Congregation Protests Pastor’s ‘Wrongful Death’

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Hundreds of members of the New Generation International Ministries, wearing black, over the weekend tearfully protested in front of the Hope for Women Hospital in Paynesville, against what they called the “wrongful death” of their founder and senior pastor, Rev. Desiree P.G. Fahnbulleh.

The weeping and angry congregation called for the closure of the Hope for Women Hospital as “justice for death of Rev. Fahnbulleh,” who spent over 15 years in the ministry.

Rev. Simeon L. Dunbar, the Senior Pastor of the Liberty Christian Church and Head of the Heal the Land Prayer Network, and Deacon Larry Fahnbulleh – husband of the deceased – and other pastors, were in attendance.

Rev. Fahnbulleh, 40, died on Thursday, December 8 at the Hope for Women Hospital during childbirth. Her baby survived.

She is survived by five children: Alvin, 17, Delvin, 13, Jevee, 4, Simeon, 2, and Kim (10 days old), her husband Deacon Larry Fahnbulleh; several spiritual children and her spiritual parents, Rev. and Mother Simeon L. Dunbar.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in the edifice of the Church in the Twelve Houses community, Paynesville, Rev. Dunbar and Deacon Fahnbulleh accused “Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah and Dr. Laurena Cooper” of the death of Rev. Fahnbulleh, owing to “unprofessional medical advice and a surgical mistake.”

Pregnancy Prevention Letdown

Rev. Dunbar and Deacon Fahnbulleh told newsmen that in 2014, Dr. Jallah had medically advised Rev. Fahnbulleh that owing to her two-time childbirth by cesarean section (C-section), it was prudent that she stopped having children, which she accepted.

Deacon Fahnbulleh said: “My wife and I agreed with advice from others, and Dr. Jallah did the surgery for Tubal Ligations or tying her tubes to prevent her from getting pregnant. We agreed because Dr. Jallah told us that it is 99.5 percent effective.”

“Unfortunately, in May 2016, when Rev. Fahnbulleh went to the same hospital, she was pronounced four months pregnant. I almost sued Dr. Jallah for the surgical error which allowed my wife to get pregnant again.”

Rev. Dunbar stated: “Because Dr. Jallah had medically assured Rev. Fahnbulleh and her husband that she would ensure her safe delivery, she discouraged Rev. Fahnbulleh from going to Ghana to seek medical treatment. Dr. Jallah has her medical file, and realizing that they were denied visas to go to the USA, I advised them based on their decision that they made to stay and trust Dr. Jallah,” Rev. Dunbar said.

They also stated that in November, Rev. Fahnbulleh was examined and told that she would give birth by December 10. “Surprisingly on December 4, a nurse called Rev. Fahnbulleh to tell her that Dr. Jallah would be travelling for an important visit and return on December 12. We felt Dr. Jallah had abandoned
Rev. Fahnbulleh after giving assurance of being responsible for her delivery,” Rev. Dunbar said. “Since December, my wife had been visiting the hospital frequently and we had been in prayer to buy time since Dr. Jallah had abandoned her.”

‘Hijacked Surgery’

Deacon Fahnbulleh told journalists that on Thursday, December 8, his wife (Rev. Fahnbulleh) was “hijacked to undergo surgery” without his consent or anybody’s approval.

He added: “When I went to the hospital, my wife was already in the Emergency Room and in a state of confusion I was given a paper to sign an approval for the surgery while she was already there. I signed to avoid further argument and later I was told to sign where my wife should have signed.

“Again, after an argument, and to avoid any further argument because my wife was already in the ER, I wrote her name where she should have signed.

“Later, we were told the child was safe, but observing the reactions from the nurses, I knew something was wrong. But we were not told that my wife was dead until the following morning at about10:00am that she died yesterday (Thursday) from heart failure – which I seriously challenged.”

For his part, Rev. Dorbor said the “Church would continue to protest until the government closes down the hospital or Dr. Jallah explains actually what happened in the ER.”

Dr. Jallah Extends Condolences

In an interview with reporters on Sunday, December 18, Dr. Jallah extended her condolences to “Mr. Fahnbulleh, the deceased’s husband, the children and the church for the death of Rev. Fahnbulleh…” and “prayed for God to strengthen them.”

Dr. Jallah said the protest by church members is misinterpretation of their work after they tirelessly tried to save Rev. Fahnbulleh’s life.

“God knows in our heart that the surgeons did their best to save her life,” Dr. Jallah stated. “And let me apologize for not calling them but I am not running away, because I did no wrong; and I know they will understand it, as the scriptures say, by and by.”

She added: “In any death situation, a family grieves, wanting to find answers, and they take actions; and God knows that doctors wouldn’t take anyone’s life. And because of that some things are misinterpreted.”

Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah is the former head of obstetrics and gynecology at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, and now Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and founder of Hope for Women Hospital.

Hope for Women Hospital was initially set up in 2010 to provide free medical help to women who suffer from cancer and later its services were extended to cover other medical conditions. It has two ambulances and a number of professional doctors that provide services to thousands of Liberians. It is gradually becoming one of Liberia’s important health care centers which people from all walks of life seek medical care.


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