Conquerors Narrowly Win Triple Title

Liberia’s all-time 1500 meters sprinter Anis Prince Faraj, alias Butter Fly (in the lead), won two gold medals for Conquerors in the 1500 meters and 800 meters male races respectively.

— In national athletics clubs championship

Conquerors Athletics Club narrowly maintained her dominance in the 2019 National Club Athletics Championship on wet Saturday, June 29 with a single gold difference to outdo virtually youthful Fast Track Athletics Club to win this year’s title.

Due to the rain, athletes with spikes were allowed to represent their clubs on the track. Spikes give runners extra traction. The traction also provides extra protection for athletes running on wet surfaces, especially during inclement weather.

The ‘Mighty’ Conquerors Club was crowned on the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex as the 2019 National Club Athletics Champions and Triple Champ, having won the title three consecutive times, from 2017 to 2019.

Despite the sweet victory, Fast Track put up an outstanding performance, with the showcase of  13-year-old Abigail Baayue, who took the gold medal in the 1,500 meters event.

Besides her gold in the 1500 meters, the 13 year-old female sprinter contributed to her team’s 4×400 meters women’s silver medal.

Also, Fast Track’s 21-year-old sprinter Musa Zoker also won two gold medals in the 200 meters and 400 meters events, respectively, and served as the finisher in the men’s 4×400 meters for yet another gold.

Liberia’s all-time 1500 meters sprinter, Anis Prince Faraj, alias Butter Fly, won two gold medals for Conquerors in the men’s 1500 meters and 800 meters races, respectively.

The Conquerors’ Butterfly also won a silver medal in the 4×100 meters and Kelvin Jallah increased the gold for Conquerors in the men’s 100 meters race.

Conquerors’ topmost female runner, 21-year-old Tracy Chayee, also won two gold medals in the 800 meters and 400 meters respectively.

Both Conquerors and Fast Track accumulated 47 points each in their overall points from the 7 events, including 1500 meters male and female; 800 meters male and female; 400 meters male and female, 200 meters male and female, 100 meters male and female as well as 4×100 meters relay male and female and 4×400 meters relay male and female.

But Conquerors was awarded the first place title for accumulating a single gold difference over Fast Track. Conquerors was awarded L$25,000; Fast Track got L$15,000 and Liberty received L$10,000.

Liberty Athletics Club performed worst in the 2019 National Athletics Clubs Championship for the first time in four years. The team had only 18 points, thanks to Nancy Saah who won gold in the 100 meters and 200 meters female races and Philip Lademo in the 4×100 meters male run.

Liberty won the first post Ebola National Clubs Athletes Championship, which was held in 2016. In 2017 and 2018 respectively, Liberty settled as second, but in this year’s Clubs Championship, Liberty dropped to the least with a dismal performance.

Organized by the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF), the National Clubs Athletics Championship is an annual event to feature and promote competitive athletics and good sportsmanship among clubs as well as individual athletes.

The president of Conquerors is Jonathan Enders, while Fast Track’s president is Christopher Sayeh and the president of Liberty is Isaac Montgomery.

Meanwhile, the president of the LAF, Mulbah Zaza, thanked the participating clubs, but urged the government, foreign missions and businesses to help sporting federations to decentralize its activities and attract more youths to the sports.


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