Construction Work Begins on Ganta


The Senegalese road Construction film, Compagnie Seheliemae d’Entreprises (CSE), has started construction work on the much-talked-about Ganta – Sanniquellie Road.

The cost of the construction is estimated at about US$40 million.

The construction work formed part of ArcelorMittal Liberia’s commitment to the development of Liberia, our correspondent has said.

At present, CSE’S earthmoving equipments are clearing the road, a move marking the start of the construction exercise.

“We thank God that this long awaited roadwork has finally started. I think by the end of next year, we will have some positive impacts on this road,” remarked a motorcyclist. “This road gives us problem every year and all hardships encountered here will soon be forgotten.”

The construction of Ganta-Sanniquellie Road has been planned since 2007, but due to the global economic downturn and the outbreak of Ebola, between 2008 and 2014, the project was delayed until the Senegalese Company began the preparation for the construction.

The construction runs from Ganta to Yekepa, but presently, contractors have started work around Tondin Town, about 12 kilometers from Ganta.

In another development, the rehabilitation of feeder roads is ongoing across Nimba, beginning with Gbi and Dorlu in the South, and the Buuyao in the east.

Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, told the Daily Observer that the Kparblee communities, further east, will also benefit from the rehabilitation exercises.

He said that the road rehabilitation work will continue in the most inaccessible parts of the county, including Kparblee, Buuyao, and Gbi and Dorlu.

Zuagele asked the residents to cooperate with the road workers to fast-track the process before the next rainy season.


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