‘Congressman Smith A victim of Misinformation, Lies’

Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee (left): "We are going to document all of the misfacts that they have fed Congressman Smith (right) with, and the facts will manifest themselves."

— Says Mayor Koijee, back door diplomatic engagement with congressman Smith

Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee, has termed the recent statement made by US Congressman, Chris Smith, that president George Weah has led a kleptocratic government since his inauguration, is a result of misinformation and lies by critics of the Weah led- administration.

According to the Monrovia Mayor who presents himself most often as the government’s spokesperson, when people fail to lay their hands on the truth, they resolve in falsehood, thereby painting others with lies and misinformation. “Congressman Smith is a victim of misinformation and lies,” he said.

“I am not angry with the Congressman because you have people who go and mislead people when they are unable to lay their hands on the facts.”

Congressman Smith accused President Weah of leading a “Kleptocratic” government that is engaged in political corruption since the day of his ascendency, depleting the government’s coffers for personal use while the Liberian people are left to suffer.

Appearing on the Spoon Talk 107.5 FM radio program, Mayor Koijee stressed that Congressman Smith has been misled by “career liers; by hateful people who do not wish well for this Administration.”

When asked whether he concurs with the congressman’s accusations, Mayor Koijee said, “No, absolutely not. I don’t believe that.” However, he admitted that the government has some challenges. “We have administrative, institutional and individual challenges, but to outrightly state that the entire government is falling short is unfair.”

Mayor Koijee’s statement comes just days after Information Minister, Ledgerhood Rennie, and Edwin Snowe, Senator of Bomi County, came out to speak against the congressman’s allegation.

Most importantly, the statement from the mayor, chairperson of the CDC youth wing, is a clear indication that the government is deeply worried by the congressman’s statement.

“If I come and say to you here that everything is rosy for this government, I will be guilty and feel charged. I will be lying  to you, but to say the entire government failed, you will be unfair to us and to the Liberian people because even the Liberian people know fully well that with the difficulties and challenges they are going through, they know that there is progress being made.”

Koijee said the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will document all of the misinformation that congressman Smith is fed with and, by that, the truth will prevail.

“We are going to document all of the misfacts that they have fed Congressman Smith with, and the facts will manifest themselves.”

He noted that, “We have a bilateral relationship with the US government. They are our traditional friends and I think the best we ought to do is to have some back door diplomatic engagement with them,” said Koijee.


  1. 17 continents Koijee, just shut up! I blame my Kru brother for keeping you in his government. You should be sacked by now.

  2. Mayor J. Koijie; get real! It’s one thing to be blind and quite another; to have two [SEEING EYES] and pretend to be blind. For the sake of a better Liberia, let’s be realistic. It’s been proven; that under the watchful eyes of the Administration which you serve, funds were withdrawn/taken from “FOREIGN DONORS ACCOUNTS” without the donors’ knowledge. The money💰🤑 withdrawn from those foreign donors’ accounts; apparently by the “ADMINISTRATION” have not been accountable. What do you call such behavior? Besides, there’s the “SAGA” of the U.S$25,000,000 “MOP-UP” money💰. That too, have not been accountable. What proof do you need? It appears, The U.S Congressman’s bold accusation of a “KLEPTOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION” is very much accurate. Just a reminder: The Honorable, Representative Christopher Henry Smith is speaking in his capacity as a U.S’ Congressman and member of a U.S’ Congressional Commitee.

    • Henry Freeman, it is you who needs to “get real“ here, since it is you who in your ignorance, and inferiority complex, obsequiously believes Chris Smith is some demi god even as he supports lawlessness, fraud, and violence, and spews out LIES in the public, even as his own diplomatic mission distances itself and the American nation from his Chris Smith’s misconducts and recklessness.

      Funds withdrawn from foreign account of donors to be used for governmental purposes is never confined to any single government in third world countries, not to talk about Liberia, in which the recent past administration usually took similar decisions and actions in the national interest.

      Your obsequious and inferiority complex that because Chris Smith is a US Congressman and a member of a US Congressional Committee, whatever accusations he makes must be true, certainly proves your chronic limitations, and your obsequious and inferiority complex.

      Chris Smith, besides his reckless behavior would have only made sense if the FBI, KROLL , ec . would have found the Liberian government wanting in any of his reckless allegations, or his source of information (Jerome Verdier) on Myor Koijee werent the liar and extortionist he is.

      ‘Undermining the TRC Report’?
      By Alvin Worzi -January 31, 2020

      — Five former TRC commissioners distance themselves from their former chairman, Cllr. Jerome Verdier’s allegations of Koijee’s connection with civil war
      Following a recent outburst on social media by a lady named Jestina Taylor, who accused Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee of involvement in crimes against humanity during the Liberian civil war, the former chairman of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Cllr. Jerome Verdier, emerged to echo the allegations made against Koijee by Ms. Taylor. In a response, Mayor Koijee said the attempt by Cllr. Verdier to have his character tainted as one of the perpetrators of the 14-year bloody civil crisis in the country indicates that he (Verdier) and his likes intend to undermine the TRC report.

      Koijee’s response apparently struck a chord with five other former TRC commissioners, who stand in agreement with the mayor that Verdier’s support of Jestina Taylor’s allegations could undermine the credibility of the TRC report. They have therefore emerged to declare their distance from their former chairman’s remarks, which were made outside the scope of the TRC report and in his own capacity at the helm of a separate, unrelated organization.

      Cllr. Jerome Verdier was the Chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that investigated the causes of the Liberian civil war and recorded major crimes that were perpetrated by fighters and warlords.

      Cllr. Verdier, who now heads a justice advocacy group known as International Justice Group (IJG), late last year unveiled to the public that Jefferson Koijee, 36 years old, participated in the war that ended 17 years ago and committed some of the heinous crimes.

      In reaction to the allegation, the four former TRC Commissioners including John H. T. Stewart, Massa Washington, Gerald Coleman, Dede Dolopei, and Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull, say accusation against Koijee that he participated in the war and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity is contrary to records compiled about activities of the devastating war.

      According to a release signed by former chairman of the TRC’s Committee on Report Writing, John H. T. Stewart, “The four former TRC commissioners informed the public that at no time during these engagements did the TRC receive a statements, whether written or verbal, from any witness, perpetrator, or person of interest suggesting that Jefferson T. Koijee was a part of any warring faction.”

      “Even in our individual capacities, we did not hear or receive any information in this regard,” said the release.

      Jefferson T. Koijee is a Liberian and now heads the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

      The release further said “Mayor Koijee’s name never filtered through our process, not even remotely. Former TRC commissioners feel it expedient to provide the clarification for the record because of blurred lines in distinguishing between the chairman of the TRC, Cllr. Jerome Verdier, and the Executive Director of the IJG, Cllr. Jerome Verdier.”

      The release noted that at no time was Mayor Koijee accused of being connected to perpetration of crimes against groups or individuals or linked to gross human rights violations as well as war crimes or crimes against humanity as stated by Cllr. Verdier.

      The former TRC Commissioners in their communication said they were concerned about the matter because the Executive Director of the IJG was their former chairman and anything that he says that is not in consonance with the TRC Report would be detrimental to their character as well.

      “Former TRC commissioners would like to inform the public that for the entirety of the work on the commission which spanned five years, the TRC engaged in a massive and extensive consultative outreach process. For example, the TRC collected more than 22,000 statements, conducted dozens of personal interviews and over 500 live public testimonies from witnesses, perpetrators, direct victims, persons of interest and also several dozens of in-camera hearings, none of which connected Koijee to a war crime or crimes against humanity,” said the Commissioners.

      Additionally, a national consultative conference, women’s conference, and children conference were held. The TRC also conducted a robust diaspora project, extending its project to Liberians and others living in the West African sub-region and over 10 cities in the United States and Europe, from where no one came out with the name Jefferson T. Koijee.

      The release added that “Commissioners would also like to state for the record that during the work of the TRC, Jefferson T. Koijee was one of several youth volunteers who provided his free services in assisting with the sensitization and public outreach component of the TRC engagements.”

      Prior to publishing the TRC Final Report in June 2009, an argument ensued among the Commissioners for what some said was not in their favor. According to an unimpeachable source of the TRC, two of the Commissioners did not sign the final report at the time because their relatives and friends whom they did not expect to be named in the report for crimes were mentioned.

      Meanwhile, in Cllr. Verdier’s recent article titled, “The Koijee’s Dossier,” he accused Koijee of being an associate of Chucky Taylor, son of former President Charles G. Taylor.

      Verdier also referenced allegation by Jestina Taylor that she saw Mr. Koijee with Chuckie Taylor during the war and killed a baby.

      Verdier also accused Koijee of being the architect of series of human rights violations in the Weah-led administration; making a specific reference to the Montserrado County electoral violence in which Koijee was accused of allegedly ordering the flogging of peaceful citizens.

      The article was published in several local dailies, including the People’s newspaper — a satirical bulletin in Monrovia.

      One of the former TRC commissioners notes that, even if Jefferson T. Koijee was involved in the Liberian civil war, he would have been involved as a child soldier. “The TRC report recommended that all child soldiers be granted amnesty. Therefore, Koijee would have turned 18 or 19 years of age by the time the war ended,” the commissioner said.

      “Therefore, if there are any other violations of human rights committed by Koijee after the war or in recent time, that would fall under the purview of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), not the TRC,” the former commissioner added.

      Cllr. Jerome Verdier has yet to respond to the statement by his fellow former commissioners. A text message sent him prior to the publication of this story has not been answered.

      Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, upon reading the statement by Cllr. Verdier threatened a lawsuit against the former TRC Chairman and Director of the IJG for linking him to the commission of ‘heinous crimes.’

      Koijee: “I worked with Jerome Verdier during my days in advocacy when he served as chairperson of the TRC. He knows me very well. He knows my history. He knows that I was one of those young persons who went to jail because of our advocacy for the establishment of the TRC. We worked with the Commission, which Jerome Verdier chaired, to protect the TRC report despite many attempts by perpetrators of the war to undermine this national instrument. It is therefore sad that I have now become a major target for Cllr. Verdier to the extent that he will accuse me of being a participant of the civil war, which I know nothing about.”

      Mayor Koijee said the attempt by Cllr. Verdier to have his character tainted as one of the perpetrators of the 14-year bloody civil crisis in the country indicates that he (Verdier) and his likes intend to undermine the TRC report.

      “It pains me that people are bent on undermining the TRC report, because the nation and partners collectively invested huge money in this national instrument. We also put our all in the process to get the report to where it is, and as such, we will not sit idly by and see it get destroyed,” Koijee told journalists recently at a news conference in Monrovia.

      Even though his boss, President George Weah has reneged on it, Koijee has since been in the advocacy for full implementation of the TRC Final Report and an establishment of a war crimes court to prosecute people who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity as a way of saving Liberia.

      Koijee said that if citizens claim to truly love Liberia as true nationalist and patriot, they will stand above their personal interests and summon a great sense of accountability by welcoming a full implementation of the TRC report, instead of trying to bring the entire report into public disrepute.

      • You’ve written a lot; but nothing of any significance. With a mind set like yours, Liberia is forever doomed. Why are you hiding behind some fictional title; calling yourself “True Nationalist”? A true nationalist will show his real-self. Read other commentaries, pertaining. I bet! The [ODDS] are against your assertions. Why don’t you [CONVINCE] yourself. I should remind you. U.S’ Congressman Smith is a Republican; ELECTED U.S Government Official. He’s not a Biden Appointee. Hey! Pal; let’s stick to issues…

        • Henry Freeman, you rant about identity (when such is irrelevant here) instead of you dealing with the argument fired in a rebuttal which is forcefully substantiated by and with overwhelming evidence, and proof beyond all reasonable doubts, to ONLY spew such rubbish as “stick to the issues“, AND “U.S’ Congressman Smith is a Republican; ELECTED U.S Government Official. He’s not a Biden Appointee.“ ???? Is that your argument? What a height of toddlerhood in an intellectual marketplace!

          Henry Freeman, in this discussion, you have simply confirmed your ignorance, inferiority complex, and obsequious nature, character, and mentality, via inter alia your incapability and disability to put forward any argument regarding the issues or the subject matter in toto.

      • You can lie all you want but it means nothing to Liberians. People have formed a very negative opinion of George Weah’s leadership based on their experience and that will never change no matter what you say.
        The facts are:
        1. The banks are insolvent
        2. US $25 Million mop-up money stolen by Weah and his officials
        3. $16 Billion LD missing and government lies and coverup
        4. Weah builds his real estate empire while Liberians suffer
        5. Government Audit officials are murdered and government coverup crime
        6. Violent crime is through the roof
        7. Citizens are insecure because of so many mysterious killings
        8. The list goes on…

    • Henry Freeman, shut up you hater!
      What happened to the US$16 Billion during Ellen regime?
      Events of today are uncomparable to Ellen’s for the record!
      Congressman Smith is a racist White Sumpremicist who still feels in the fence of West Africa.
      Verdier is doing everything possible to undermine but mind you, he has failed miserably because the Domocrats are unwilling to keep souring America’s image.
      Verdier has a vendetta against Koije because to his suprised, the kid has not failed the congau mindset of native incapability.
      This was the game before to undermine other leaderships to Washington as means to stir up instability which cannot happen now.
      Imagine this liar Verdier defending Gibril Masdaquoi who massacred Liberians but because their interest had been Mr. Taylor, the lives he destroyed weren’t nothing.

          • Henry Freeman, you have been bent on venedetta repulsion, the issues of the TRC were lame-dock during 12 years of the previous administration, Verdier is seeking to undermine the signature document of the TRC by spewing hates of Koijee and defending Gibril Massaquio, the Sierra Leonean butcherer of Liberians yet, out of chronic limitations, your contribution to this debate has been fazed and is implicitly a trash lurer of ignorance that doesnt bring substance to the issues!
            You are chronically a naive and an ignoramus defended of the white supremicist Congressman Smith and other talebearers of regime hatters out there.
            You should be ashamed of your nonesense Congressman Smirh who is a democratic macreant of unparalled racism against black and minority communities in the US.
            You are the dumbest of all persons I have seem giving allegiance to a racist demogod of Congreesman Smith.
            You are apparently stupid, wanting sanctions to affect your native Liberia in the interest of Monrovia politicians!

      • @# S. Whyteme; apparently, you are not interested in a “CIVILIZED DIALOGUE”. I’d rather [NOT] entertain your [ILLUSIONS AND MISPLACED IMAGINATIONS].

  3. Keep playing with diplomacy with that empty skull sitting on those shoulders of yours. Do you truly understand the word ‘Diplomacy’ , to what extend is your understanding of this sacred word let alone to insinuate your attempt to initiate back door diplomacy.

    very soon you and your fellow criminals in crimes will find your just end. keep telling lies and catching feelings. Young man who should have endeavored to further your elementary education for a better future, chose to get involved with taking the loves of others at the expense of political power to appease your earthly God in one ex football super star call George weah. Your days are numbered and very soon you get to face the wrath of your inactions. we waiting!

  4. Merry-Go Round With The ‘Elephant Meat’. Who Ate /(eating) More?

    The Weah Administration is accused of “stealing 16,000,000,000” billion LD from the Liberian People plus $25,000,000 U.S for “mop up “ activities.
    16,000,000,000 LD is the equivalent of $100,000,000 U.S dollars at a rate of 160 LD to 1.00 U.S dollar at that time (2018).
    One may say, if it is true [back by substantial evidence], the administration has eaten or taken the total of $125,000,000 millions USA dollars (mop up money plus “stolen container money “), if it’s true.

    If one divide $125,000,000 by 3 years (the amount of time the administration is in control) , the result is $41,666,666. per year.

    2005 to 2017 Administration: $16,000,000,000 billion donors’ money in 12 years= $1,333,333,333 billion U.S every year for 12 years

    Statistics: 2005 to 2017 administration: $1,333,333,333 billion every 12 months.

    2018 to present administration: $41,666,666.

    Until the Weah Administration completes term, the lion-share of the “elephant CARCASS is DEVOURED during 2005 to 2017.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Adelaide, Australia

  5. At least, one CDCian, Mayor Jefferson Koijee, is thinking right and doing things like a normal human being!

    CDCians, you all need to be [vaccinated with the COVID-19 jab to dilute your blood a bit to think and do things constructively].
    Note that when a US Congressman says anything about anyone or a country, it means an extensive documentation has been done. Such report may be true or false, like the case of Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire, etc.
    A decision can be reached based on such information and nothing anyone can do about it, and so whenever you are faced with such situation, ensure to legally clear the air. You may not be heeded to, but you must endeavor to prove your innocence.

    Laurent GBAGBO was bombed and jailed for 10 years with no case against him. He has just been acquitted, yet the culprits are still at large enjoying rulerships and luxuries while the Divine Hand is striking most of them to their early deaths.

    So, my people, always have a cool head to placidly put forward your case of defense and stop daring people who represent superpowers.
    We all know Weah corrupted his way to the presidency, this is no secret to defend. You guys, Koijee et al, are still young. Take your time, there are many years ahead, beware!

    • Petarus Dolo,
      Why you stupid people keep gratifing this silly congressman smith?
      This joker doesnt have any moral standing as a racist Republican to alter any democratic gains in Africa.
      Verdier and the rest of the Monrovia politicans will never get their way this time!
      This Verdier clown is even brave to defend Gibril Massawuoi against Hassan Bility!
      What’s a contradiction?
      How could Gibril Masdaquio murdered so.many Liberians then stupid Verdier defending him as a protected witness?

      • My brother, if you understood me, you wouldn’t be there insulting me.
        There is no small US Congressman, note this very well. Once it is against the negroes, any (stupid) recital can have value.
        OBAMA and SARKOZY broke down Libya on futilities, who is judging them?
        Iraq was falsely accused of having nuclear weapons and was broken down, who brough George Bush or Gen. C. Powel to Court?
        Laurent GBAGBO was attacked by rebels. They told him to fold his arms and get slaughtered. Because he put up a fight, he was held away in prison until their deals were signed. Now he is acquitted.

        You better reason before abusing people for nothing. That Senator you are overlooking is a US Congressman, NEVER overlook him. you must be trying to prove your innocence or else you may find yourselves behind bars one of these days, though for good reasons.

      • Smith Whyteme – All you have a big mouth with nothing to back it up like many Liberians. When George Weah is kicked out of office in 2023, you would be bad mouthing him then. You’re a hypocrite.

      • @# S. Whyteme; it’s very apparent. You are not interested in a civilized [DIALOGUE]. I’d rather not entertain your [ILLUSIONS/IMAGINATIONS].

  6. First of all, Mayor Koijee needs to know that our very international partners know see and know a lot about how corrupt this government is. A lot of these partners, including their Embassies are usually the ones sharing their overview and reports with Representative Chris and others.

    For the matter of fact findings, it is important that you note as well that the US Congressman and Co. usually send people and or FBIs to make some investigations. Truly speaking, corruption in government is very easy to realized and to know who spearheads it. If this government fails to accept the truth, it may not work to mend the situations. And especially those of you in leadership positions, will be made to suffer so badly for your corrupt attitudes.

  7. Mr. Bah, your arguments are filled with a lot of “Ifs” giving the impression that you are not certain, that the events the Weah’s government is accused of ever happened. Is it not true that $16 billion Liberian dollars disappeared at the Free port of Monrovia? Is it not also true that 25 million U.S.D. mop-up money stolen by Weah and his officials is yet to be accounted for? Is it not true that 4 government auditors conducting a forensic audit on government revenue and taxes were killed by the Weah’s government, mafia style, for fear that the results derived from the audits pointed directly at Weah’s government for theft of funds from the national treasury? Their deaths still remain a mystery to both Liberians and the international community. Is it not also true that the government has made the banks insolvent by crediting from the banks to what they claimed “to pay civil servants” but on the contrary divert the credited money from the banks to Weah and his friends for their personal use at the people’s expense? Is it not also true that Weah in a short space of time have built for himself 45 mansions in Monrovia something no Liberian president ever did? Where did he get the money from to build these mansions especially when 16 billion Liberian dollars disappeared and could not be accounted for by his government as well as the 25 million U.S.D. “mop up” money which Weah and his Finance Minister,Tweah, divided among themselves and their friends in government? Stop defending Weah when we all know he isk corrupt and rotten to the core.
    U.S. Senator Smith, is not “the victim of lies” as Kleptocrat Koijee of the Weah’s administration and his cohorts would have us believe. The American Congressman has spoken the truth about the thieves that squander the Liberian State Coffers. These locusts must be stopped by all means necessary or the Liberian nation will never develop under this band of kleptocrats with no conscience or love for the people they represent. The truth, however crushed to Earth shall rise again, “For us, we shall speak the truth, if bullets to our breasts.”(Tombekai Dempster, Liberia’s Poet Laureate, Grand Cape Mount County.)

  8. Let’s be real. Liberia is not perfect. Liberia’s presidents have never been perfect. Weah is not perfect. There’s no one to come who will be perfect. Even as great as the United States is, none of its leaders from 1776 up to now has demonstrated perfection. To put it bluntly, there’s no uprightness in a leader. Perfection belongs to God!

    In my opinion, Congressman Smith has an obligation lay it out. Once that happens, I am certain that Weah will make some adjustments if it’s necessary.

  9. The Minister of Information has already addressed the allegations, which makes Mayor Kojee’s unnecessary. But, most importantly, those who don’t sense that Smith’s rebuke resonates because reforms in systemic dysfunctional governance are critical miss the point.

  10. Mr. Moses, you are wrong! Only a silly official of government ( THE MAYOR OF THE NATION’S CAPITAL AT THAT) mentioned in such insanity displayed by Chris Smith or whoever, will be mute or dumb!

    Secondly, “Reforms in systemic dysfunctional governance been critical“ IS NOT confined to ANY ONE COUNTRY!!! AND YOU KNOW IT!

    And Chris Smith should begin cleaning the scales from his eyes and the rotten now trashed government he supported instead of ALLOWING HIMSELF TO BE USED BY LIARS LIKE JEROME VERDIER WHO HAS LONG BEEN DISGRACED BY HIS COLLEAGUES ON THE VERY MATTER!

    Besides, or for whether in a multipolar world, bipolar world, or a unipolar world, when

    (1) a country (eg. USA), ruling party (EG. the Republican Party of the USA), or a government( EG. the Republican Government of the USA) conducts itself with police officers murdering people (SYSTEMICLY) based on their race, and or

    (2) the very government looks the other way when its business ally (eg. Saudi Arabian monarch) slaughters an innocent journalist ( eg. Jamal Khashoggi), not to talk about its lawlessness as they relate to its mockery of international justice (viz its treatment of the International Criminal Court), or even its ANARCHISTICISM AND UNDEMOCRATIC LAWLESSNESS BY AN INCUMNET GOVERNMENT CAUGHT ATTEMPTING TO CRIMINALLY OVERTURN ELECTION RESULTS…A CRIMINALITY WHICH

    (3) CULMINATES INTO A THEIR JANUARY 6, 2021 INSURRECTION ON THEIR OWN CONGRESS WHILE IN SESSION, you bet that is what is truly an environment which needs reforms as a remedy for its “systemic dysfunctional governance“!

    As I said recently, let Chris Smith go to hell and rot there! Neither he lawless Chris Smith nor the lawless government he supported in its jungle or street like governance from 2016 to 2020 (for which it was impeached twice) has any moral ground nor does he Chris Smith have the required reputability to criticize any government. For all that he has said are only good for the toilet!!!

  11. True Nationalist

    Well, how Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi fed legislators in Washington, DC disinformation about Saddam’s supposedly stockpiles of WMDs in persuading the U.S to invade Iraq in 2003 became an open secret. Therefore, I’m leery of Congressman Christopher Smith and his legion of politically-ambitious Liberian informants. I said so in my comment on his unsubstantiated “From Day 1…” corruption allegations against the current government.

    What I won’t downplay is the fact that dysfunctional governance is “systemic”, as in inherent, ingrained, or pervasive of our political culture; hence, reforms are critical.

    Some of us advocate unapologetically for stability, and know that its sustainability is undermined by continuation of the status quo inherited. The Christopher Smiths of Washington DC are empowered by the inability of successive political leaderships to effectively manage scarce resources of our potentially rich country. We ignore that reality to the peril of our poor people, thus I don’t see the significance of extra talking when mitigating actions are required.

  12. Mr. Moses, of course as one who also believes that everything within a country depends on its political stability, your concern is the obvious. But never allow such concern to imply giving credence to such recklessness by Chris Smith. In other words, we can tell you neither the Chris Smiths nor the good for nothing disgraced Jerome Verdiers have any such capability.

    For inter alia, the chemistry between President Weah and Washington and especially the incumbent Administration of this American President Joe R. Biden are ones which not even that between Tubmans Liberia and Washington can be said to match! Not to talk about the RESPECT, CONFIDENCE, AND INTEGRITY the representations of the rest of the global international actors in and near Monrovia have for President Weah and his government. WHERE IS COP AND THEIR PORTUGUESE FUGITIVE HENRIQUE PEDRO COSTA TODAY? BULLDOZED INTO OBLIVION!!!

    Furthermore, no country’s “reforms“ viz whatever, should be contingent on such rubbish been spewed out of Chris Smith or out of anyone! Secondly, of course, not every single official (whether elected or appointed) in Washington is morally reputable or has the conviction of majority rule even in their own country, not to talk about such hawkish and racist Republican as Chris Smith for the first time witnessing actual majority rule in Liberia!

    Compatriot Moses, just as

    (1) Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Amos Sawyer, and the rest of their ACDL, NPFL GANGS were mere tools and canon fodders to unknowingly execute hawkish Cold War necessities by the ideologically committed Cold Warriors to bring Liberia on its knees, since

    (2)Tolbert forced them into such Cold War tactics, and compounded by those so called progressives of MOJA and PAL who were seen by Washington as dangerous socialists and communists, so too

    (3) Ahmed Chalabi and his so called Iraqi National Congress (Iraqi dissidents) were mere “masks“ for THE FALSE PRETENSES by hawkish money seeking Republicans of their NEO CON NETWORK long term plan of removing Saddam and his regime, and Qaddafi from power for whole sale control of the oil fields under those regimes.

    Make no mistake about that, compatriot!….PEOPLE BECAME BILLIONAIRES OUT OF THE REMOVAL OF THOSE REGIMES!!! AND THAT WAS THE ACTUAL PURPOSE OF THOSE REMOVALS OR WARS. AND NOT ABOUT ANY DEMOCRACY NOR ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS. And this is why Tony Blair was mercilessly grilled by the British Parliament.

    For example, while the US Congress was debating whether to give President George Bush the authority to invade Iraq, 7 BILLION US DOLLARS no bid cost plus contract was very quickly awarded to then VP Dick Cheney Halliburton company to extinguish oil fires that they thought may have happened during invasion is a case in point.

    In fact, Halliburton hit the jackpot by receiving another 13.5 billion US DOLLARS to provide logistical support for the building of camps fpr prisoners of war, added to another 2.4.billion to rebuild Iraquis oil infrastructure, and another 1.2 billion to continue oil industry work in southern Iraq.

    One of the most outrageous Iraq related no bid contracts was the 45 million given to WorldCom to create a small, temporary cellphone network in Iraq.

    We simply mention the above to tell you that Chalabi was of no actual essence or even reason for the war, and regime change in Iraq! Nor was Chalabi any reason for the BOGUS H.R. 4655 Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 which declared that it should be the policy of the U.S. to seek to remove the Saddam Hussein regime from power.


    Evidencing the above were the trashing of Chalabi in his ambition to be become a successor to Sadam, and the subsequent raiding of his Chalabi home in Baghdad, the US snubbing of Qaddafi opponents in Benghazi, And the very US REJECTIONS OF MOJA, PAL, ACDL, NPFL, and labeling them as dangerous socialists and venomous communists.

    So, compatriot, etc. etc. any fear of that HAWKISH RACIST REPUBLICAN Chris Smith is unwarranted! America is today led by A TRUE WORLD LEADER JOSEPH R. BIDEN who is one of the world’s most seasoned foreign policy experts!!!


  13. Furthermore, what has also actually been the end result of the international/domestic political “dedeba” between the Chris Smiths and the Ahmed Chalabis etc. etc. is the fact that after the Chalabis or the Taylors have been used by the Chris Smiths, the Chalabis or the Taylors are either left in the cold or dashed to the.wolves! And that is another fact which sets President Weah apart and on higher grounds! For he is neither a canon fodder as Ellen, Taylor, Sawyer, Baccus, Tom Woewiyu, Chalabi, etc. etc.! He is absolutely THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE!


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