‘We’re with You’

Madam Cooper receiving a traditional welcome of kola nuts from some south-easterners shortly after she arrived in the region

…South-easterners assure MacDella Cooper

Several residents of southeastern Liberia have assured the lone female presidential candidate, Macdella Cooper, of their unflinching support in the ensuing elections, “to the finish line,” according to a press release.

Madam Cooper is contesting for the presidency on the ticket of the opposition Liberia Restoration Party (LRP). She received the assurance from some residents of the southeast recently while touring the region to win the hearts and minds of voters.

According to the release, she was warmly received by leaders of the various Christian denominations, youth groups, elders, and women groups in the region.

The five southeastern counties are Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Sinoe, Maryland and Grand Kru.

Reverend Joseph P. Wholuba of the United Pentecost Council Assembly of God Church in Maryland County said that members of his congregation were excited to welcome their chosen political leader, “because we believe she is the right one to lead and deliver us from our perpetual hardships.”

“This is the day that we yearned to see. So you are welcome to the land of sunshine (Maryland County), because we are in this struggle together with you to become victorious. It is a blessing for you and for all of us to be together today. You are the ‘new day’ Marylanders have been wishing for. This is our opportunity; let us get hold of it,” Rev. Wholuba told the gathering that responded with long shouts of political slogans.

He said Marylanders are God fearing people who do not deceive people, adding, “when they say they are for you, they are for you and you only, because it is never too late since good things are very hard to find.”

Rev. Wholuba said: “It is about time that the southeast produces another good president to transform the lives of the peace-loving people of Liberia. We are noted for producing great leaders, and so, we will hold together to produce another one; but this time, it will be from the female side. My daughter, we are with you today and forever.”

Speaking, Madam Cooper said that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every citizen benefits from the country’s social services including basic healthcare.

Cooper added that it is the government’s responsibility to give every citizen affordable housing facilities, not mud houses, and meaningful education to make them understand and create better systems that will make the country prosperous.

She said that it is time for the young people to get prepared for the future, “which is now, not tomorrow,” and they need education, “even though education is not all to life, because some educated people are heartless; they do not give ears to the people once they are in government.”

For that, Madam Cooper called on the youth to understand that education is indispensable.

She said she entered the presidential race is to see that young Liberians acquire better education so that they no longer remain behind, but rather take the lead in building the country.

She said if elected President of Liberia, she will make it mandatory for all children, despite of their parental background, to acquire better education to compete with their counterparts around the world.


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