CoP Assembles Interim Leadership

The Council of Patriots, now chaired by Henry P. Costa, are charting a new direction.

Barely a week after Senator Oscar Cooper parted ways the Council of Patriots (CoP), the organizers of the famous June 7 “Save The State” protest, the group has announced the forming of its interim leadership, chaired by Henry P. Costa. The Council of Patriots made the announcement on June 27, 2019.

Senator Cooper, a vocal critic of President George M. Weah , was a stalwart of the CoP and served in an advisory role to the group. However, according to the CoP, weeks before they June 7 protest, he would make known his plans to scale back his public representation of the CoP.

An inside source told the Daily Observer that there was serious friction of personalities within the group, especially regarding who should be in control. According to the source, decision-making “was chaotic at times” due to “the lack of a singular leadership figure and a team with specific roles.”

Howbeit, the separation between Cooper and the CoP was handled cordially.

Going forward, the Council of Patriots has announced its interim leadership, comprising: Henry P. Costa, Chairman; Wilmot Paye, Vice Chair for Administration and Political Parties; Carlos Edison Tingban, Vice Chair for Operations; a representative of CSOs, Vice Chair for Mobilization; Mo Ali, Secretary General; Mamade K. Kaba, Assistant Secretary; Stephen Johnson, Coordinator for Diaspora/International Affairs; Rev. Sanjee Stepter, Treasurer; and Rev. Victor S. N. Saylee, Chaplain.

The CoP’s new Board of Advisors include: Political Leaders of supporting Political Parties, Chairpersons of supporting Political Parties; Senators; Representatives; and Abe Darius Dillon.

Senators Sando Johnson and Daniel Naatehn, as well as Representatives Yekeh Kolubah and Francis Nyumalin, are all still members.


  1. Where are the women???? Where are the women??? You want to tell them to call, to march but are they not good enough for leadership?

  2. Although I am not an affiliate of the CoP, neither will I ever wish to be, I think Agnes has a valid point. Women are missing in lineup of the council’s newly elected or appointed leadership board. One wonders whether the CoP believes that women are obsequious, indomitable or not capable to join the newly formed men’s club. Or should the action of the CoP be construed as a mistake? Or is their move an act of conservatism? Inquiring minds are left in the dark and totally befuddled.

    On the other hand, through its action to deny women a leadership role shows how unprepared the CoP is to deal constructively the issues of Liberia.

  3. Did they make themselves available? If so, give them a position, if not, then do not bother them, because most Liberian women do not like to dirty their hands, they like to make noise in the various corners about change, but are not willing to work, save Madam Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf, who many are blaming for being power-greed at the time; She became recognized because she was prepared to “Dirty” her hands by speaking truth to power, how many Liberian women are prepared to do such?

    • Women marched while some of you men stayed in your rooms. Women fought for peace during the war when some of you were under your beds so don’t talk foolishness. Did you not hear all the women calling th Costa show t ospeak out? All the women who marched? Why should there be only men? madame Boyonoh Wisseh, madame Ma Mary these are strong women

  4. The COP could not be organized as formal group at the time because its theme appealed to most Liberians at the time whether in Government or not; so its membership was “spontaneous” peoples from every walks of life came on board for that suppose; but we can see why some people came on board, they rode of the platform of “Bad economy” to gain relevance, such characters: Titus Barclay, former District 15 Representative of the CDC, who was able to convince the guys from “Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia” to leave the COP for recognition by his former party-CDC. He had been galloping from party to party, and now wants to return. Another is Former District 8 Representative, Rufus Neuville, almost all us are aware of the man’s altitude in government, especially, when he was betrayed by his own friend, the Big Mouth and Rude, Acariou M.Gray, it was Madam Sirleaf, who had to put food on his table, even though not being qualified. Of course, he wants recognition to return.
    This is a George M Weah, scam to make the COP unpopular and impotent. These are some of the hurdles. political groups faced in Liberia, when they want to confront the regime with realities of their stewardship. Keep the Courage and move on!!!

    • Comrade Gbada Flomo,
      I take a issue with your attack on the beautiful women of Liberia. Flomo, unless you’ve forgotten, it’s always good to be careful in life. Especially as it relates to politics in Liberia, every man, (not just women) should proceed into the arena of politics carefully. Frankly, it has nothing to do with “dirtying” one’s hands. There’s no logical explanation that the CoP can offer at this time. A mea culpa can be offered if they mean business.

  5. Well, well, here we go again. Who are the women that were denied leadership or neglected during the Cop’s leadership appointments? Name them. Or do you want Cop to appoint people disregarding their qualifications and functionalities.(copycats) like other governments. Give friends and relatives positions where they sit there like drums when you beat them they won’t SOUND. I’m not saying that they do not have qualified women, but where and who are they? Let them complain not outsiders.If you may understand, Cop is a new organization. Don’t be hard on them. I don’t think the tattle men’s club is appropriate. If we believe in give them a break! A little more time! Then that should be applied here also.(Not a sermon, just a thought)

  6. Elder B,
    The CoP did not appoint or elect a Liberian female to its leadership board. Was it difficult or impossible for the leadership of the CoP to find a competent Liberian female?

  7. I can see the making of another political party to join the trillions that are already in Liberia. Bring it on!

  8. While a rascally few would institutionalize street protests despite negative outcomes on investment climate in a country whose stability depends on economic recovery, in an article for Mint Press by Alexander Rubinstein entitled “American Govt., NGOs Fuel and Fund Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protests”, a bombshell is revealed.

    The author says “Some of the groups involved in leading the days of intensive protests last week in Hong Kong, the Chinese-controlled territory, received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a CIA soft-power cutout that has played a critical role in innumerable US regime change operations. With Henry Costa and like-minded all over the COP like flies on shit, it won’t be a stretch to suggest that the same organization put some money into the COP. If true no surprise, some Liberians had in 1990 betrayed their fatherland and people for few dollars and visas: Bloody traitors!

  9. Slyvester Moses,
    Why don’t you tell your president to account for the USD $25millions and stop running our country like it’s his personal farm.Maybe, the sponsors of regimes change will be reluctant to intervene in a corrupt country like Liberia.

  10. Why didn’t they overthrow the Ellen kleptocracy?

    You are avoiding the existential threat Liberia faces from foreign covert aggression, probably, because it aligns with your worldview whenever likeminded not in the Executive Mansion. GMW is the President of all Liberians, and you disgruntled few better accept that reality.

  11. @Gbada Flomo, your annotation that “Liberian women don’t like to get their hands dirty” indicating that women shy away from advocacy that requires radical approach like boycott and protest is a COMPLETE FALLACY to the highest order. If you don’t know that history about women involvement please ask or make research.

    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was not the only female. What about Hawa Danquah who was running for the presidency during the same time the late Gabriel Kpolleh was running. During the April 14, 1979 rice riot, were there not women among the protesters? During the student uprising at the UL in 1984, who was the first student to get kill after she challenged the late Gray D. Allison at the front gate of the UL campus, and the latter killed her in cold blood, it was a young girl. The late Dr. Mary Antionette Brown-Sherman, at the time serving as the UL President, led a team from the UL and meet with Samuel Doe to demand the release of Dr. Amos Sawyer and others detained on false charges. The recent June 7, 2019 protest saw a large number of women come out to support their cause. Agnes is right, she advance a salient point. Women can come out to support their cause but cannot be part of the leadership configuration?


    I 100 precent agree with F HNEY, the COP seems to be gender bias, hence such movement lacks the ability to address the multiple issues confronting Liberia.

    The real reason that the leadership in the COP boys club do not want to include women in their leadership configuration is that the women will push for transparency and these guys cannot conform to any form of transparency simply because they are bunch of greedy paid agents pushing the agenda of their rebel and war lords masters.

  12. Liberian don’t like people who look back to history. This is my opinion. For 144 months of corruption and de facto nepotism, the people of Liberia kept quite under EJS. For the past 17 months, people are using protest to run political campaign.

    We saw the late Mohammed Morsi of Egypt who won free and fair election in his country when he was told to go to the ballot box. Due to his member ship with the Muslim Brother Hood, his government was toppled through protest. The same thing happened to Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawah al-Islamiyya) or The Islamic Resistance Movement, in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian and Egyptians were told by Bush 2 ( president Bush 2000-2008) to go to election. They did, they elected leaderships of their choice through the ballot box. Egypt, Mohammed Morsi; Palestine, Hamas. However; the sneezing from Washington was glared that they are not what CESAR and Rome wanted.

    Fellow Liberians, I don’t think ordinary people choice matter anymore.


  13. Perhaps the few fools in Liberia need to die so as to chance the development of Liberia. Success comes when obstacles are removed. These bunches of criminal gangs and paid agents calling themselves cop are obstacles to the nation development. Under no circumstances can these belly driven distort this government of H.E. Dr. Dr. Weah. Whether you like it or not.

  14. I am a big supporter of our women being part of the decisions making process at all levels of nation and organizations; however, I am not sure of the reasons why a woman is not serving on the leadership of the COP at this time.

    Meanwhile, the leadership announced by the COP is an interim leadership at the moment and I strongly believe that adjustments will be made sooner than later for the participation of women in the leadership role of the COP. It could also be possible that the women want to just play a support roles at the moment!

  15. Conto,
    The question remains unanswered. Would it have been illegal, improper, difficult or criminal for a qualified female Liberian to have been appointed as an interim leader?
    To suggest that women will be considered for a leadership role in the future shows the Liberian people two important things:
    1. It shows that women are tokens and therefore inferior to their male counterparts and

    2. It shows how weak and reckless the CoP is.


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