 and 6 were problematic for holding a peaceful assembly.

“To accommodate the desire of the people for immediate redress, this leaves Saturday 4th of January 2020 as the best viable option, and maybe retained as such and that in line with the experience of the peaceful assembly that was held on June 7, 2019, at the Capitol Hill, the 4th January 2020 peaceful assembly would also be approved to be held in the same venue,” the statement noted.

“In this context and in the interest of general public order and safety, we respectfully call on the Government to provide appropriate security protocol guidelines and measures for the event as was done for June 7, 2019,” the ambassadors’ statement added.

However, as the COP was poised to begin the street protest, this same group of ambassadors, issued a joint statement, expressing their concurrence with the suggestion by the Government of Liberia that the December 30, 2019 protest be rescheduled to a later date.

The ambassadors at that time said: “We strongly encourage the Council of Patriots to shift their demonstration to this Sunday, January 5, and various counter-protestors to shift their demonstrations to Sunday, January 12, at the large venues offered by the government, in order to ensure that the rights of all Liberia’s citizens are equally respected. We, your partners, strongly endorse this plan and look forward to those successful and peaceful gatherings, supported and protected by your government.”

In an earlier response to the international partners’ proposal, the group leader, Henry Costa, said, “We do not object to intervention or intrusion, as much as we feel they are getting too much involved in our domestic affairs — that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is the intrusion of our foreign partners that makes us obliged,” adding, “I want to make it clear; we do not reject their intervention or intrusion – as much as we feel they are getting too much involved in our domestic affairs.”

This latest stalemate between the government and the CoP causes many to wonder whether or not the government will also agree with the CoP’s newly suggested date, especially since the Ministry of Justice had said earlier that protesting on a working day is out of the question.

Meanwhile, Costa said if the government is able to provide security for their peaceful gathering on Saturday, January 4, 2020, it clearly suggests that they are able to provide citizens security on January 6, 2020 as well, stressing that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will never be used as protest days by the group.

“It is undemocratic and unconstitutional for the government to dictate to its citizens when to express themselves when they have the right to assemble at all times and the government has the responsibility to provide them security at all times. I want to reiterate that January 6 is our protest date and the time we will come out in our numbers to petition the government,” Costa said.

Before the CoP’s rejection of the ambassadors’ proposed Saturday date, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Liberia has requested that the date be changed since it falls on their worship day.

“The Council of Patriots rejected Sunday, January 5, 2020, and proposed January 6, 2020, as the new date for the postponed protest on religious ground,” said Gemane G. Getteh, Director of Communications, Public Relations and Religious Liberty of the SDA Church. “They also indicated that, for a similar reason, they will never again protest on Friday. While commending their respect for the religious liberty of Liberians who worship on Sunday and Friday, we call upon them and the Government of Liberia to also organize and respect the religious liberty of thousands of Liberians who worship their Creator on Saturday.”


  1. Okay CoP. It’s good to protest or march. But there’s something else that is as powerful as a protest march: Learn how to talk! I am not s supporter of your. Of course, I am not suggesting that you don’t know how to verbally express yourselves. So, please don’t go there. In other words, instead of fussing over a future date on which your next protest could be held, use the most effective back or direct channels to dialogue with the government. Many people are convinced that you are being theatrical because you talk about when you will protest, how you intend to protest, why you should not be told when to protest and all that jazz. I think our country is not going forward economically because the issue of a protest march is being talked about every blessed day.

    • ok, but Costa speaks and put his thoughts together better than our president Bishop Weah and his Eugene Nagbe. look for nagbe video on Youtube and Listen to it. read my post or comment below. no one tells people when and how to protest anywhere around the world. neither is it in the bible not to protest on Friday, sunday, or Saturday. I only have problem with COP saying the day is religious day so they will not protest. we are not following America nor are the protester enemy of the govt. we are all Liberians. this gone sunday did America inform the people they bomb for one America they killed seek before killing 25 men? NO. I don’t support COP like you and not against them marching. In America, No one is told not to assemble in front the white house to protest nor do they tell them to go to the football field to protest in America as long it will be peaceful like June 7.

      The COP I believe negotiating out of good faith calling on the Govt to talk to them. It will not make weah not to be president when he sit to talk to these guys and find a solution to the problem. If you know or love him please let him know. it will not show that is weak. A good leader listen to his people whether they are opposition of not. it is his/her duty to protect everyone.

    • Costa is a liar. He has lied here that they made a mistake not to have announced that former legislator Rufus Neufville head of ICOP was expelled.

      Costa, was the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) also expelled but you made a mistake not have announced their expulsion?

      Was Senator Oscar Cooper expelled, but you mistakenly never announce his expulsion?

      You are a big fool. You have no experience for anything connected to truthfulness, maturity, or political responsibility, .

      And this fundamentally WHY no serious people of influence and power can ever take you serious! And this is the case with POWER ELITES OF THE UN and ECOWAS plus the diplomatic community in Monrovia regarding you and your gang of fools including Boakai and Urey as MERE JOKERS.

      Both the Government of Liberia and these international power elites have see that you are simply a very rude and indiscipline extortionist who needs to be jailed or dead..

      • Matilda, you are denuding yourself of respect, dignity, and contemplative thoughts. All you spew and ooze out on this site are filthy vulgarisms and misinformation. You falsely claimed for instance that Dr Abdullah Dukele, a respected journalist in our community, was a Milian national brought to Liberia by Amos Sawyer simply because you disagreed with his opinion.

        Your love for this depraved president in person of George Weah has made you purblind to simple reasoning and its place of sanity. You should be ashamed of yourself for claiming to be a professor when really you can’t lead an argument with no fundamental premises to corral intelligible reasoning.

        You frequently deploy a non sequitur or ad hominem approach to underscore a faulty argument that thrives on a myrmidon’s instinct for which you are in order to support this degenerate president of our time. You are not addressing his ineptitude and depravity despite his being accused by his own party chairman for corrupt and open-ended stealing in broad daylight.

        Your sweltering hatred for Ellen Johnson has stooped you to the nadir of decency and civility. I know you will once again claim I am from Freetown, or my wife is from Freetown. I don’t know who you want to settle scores with that worked in Ellen’s government. I live right in Bloomington, Minnesota. I have never worked for Ellen and would never have worked for her.

        All I am warning you is that your postings are becoming a nuisance. Argue on substance with valid premises to underscore your points. You are a professor, as you claim, pour out your canal shell of ideas with subtle references to validate your standing as a professor. Stop the vulgarisms and poppycotting in a spur of your zealousness for George Weah.

        • You rascal feigning to be Jackson Neal, you are either a chronic pathological liar, a pretender, or one who jumps into matters he knows nothing about.

          Do you want to tell us you do not know that Abdoulaye Dukule was imported from Mali by Amos Sawyer and smuggled into the University of Liberia as some lecturer who had an extra assignment of going to Mali now and then to find the best jujuman for Sawyer?

          And when Sawyer became Interim President, he sent that alien and opportunist to our embassy in Freetown, and later brought him Dukule to work with him as some special assistant when Sawyer operated as Interim President from Ducor Hotel?

          Before that political trollop and that job seeking prostitute Abdoulaye Dukule got employed in the government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, he had to beg, and beg, even to the extent of going public, coupled with persistent pleadings by Amos Sawyer after he wanted to smuggle his way into the Maritime Bureau, but Ellen warned the then Maritime Commissioner that if he dared employed Dukule at that bureau she would show him Maritime commissioner the door!

          Dukule the Malian only got into the corrupt government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she believed she needed as much mercenaries of the pen as she could get to keep her corrupt government afloat. This was also when she brought that other silly crook Lewis Browne who after been sent to the UN by Ellen, chose to undermine the government of the Coalition of Democratic Change.

          To know more about that alien and opportunist Abdoulaye Dukule, just go and ask Massa Washington one of the commissioners of the now defunct TRC who is with this other stupid group IJC headed by that child molester Jerome Verdier. Your ignorance, pretense, and or dishonesty, got me discouraged to go any further with you on this topic.

          • My goal was to enrage you as you spew these lies and I am succeeding. You are afflicted with the pathology of lies and misinformation. Everything you are saying about Dr. Abdullah Dukule is a lie mongered on gossips. It is so simplistic and small-minded.

            Why would Dr Amos Sawyer want to do with juju? And, do you really believe in juju, madam Matilda?

            Get enrage, again, go forth and spew more canards, you deserve it! Madam constitutional law professor– an inveterate liar! We will award you the “liar’s tiara” for epitomizing lies in the Liberian Community! See, you are engaging in a straw man argument? Get me another witness!

            So, I should ask Massa Washington to confirm your lies about Dr. Dukule’s Malian nationality?Thank God for
            George Weah for bringing out so many societal malefactors and deviants out of their closets.

            Madam professor of virtupuration, you now wear the tiara for all lies in our society. Now, you have given me more sense of why George Weah is a real mess.

        • Jackson Neal, are you next on line to back down? Or are you awaiting that mice Henry Costa? He has already backed down.He is now negotiating not going to jail for his act of treason.

          Political Parties Leaders Suggest National Conference to Address Ongoing Political Stalemate.

          “Even in the COP-the hierarchies of the COP say they cannot disrespect the International Community-so I should be the one to disrespect the International Community? I am going to abide by anything the International Community says because I have the Liberian people to talk for. I don’t want for anything to happen in this country to be unable to talk for the Liberian people. My wife said she is not going to tell me who called. International Community, if my statement didn’t go down well with you people, I am very sorry. I take my statement back. We are up for peace, there will be no war,” he stated.

          Civil Servants Union of Liberia Abandon Protest.

          BACKING DOWN: We believe peaceful assembly of citizens or protest are essential elements of a democratic society. Notwithstanding, exercising those rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, must be done in the way that respects the rights of other citizens and preserve the peace, security and stability of the country.

          “In this light, we are calling on all civil servants across the country to report to work and go about their normal duties on Monday, January 6, 2020. We must all remain peaceful and committed to protecting the peace of our country.”

          The Civil Servants Union of Liberia (CSUL)

    • Listen to this self seeking thug Mo Ali saying …We officials of COP are being tailed by state security actors.

      Mo Ali, do you think plotting to oust a democratically elected government because you were assigned out of town from the luxury of Broad Street, and government ensuring that that your very rude chairman is tamed, is a childs play?

      You people are lucky this government is over lenient with dangerous CRIMINALS as you and your bosses. Other governments including the very US would have begun tailing you fools from day one!

      Now that the patience of ECOWAS, THE UN, and Ambassadors representing leading countries is running out with the intransigence of you fools, do not be surprised to realize that even your own relatives and friends are now state actors or law enforcement officers tailing you and your accomplices of the crime of treason.

      • You rascal feigning to be Jackson Neal, you bet I am succeeding, since my objective has been met which is been given a cause from you to achieve my goal of exposing Dukule and his likes. So now you or any reasonable person can see that it is I succeeding, and NOT YOU.

  2. It is very much fair to say that the Henry guy and his other political organizers have truly won the the protest words of war , by paralyzing government activities and even drawing the attentions of other world leaders and international institutions . And that is only through the mentioned of a threat to protest against the regime. Economic activities are at a standstill , followed by political uncertainty and tensions. Making the nation very much ungovernable administratively. Scored this one for the protest organizers. As the regime continues to fail and guarantee the general public of their government’s protection and security of their normal flow their social welfare of their daily activities. So which one is better to do ? Allow the protest with security protection in order that normal citizens can go about their daily affairs with or continue to constantly deal with wide cat protests or planned protests that seemed to be undermining the regime. Whatever it is , protest against the regime is here to stay, or that the organizers can declare victory and walked away. Cause they have won this thing , and have proven that they are a force to reckon with. The regime must definitely find a reasonable solution, and not to be undermined every day or time when there are works to be done on behalf of the struggling citizens looking up for direction and leadership.

  3. Look James Davis , your constant rants about these scumbags stagnating the economy is silly, since WITHOUT these scumbags and their shooting themselves in the legs, the economy is what it has been prior to the ascension of power by this government, and the now intervention of the IMF and the World Bank.

    With the diplomatic community on the ground in Monrovia having confirmed that the problem regarding this protest is not the government but these scumbags and the likes of Boakai and others, the government now has an opportunity to reach a constitutional solution to the menace by these bastards by doing exactly what South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Ouattara of Ivory Coast, Sisi of Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and what Kagame, and Meles Zenawi did as seen below. PERIOD!

    22 killed as Ethiopian forces fire on protesters
    Sarah Left and agencies

    Wed 8 Jun 2005 16.38 BST

    Ethiopian security forces today opened fire on stone-throwing protesters angered by alleged fraud in last month’s parliamentary elections, killing at least 22 people.
    The government said security forces had acted to restore order as protests in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, entered a third day.

    An Associated Press reporter saw 11 bodies in a room in the city’s main hospital – at least four of them with gunshot wounds to the head – and was told they were only some of the casualties.

    Doctors at two others hospitals reported that 11 more people had been killed, with hundreds of others – many of whom had suffered gunshot wounds – injured.

    Yesterday, the foreign office said a British government minister had spoken to the Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi – who is a member of Tony Blair’s commission for Africa – by telephone.

    “We are very concerned at the outbreaks of violence, and have said to them that they need to exercise maximum restraint and respect for human rights,” a foreign office spokesman said.


    My only regret is that those to get crushed will not be Boakai and his children or probably not even that bastard Costa who is not even married nor have children, and does not actually live in Liberia.


    • Mr. Siboe Doe, still alive ? But only one person could find 16 billion dollars in local currency to use it on himsel and his wife. Only one person could tell the other to put the US 25 million dollars in his personal account . Only one person knows where the unaccountable road funds are that the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was impeached for and lied upon. One one person could build and acquired so many properties in less than two years of a six years term of office. While women and children look on for their daily bread in an economy full of hardship. He is that mean and greedy Kru man George Weah. For him , government is his personal property. He is just a bad bad man. Now prove that wrong, Mr. Siboe Doe.

  4. In my honest opinion, not being a supporter of the government neither COp , I do believe that there’s other means of drawing the government attention to issues rather than protests every day..

    Secondly, we (Librarians) are the one contributing to the difficulties in the land ,cause no good business man or company will see a country in constant protest and than go to established in such place..

  5. It is unbelievable and even unheard of, that “International partners” will be demanding of the CoP to hold its protest on a date they (Int’l partners) find convenient? And these “International partners” supposedly hail from places considered paragons of democracy? No wonder their formulas have failed everywhere miserably and in spite of all the investments.

    One can understand the justification for this blatant interference in the internal affairs of another sovereign country, essentially having to do with the fact these “partners” have been responsible for literally babysitting and spoon-feeding Liberia’s dependency since 1847, otherwise, such obvious interference would be unjustified and uncalled for.

    The unintended consequence of such interference is that the government could now interpret that as siding with it against the protesters, which unfortunate interpretation will now bolster and embolden the government’s intransigence in dealing with the protesters, believing they have the backing of their “International partners,” as greenlight for any level of heavy-handedness to repel or crush any protest.

    An seemingly balanced or neutral posture of these “International partners” should have been a call on president Weah, to at least begin the implementation of some the protesters’ June 7th demands, those that are achievable/implementable in the short term. That is the crux of this protest, the deaf-muteness of the Weah administration to the demands of the CoP since June 7th.

    The “International partners” and all well-meaning others, ought to therefore see the planned protest march as a reaction necessitated by the Weah administration’s complete disregard for the CoP’s June 7th demands, and six months after the fact. And the fact that president Weah and cabal did not even acknowledge receipt of those demands since they were submitted, questions the sincerity in their current call for a January 30th breather.

    To the extent regime apologists and in their usual foot-in-mouth jesters are even insinuating the need for a “dialogue!” “Dialogue” initiated by whom? One wonders where have all these brilliant strategists now propounding these “CPRs” to save Liberia been, since June 7th? Must be that turtle syndrome, requiring fire on their backs before they’ll move. Might just be 6 months too late!

    • Little Dempster Yallah, still hiding behind the fake name Hilary Snyder and tacitly plagiarizing the stupidity displayed by Abdoulaye Dukule in FPA, YOU CONTRADICT YOUR SMALL BRAIN when at one end of your little Bopolu mouth, you rant about the sovereignty of Liberia, but at the other end of your little mouth following others, you say the sovereignty of Liberia does not matter once an American view has to do with what concerns Liberia as was the case with your position on the view of Chris Smith.

      One must not even dignify this nonsense you have bored readers with here, since your first and second paragraphs tell you are one of those who very stupidly believed that the deception from Christopher Smith on this matter was the position of the international partners … ECOWAS and the UN!

      • At first I thought it was my style of writing responsible for your seeming difficulty in comprehending these simple musings, not known your condition is cognitive and permanent. Sorry about that, Mr. Scattered Brain.

        Meanwhile, perhaps a keen attention to details and reading especially my posts 4-5 times each time, will help mask the embarrassing spectacle you usually make of yourself in these public spaces and others will not easily recognize that retardedness.

        For the sake of entertaining your retardedness, Mr. Mafflard, there is nothing equivocal about my position on Liberia, or the “Mr. Smith’s” you referenced in your babble. So for the nth time mister, I have always maintained that the sovereignty of Liberia will continuously be compromised by others like your Mr. Smith, for example, so long as Liberia continues to rely on handouts to sustain itself. Others understood that assessment readily but not you, and, of course, due to your special need.

        But guess what, Mr. Retardo, consider this my last interaction or exchange with you here for that matter on anything. And not necessarily because of your cognitive deficit, nope. I can contain such pestilence any minute, even in my sleep. But principally because I maintain a personal Rule of Engagement here, not to dignify any faceless coward who posts here anonymously. So shed the shield behind which you find pleasure in raining insults on others’ integrities and we will mingle tit for tat. Otherwise, you are nothing but a stinking scoundrel not worth a minute of my time. Reason why!

  6. What these losers of election miscalculated or foolishly reasoned is that because Christopher Smith took an extremely disrespectful, insulting, and deceptive, approach, so would be the approach of the diplomatic community in Monrovia, ECOWAS, and the UN.

    Now they so called CoP LED by a boy who has never studied nor practiced ANY TOPIC on international politics, or international law and diplomacy, or even common statutory and constitutional law, are confused, having realized that a view of a single US politician who is a legislator CAN NEVER BE THE POSITION OF ECOWAS OR THE UN! ,

    With this OBVIOUS result of their CoPs weak and disgusting position, one sees that both their sponsors (Boakai, Urey, etc.) and the likes of that immature talk show host wannabe leader, and semi literate Dillon and vagabond Kolubah are now moving about as cut tail dogs.

    • Mr. Siboe Doe again with a different political name ? Admit it Mr. Siboe Doe, three years of the regime’s six years term have been wasted on an uneducated man who is capable of paralyzing the regime’s domestic agenda anytime he wishes. Three long years and nothing has been accomplished, but to hold the citizens of historic country in political captivity. Hence the reading of Jeremiah 29:10 . The letter of the Captives to the nation and people of Liberia by Pastor and preacher and spiritual leader President George Weah. That after 70 years, or 6 years or 12 years of his rule have been completed, before the Lord our God will pay attention to his people. After they shall seek Him. Now , any one reading Jeremiah 29:10 and the Weah Step Down Campaign, George Weah is saying accordingly that he is appointed by our Lord to serve out his God’s given time of 70 years, 12 years , 6 years, 24 years as others are calling for. Until He God is ready for his people after George Weah has completed his terms of office according to the letter of the Captives. Only after his terms of office will the people seek after their God. Jeremiah chapter 29:10 is the letter of the Captives to the children of Israel. Now why would George Weah choose to read that particular chapter to the nation of BABYLON which is present day Liberia , along side of those calling for the Weah Step Down Campaign and the 70 years or 12 years or 24 years of his terms completion ? Thus said the Lord . Why did George Weah choose that chapter ? Is it A Hint to the wise coming from George Weah ? Care to explain that Mr. Siboe Doe ? The man with so many political names. Jeremiah 29:10 hmmmmmm

  7. This is the only country I have heard protester negotiating on when and or how to protest with govt or outsiders. There are protest where people lost their lives and there are some no one will get wounded. Woooo what a country!!!! we are always making history. I guess Liberia is the first nation I have heard protestor negotiating like this. These are signs that the protest may not work or it will not yea the results. Did CDC ever negotiate with Ellen to protest and carry casket? NO.

    The international community must leave us to protest, it is with the govt to accept the request or not. This is not right. Even the religion we talking about, for one to go to heaven you must voice out what you have in your heart to be free. God want us to voice out our difference with Him, he love it, and it brings pureness of heart. Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, all great men of God voice out their disagreement with God. God allow them to do so for them to be free with him and do what he want them to do.

    No revolutionary ever negotiated with govt or opposition on when and how to protest before in history accept Liberia. From Ghahdi, Nelson Mandela to martin Luther king, jr. nor. No one told them to bring the people in the streets to fight for their rights without using guns. People came out and stand up against the power of the day, and it works by Gods help without arms. Yes people die and today there is freedom for the generation to come. If COP can’t do that, better they stop bother weah Govt or talking with international people. The game of protest can be deadly or good. Be prepare to die for a cause.

    Where are the religious people in this country, can’t they see the truth. I challenge any Bishop, Pastor, or Political person to say I am wrong. Or it is wrong to protest on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I will tell them where these things happen in The Bible and in history up to current.

    To Weah Govt, you are not bigger or more powerful then God, if the people cry out to you and you can’t listen, God will find a way to help them out or set the free like he did with Israel. Don’t wait for God to act, do something before it is too late. Bishop Weah, the bible says “where 2 or 3 are gather God is in with them” “when 2 agree on a thing God also agree” our saying “2 heads are better than one”. Think Bishop or past Weah.
    To COP or the protestors or Liberians, if you are not ready to do something don’t get involve. Bible says, “no one put their hand in the field and keep looking back is fit for the kingdom”. There is nowhere the bible or any religion say you should not protest on a holy day. “Jesus said “which of you when your horse is thirty or hunger will not give it water or feed them becuz it’s the Sabbath”. And if the protest that is to last for many days up to the week end, will you stop it and resume on the next Monday? This show unseriousness and compromise. It is better ALL Liberians forget about protest and leave Bishop weah alone to enjoy or steal. Weah time will be over soon and you can vote him out. Let us Stop making fool of ourself.

  8. James,
    The idea of talking about protest, protest, protest everyday in Liberia is not a win for the opposition, but rather a distraction. I am not one who thinks that a protest should not be held. Of course, legitimate people have a right to express themselves. The way to look at this is to see a bigger picture….. our country’s economy is being strangled. It’s got to stop! People are hurting. Schools are not functioning properly because the treat of a protest hovers overhead!

    Always and always, people have to talk in order to reach an accommodation. I don’t care how CoP sees the government or vice versa…. a genuine dialogue is the best way to get there.

    • prefect Hney, “a genuine dialogue is the best way to get there” but is the Govt ready for it? Please talk to Mr. weah for seek of Liberia and our children, to listen to the guys, they are Liberians, they too make up the country. Their advice is not to kill Weah, they see him as the president, they want to talk. their ideas are not for personal gain if you look at it, its for the good of Liberia. it make sense to clear these doubt out and decide on something to do about it as a leader or it will continue. how sure are you that the new CBL governor will not do the same as the past? no accountability, the president is there but like he is not in charge, McGill and tweah are making the decision for him so whatever they do, it goes free. I know weah is a good man. but what can you say about a white chicken that fall in black coated liquid or find himself in in red oil, it will take the color outside but the inside will not change accept over time.

      that’s how weah is, he has a good heart but over time when he keep allow these guys to decide Liberia’s fate and speaking to issues, they will change him. this is not the weah many who know know now. power is changing him. and he will fall. many young people and those from the slum believed in him, that’s why the voted him. but McGill and the rest who never grew up from the slum are changing his heart. if he is not careful things will turn around for him with the very guys he trusting like the CDC chairman did.

      people are suffering and some of these problem can be solve if the president do something about some of the things written.
      my last word to you mr. Hney, “no man can see what is on his face until some else let them know” “you will never know how good or bad you are until someone else tell you” and “every long rope has an end”

      Mr. Hney, just an advice for you to give your beloved Bishop Weah.

  9. Hi there Kae,
    Yes indeed. But I must say this to you quickly. I am a fair-minded guy. I am not as militant as some commenters who shout profanities because their viewpoints do not coincide with those they happen to disagree with. I do not respond to people who are wazzocks! It makes a person sillier than ever if you do not respond to their provocations.

    The suggestion that I made is one I stand by. I sincerely believe that both sides have to talk. Years ago in South Africa, the white national government refused to talk with the ANC. But when it became clear that the South African white minority government could not perpetually govern the country without the ANC, Bothelezi, the Communists and other freedom fighters, serious negotiations began in earnest.

    In the Middle East, the head of the PLO, Yasser Arafat and the Israelis were bitter enemies. The Israelis swore that they would never ever sit to talk peace talks with Arafat. Guess what? It changed. So, I philosophically stand by what I have said. A genuine dialogue will change the state of hostility that now exists. Forget about the spin that comes out of Liberia!

    Lastly brother Kae, Weah is not my Bishop. Surprise, surprise. If you have been following me, you will notice that I am fair across the board. Work needs to be done in Liberia irrespective of the bickering! Weah needs to get tough. Some of his appointees don’t seem to understand. While our brothers and sisters in Christ are catching hell, it makes no sense to be complacent. Of course, Weah does not deserve to be blamed from A to Z. Oh no. I would say the same thing for you if you were the president, Kae. The country was in a tumble when Weah came on board. Fact! This continuous rift-raft will stall economic activity. Let’s talk!


    • “If you have been following me, you will notice that I am fair across the board.”-Ms. Hney

      First of all, fairness must be premised in honesty. How could you be faulting the CoP as being unreasonable in their reaction to what is unfolding in Liberia, and continuously exculpating the GOL for its share in instigating the condition warranting the concomitant reaction, and call that “fair across the board?”

      And your constant insult refrain is now nothing but tautology. Another glaring demonstration of how “Unfair across the board” you are. For instance, you seemingly have problem with people who call you out on some of your often misguided utterances here, but obviously not with the shot-clogs who use vulgarities of every imaginable color here? And we know why. Simply because they fall within your ambit of your trolling agenda here, to heckle, distract and diffuse. So don’t deceive yourself with that “I am fair across the board” prattle.

      Besides, every post here is measured, hence responded to accordingly. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner that peevishness will eviscerate. Happy New Year.

  10. To:
    (1). Miss Matilda Witherspoon and

    (2). Miss Kou Gontee.

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of you. You know that.

    Now ladies, as you know, 2023 is coming up. We need a positive change in Liberia. We the people of that little country are thisty for a positive change. I therefore appeal to you to consider running for an elective office. Ladies, I mean it. Please, please do not let me down.

    When I say “elective office”, there are some people who get scared. Very scared to their buns. But I am not talking about the presidency. I’m talking about the positions if a county Representative of a Senator. The change comes from the counties. The change will come from you.

    Do I need to talk to your spouses and kids about this? If yes, let me know.

    I eagerly await your response.

  11. Correction too, this thing is not about who spells well or not but it’s about the peace of Liberia. Let us talk peace and peace alone. Protest isn’t the answer to our problem.

  12. I am not a protester. I have never called for a protest march to be held. I do philosophically support the right of people to protest. I am not a CoP supporter, never! I support the CoP’s right to protest because it is permissible constitutionally. The CoP’s demands should not be confused with their constitutional rights. They demand a Weah step down. That’s unconscionable. It will never happen. It should never be allowed to happen.


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