CoP Disowns June 25 Riot

Scene of the Thursday, June 25 riot. (Photo: LINA)

The Council of Patriots (COP) has distanced itself from the Thursday, June 25th violent incident in Monrovia that led to burning tires and setting road blocks on the main Tubman Boulevard.  The group has also said that it has no connection with Orange Liberia, which the government claims to be behind the violent protest.

Earlier, the government had claimed that the incident was carried out by the COP and that it will not tolerate any form of violence that will undermine Liberia’s hard earned peace. In the wake of this, Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, has publicly stated that he will form “Anti-citizen Protest force” to counter any protest staged against the government by any group.

The COP in a rebuttal statement to allegation levied by the government said: “The history of violence in Liberia is one that has caused our country enormous problems. Whether it was the years of civil carnage and, until recently, the violent incidents in Logan Town and Gardnersville during two by-elections, the Council of Patriots believes that no form of violence must be tolerated, especially in our nascent democracy.  While the COP encourages Liberians to speak out and protest against the wanton looting and abuse currently taking place, it believes and, as it has shown, that any protest must be done in a manner and fashion which is representative of the values of the organization. The June 7th and January 6th protests are classic examples of how the organization carries itself even in the midst of provocations by state security forces.”

The COP, which has staged two big successful protests — June 7, 2019 and January 6, 2020 without accusation of violence, “wishes to remind Liberians and the general public that it remains committed to the fight for societal reforms within the confines of the law and can assure our many supporters that we will continue to do so until Liberia becomes a better place for us, our children, and our children’s children. The COP will not compromise the collective interest of the suffering masses of our people.”

“Meanwhile, the COP will like to make it categorically clear that it has absolutely no connections whatsoever with Orange Liberia and that news circulating in many quarters, especially by the government, is completely unfounded,” said the pressure group.


  1. Have the “patriots” turned cowards when it’s time to take responsibility? Apparently, COP leader Costa forgot that at 1: 40 PM on Monday, June 22 (while wearing a white Nike T-shirt) he posted on Facebook the following: “So you extended your useless state of emergency because you are afraid of the COP’s pending protest. We will ignore it”. The question is, why spinelessly “distanced” yourself from an outcome that was a probability when you threatened it?

    As a stability advocate, I am dismayed that Daily Observer refers to the COP as a “pressure group”. It isn’t. Political pressure groups don’t threaten to buy guns for old rebels to bring down an elected President as Henry Costa did once. If he had done this during the UP-led government that had denied him bail for libel, the COP would’ve been declared a terrorist group. After all, the organization’s main role seems to be as the militant arm of the CPP to provoke security sector confrontation as a basis for accusations of dictatorship.

    Law-abiding citizens should root for new revenue sources, for example, from our precious mineral-mining, agriculture, and tourism sectors, not rabble-rousers whose tactical and strategic goal is using protests to make our country an unlikely investors’ destination. Don’t use violence to scare voters into any Party Coalition. Let them cast their votes for whomsoever without fear. A humming economy is Liberia’s only hope, and Henry Costa’s revolutionary pretensions aren’t the solution.

  2. Mr. Kenneth Best and John H.T. Stewart/lLiberianobserver, so after Henry Costa, the so called leader of the so called CoP has categorically taken responsibility of the lawlessness and violence of his CoP, you Daily Observer must be so foolish to disseminate such nonsense you fraudulently believe is news?

    Here is the proof of your fraudulent misrepresentation, and irresponsible journalism infra as reported by also all of the dailies in Monrovia, and the radio stations in Monrovia:

    “The leader of the COP Mr. Henry Costa claimed responsibility of the incident which led to the arrest of six persons and the calling in for questioning by the Security apparatus of Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia, one of Liberia’s leading cellular networks.

    Mr. Costa, declared on his show Thursday, hours after the incident, to declare: “The COP takes responsibility! We staged that and it is not over yet, it is happening in other places.”

    The incident which stared shortly after 6:00 am, prevented motorists, commuters and residents of Old Road Community, Congo Town from moving as flames of fire were seen on the main street near the German Embassy, near the Zone 3 Police Deport in Congo Town.

    By the time police arrive on the scene, the perpetrators were nowhere to be found.

    Last week, Mr. Costa urged his supporters to brace for what he terms as another nationwide protest against the government’s plan to increase the surcharge on internet data.

    Said Mr. Costa: “This message goes out to every patriot out there. I am calling on you, we will not announce the date, this protest will take them by surprise. We want you to be on the alert. We will not stop protesting until George Weah announces that he will no longer go-ahead to do this diabolical thing – to increase the price of data from $2.00 to $6.00 cause our people may not be able to afford it,” said via phone during a press conference on Wednesday in Monrovia.”

  3. The CoP and it’s delusional Henry Costa, have no suitable rationale for Liberia. None whatsoever. The only means by which the Costans (Costa and his followers) can bring about a change in Liberia is by way of sabotage and subterfuge. The Liberian people are aware of the painful past. A bloody war was fought and thousands of poor innocent lives were lost. Knowing that, what makes the lethargic Costans believe that their approach is the most ideal strategy that could dislodge Weah? Is this wishful thinking on their part?

    The coming of Charles Taylor:
    When Charles Taylor emerged on scene as a saviour in the 1980s, the Liberian intelligentsia was already fed up with Doe. And so, Taylor was quickly embraced by the Liberian people. Unfortunately, no one (not even the most educated men and women of Liberia) knew what Taylor’s modus operandi would be. In order to accomplish his pernicious scheme, Taylor fought, destabilized and destroyed Liberia beyond measure.

    Net Result? When he became president, half of the countries of the world did not honor his government.

    Now, here comes the Costans:
    Is it in the best interest of the Liberian people to play dumb once again? I certainly hope not. That’s precisely why Costa must be watched! He seems to be faithful to his word. A few weeks ago, he predicted that protests would be held in Liberia without seeking permission from the government. Costa did exactly as he predicted; a fire has been set. Unlike the Taylor mistake whereby Taylor was quickly embraced without knowing what he was up to, the Costans must be watched. No more mistakes!

  4. “Earlier, the government had claimed that the incident was carried out by the COP and that it will not tolerate any form of violence that will undermine Liberia’s hard earned peace. In the wake of this, Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, has publicly stated that he will form “Anti-citizen Protest force” to counter any protest staged against the government by any group”. Why is Mayor Koijee so obsessed with violence? As a young man, I expect him to focus on his job and build upon his inexperience. I want to remind you Mr. Koijee, the world is watching! Your name has been mentioned before about human rights violations in Liberia and yet you make embarrassing statements on a daily basis. You’re one of the GOL officials who has proven to be very immature and clueless. You always associate yourself with violent behavior. As a young man, you need to focus on what you can accomplish while serving your people. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!

  5. Henry Costa, you are a terrorist. You claimed responsibility of the evil act committed in Liberia and now you want to deny? The day you step on the soil, your ass will be arrested and thrown in jail. We will show you that Liberia is not Brazil. The people who continue to support you are damn stupoid asses also.


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