Continued Water Shortages Cause Hardship in Voinjama


A water shortage in Lofa County’s capital—Voinjama—continues to affect the conditions of its residents and businesses.

 Voinjama plays host to more than 11,000 inhabitants and dozens of Liberian-owned and foreign businesses that rely on safe pipe-borne water in order to generate the needed profits.

This year’s Dry Season, intense heat has caused most of Voinjama’s reliable and safe water sources to go completely dry.

As early as 4:30am residents and business owners get up to search for any available clean water sources for domestic and commercial purposes.

Some of these people told the Daily Observer that heads of the Liberia Municipal Water Project (LMWP) and Tetra-Tech should fast-track their procurement processes in order to start the rehabilitation work on the LWSC’s water treatment plant in Voinjama.

As a result of this water shortage, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has earmarked US$12 million dollars for the rehabilitation of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation water treatment plant.

The several decades-old LWSC’s water treatment plant lies in ruin Northeast of Voinjama.

It was destroyed during the heat of the war in the 1990’s. This situation forced citizens to rely on hand pumps constructed by aid agencies that continue to be crowded by desperate water searching residents.

Comments obtained by the Daily Observer from officials of LMWP/Tetra-tech revealed that final procurement and planning processes are being organized for the rehabilitation of the LWSC’s water treatment in Voinjama City.

The LMWP officials could not give the specific date of a ground breaking ceremony for a new plant in Voinjama.

In several exclusive interviews with the Daily Observer last week, residents, citizens and business owners of Voinjama expressed grave concern over the continued water shortages.

“We want urgent steps to be taken on the part of the LMWP/Tetra-tech executives in order to provide residents and business owners with a safe and constant water supply,” Mulbah Kortee, a businessman, emphasized.

 Kazar Quarter cookshop operator, Baindu Morlue Kesselly said, she was not ‘making good’ due to the shortage of clean water in Voinjama since the Dry Season started this year.

“Frankly, if the LWSC and its partners don’t fix the old water treatment plant this year, our suffering will become unbearable,” Madam Kesselly.

Other restaurant operators in the city expressed serious concern about the unending water shortage in the city.

“We are operating in unsanitary conditions owing to the fact that water sources in Voinjama are being threatened with multiple water and air borne diseases owing to the open and dried out wells,” Madam Rebecca Massayan lamented.


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