Converting Weight-loss to Wealth: Agro-Startup Taps One of Many Moringa Miracles


Before the birth of her third son, Sandra Perkins-Lighe worked tirelessly to keep herself from growing overweight. She would consume selected nutritional food, and hit fitness gym to burn excess calories. But her hobbies were disrupted after giving birth to her third son in 2017. Although it was a good news to have borne a child, overweight soon became a problem that introduced emotional stress for Sandra.

“Months back in 2017, right after I had my third son, I became overweight (168lbs to 203.5lbs); I gained 35.5 pounds (lbs), which I felt was unhealthy living,” Said Sandra. “I then decided to embark on a personal research to enable me live my health dream [eating natural and healthy foods].”

In her search to drop weight and connect to her hobbies, she discovered a product that did not only give her a satisfactory answer but the agro-startup CEO said that the result of what she got from consuming moringa and ginger was worth sharing with others.

“After I [saw] that I can be helped by such superfood, I immediately start to share moringa with my household. I later shared with my friends and I said to myself; ‘if this superfood can help my friends then the entire country can be helped too,” she said.

“Interestingly, to help others, I needed to make it my line of business, so I did.”

Early 2018 she registered Zaag Natural Enterprise her startup that produces 100% moringa and ginger powder.

Moringa can be consumed for nutritional as well as medicinal purposes, as it helps in the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, and digestive disorders.

For many Agro-startups like Zaag Natural, access to quality packaging in Liberia is a major challenge.

Sandra’s agro-startup hand harvests, washes, dries, grinds and manually packages moringa. She however disclosed that electricity, machinery, and packaging materials are challenges that prevent her startup from scaling up the weight-loss product.

“Doing business in Liberia indeed has challenges, ranging from electricity in certain parts of the country to availability of machinery, but of all challenges faced, I consider packaging to be the most. Getting your products packaged well is very costly but also, it is difficult to find all of those materials you need in the country,” said Sandra.

In spite of her prevailing challenges, Zaag Natural’s CEO remains optimistic about the future, as she plans to continue sensitizing the Liberian population about moringa’s countless nutritional and medicinal benefits.

“My further plans are to create awareness about the tremendous health benefits of moringa. I also want to have my product represented in all shops, stores, supermarkets, and marketplaces,” Sandra said.


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    Nice article. I need to get in touch with Sandra Perkins-Lighe as I would like to buy some of her products but I live in North America. She does not seem to have a website. Could you kindly provide her contact information.
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