Container Truck Scare on Johnson Street

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A truck carrying a container forced several people to run for dear life on Johnson and Ashmun Streets in Monrovia yesterday when the middle part of the truck skidded into a business center after hitting an LEC utility pole.

There were no human casualties, but eye-witness Peal Collins said there was enormous damage to the business center and an LEC utility pole.

Collins said the incident happened around 10am.

“It happened all of a sudden as the container truck began to lose control,” Collins said.

He explained that the truck, carrying a 40 feet Maersk container, veered into the business center as the driver was desperately trying to bring it to some level of control.

He said the unidentified driver managed to swing the front side of the truck away from its course, but that the middle part of the truck hit the LEC pole, with parts of the truck covering the entrance of a business center.

“People around ran for dear life,” Collins said, “and as you can see the container side is different from the driver’s side.”

Collins said similar accidents are frequent on Johnson Street and that the Ministry of Transport should begin to work with truckers and their owners to ensure that trucks plying the streets of Monrovia are roadworthy.

“We cannot say the trucks should operate at night because whenever there is an accident it will be difficult to help the injured,” Collins said.

He suggested that the Ministry of Transport should ensure that at the beginning of every year, trucks are inspected to avoid any threat to human life.

“We cannot wait until there is a tragedy before we start to find some solutions,” Collins said. “There are always accidents of such nature involving trucks. Either their breaks cannot hold or they have some other mechanical problems.”

A man, who did not identify himself, told the Daily Observer that the truck’s universal joint broke, which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
“This is not news for journalists to come for,” he said, and walked away, “I don’t want you to take my picture.”


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