Convicted Ugandan’s Lawyers Seeking Funding for Repatriation


    Reports reaching the Daily Observer have it that lawyers representing convicted drug dealer Shirat Nelwadda have launched an appeal to raise money from her relatives in Uganda, for her repatriation.

    She was sentenced to a four-year imprisonment by Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice for smuggling 1.2 kilograms of narcotic drugs, valued as US$30,000. 

    But, the judicial source hinted to this paper that since the court ordered her repatriated, government is yet to obey that directive.

    It was based on that, the source claimed, that her lawyers have contacted her relatives in Uganda to raise money that would be used to send back home to serve her four-year jail term.

    The source did not say how much was needed to have her deported.  He did not say how much the lawyers were requesting from her family members, who want her urgently sent back home.  

    “They have to do it, as she is suffering in prison; and if nothing is done I am afraid that she will die here,” said our source, who agreed with the lawyers’ actions.

    “Government has the money, but ‘they’ do not want to obey the Court’s order. The only thing is to contact her relatives in Uganda to send some money for her return home,” the source said.  

    “Everybody is simply mute when it comes to carrying out the court’s decision; they blame it on the lack of funding,” we were told.

    Meanwhile, Shirat’s lawyers have held several closed-door meetings with the Ministry of Justice, (MOJ) regarding the Ugandan national’s deportation; so far, nothing seems to be happening.

     “In one of their discussions, the Ministry said it didn’t have the money to transport Shirat and a few officers of the Bureau of Immigration Naturalization, (BIN) escorting her to Uganda,” the judicial source claimed.

    Shirat’s family, we have learned, has consented to bring her and only one BIN officer to Uganda.


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