Container Truck Victims to Be Buried Thursday

The parties during the discussion at the Traffic Court

Family members and the owner of the container truck involved in the April 8 Johnson Street Tragedy that killed four and left ten others injured, yesterday resolved to have the burial on Thursday, April 27.  It was earlier reported that three died on the spot, but a fourth person died later while undergoing treatment.

Truck owner Dinga Dukuly and the victims’ families arrived at the decision after several hours of intense discussions that saw Dukuly agreeing to take care of all necessary expenses for the burial.

Dukuly also agreed to pay for the medical treatment of the wounded and those whose properties were destroyed as a result of the accident.

Yesterday’s agreement was as a result of a day of protest staged by the victims’ families in demand of the court’s intervention to have Dukuly arrested to take care of the burial and medication of the injured.

The discussion, held at the Traffic Court at the Temple of Justice, was presided over by Judge Jomah Jallah, along with lawyers of both parties (Dukuly and the families of the victims).

“Dukuly will buy caskets, pay for embalmment of the bodies at any funeral home, and build the tomb and make available transportation for the burial,” the parties agreed.

Immediately after reaching the agreement, Judge Jallah advised the parties to come back to the court after the burial.

The truck, loaded with two 20 foot containers, lost control on a slope due to brake failure, resulting in the deaths of the four persons, injuring eleven others and destroying properties on Johnson Street.

The containers belonged to NICOM Distillery, a liquor factory at the center of an alleged “bad labor practices and production of fake CALAO products” case that caused the company to be shut down by the Commercial Court.


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