Construction Contractors to Elect New Officers


In order to compete more effectively with other businesses in the country, the leadership of the Association of Liberian Construction Contractors (ALCC) is set to elect a new leadership for a period of four years.

The election of the new corps of officers, according to a release signed by the Chairman of ALCC’s election commission, Napoleon T. Chattah, will be held on December 1 at the association’s head office, located on Weaver Street, opposite the Tubman United Methodist Church in Paynesville.

ALCC is a coordinating and advocacy entity established in 1977 by Liberian Construction Contractors, initially to protect the interest of indigenous construction constructors.

“The current leadership did well for us, advocating on our behalf to ensure that the right things are done. But their tenure has come to an end, and therefore, we need a new group to steer the affairs of this important organization.

“We want our members to get involved in this exercise so that whatever comes out on that day will be the collective voice of ALCC in the country,” Chattah said.

The 2017 election committee wants to inform all contractors about ALCC’s upcoming elections in an effort to have a transparent election, said Chattah. All positions of the union ranging from the president, vice president, secretary general, treasurer, and chaplain are opened for any member to apply, Chattah added.

“We only want heads of institutions like chief executive officers, general managers, managing directors, and executive directors who are bonafide members of the ALCC and in good financial standing with the association to submit letter of application in their various interests, with fees ranging from US$500 for president, US$350 for vice president, US$300 for secretary general, US$250 for treasurer, and US$100 for chaplain,” Chattah said in the release.

There are, however, many criteria set by the election commission for all elective posts. According to Chattah, eligible candidates’ construction companies must have existed for a minimum of three years and are registered with the union.

The association has a membership of over 400 construction contractors working in both vertical and horizontal construction of which five percent is owned by female contractors. Currently, ALCC’s mandate extends to all construction contractors that are registered in the country.


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