Conex Petroleum to Offload 19K Metric Tons Today

In addition to long queues of commercial and private vehicles waiting to get gasoline, many domestic and micro-retail customers have been literally scrambling for the product for over two weeks.

Conex Petroleum Group of Companies, one of Liberia’s leading petroleum import firms, has announced that its vessel (Hafnia Hope), will arrive in Monrovia today, February 17, 2020, containing 19,000 metric tons (6,327,506 gallons) of gasoline and diesel (fuel).  This consignment comprises 11,500 metric tons (4,025,000 gallons) of gasoline and 7,500 metric tons (2,302,500 gallons) of diesel.

Distribution of the products, according to Conex, is expected to commence Tuesday, February 18.

From the Conex consignment, Aminata and Sons has already purchased 4,000 metric tons (1,400,000 gallons) of the gasoline onboard the vessel to ensure their stations are meeting customers’ demand.  “Conex will also be facilitating the sale of products to other Liberian importers and filling stations to help resolve the gasoline shortage on the market.

“Conex technical team will partner with the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (“LPRC”), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the National Port Authority (“NPA”) and all other stakeholders to ensure that petroleum products are off loaded in a timely manner and dispatched to various retail outlets to bring relief to the citizenry,” the company said in a statement.

“Conex would like to thank the Government of Liberia for constituting the special task force to help bring relief to the masses by implementing a swift action plan. This plan brought about the dispatching of 20 petroleum tankers from Sierra Leone with thousands of gallons of gasoline on Friday, February 14, 2020.  We will collaborate with the task force to ensure that there is a permanent solution put in place for Liberia.

“For and on behalf of Conex Petroleum Group of Companies, we want to thank the general public for your patience and resilience as we all work together to get back to normalcy.  Thanks and God bless Liberia,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, 11 additional tankers loaded with gasoline arrived in the country on Saturday, February 15, in addition to the already 11 tankers which came on February 14. Additional tankers are expected to arrive from Sierra Leone on Sunday evening.

These tankers of gasoline, equivalent to 1,000 metric tons were entirely purchased by the Government of Liberia. Some Trucks (Road Tankers) owned by Aminata & Sons Incorporated were hired to transport the gasoline from Freetown to Monrovia. The cost of transporting the products was also borne by the Government of Liberia.

An LPRC designated envoy escorted the Trucks to Freetown to validate the actual number of purchased gasoline as well as to escort the tankers back to Monrovia for distribution to filling stations.

There are reports that LPRC has also arranged the purchase of another consignment of gasoline from neighboring Guinea and Ivory Coast to accelerate the government’s initiative to ease the gas shortage. All of these are being undertaken as the expected vessels are due in Monrovia beginning Monday February 17, 2020.

A crowd of motorists, domestic customers, as well as micro-retailers at a TOTAL petrol station trying to purchase gasoline at an affordable price.

Reports further said a consignment of gasoline from neighboring Guinea and Ivory Coast,  are expected to be brought into the country by Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Meanwhile, contrary to reports that Mr. Bobby G. Brown, Deputy Managing Director for Operations ran away from an ongoing investigation of the missing of 2m gallons of gasoline and fled the Country.  Mr., Brown was seen actively at work at LPRC on Saturday and Sunday. He denied reports and told the Daily Observer that he was on an official assignment on behalf of LPRC.

He indicated that LPRC has suffered operational loses of high volume over the past 14 years. “The independent audit of the activities of LPRC is therefore welcome and necessary for an understanding of the realities as opposed to assumptions and accusations,” he said.

There are reports that over the years that there have been disparities in stock reports owing to operational losses and reports of requests to defray the costs of difference between book stock and bulk stock, also over the years.

“Spillage, tanks ruptured, changes in reference height, decommission of storage tanks and water accumulation are some of the loses LPRC suffered over the former logged years which has been presumed of missing millions of gallons,” Mr. Brown sad.


  1. See how our people are suffering; fighting in queues to obtain what they will pay for in a normal country with a democratically elected government,
    quelle honte!
    Yet we call ourselves “pro-poor”. Maybe this word means “Promise more Poverty to the Poor”.
    This is not a government in favor of poor people, your excellency. This government is anti-poor in all its actions:
    – A WASCE exam where a pass in a single subject will enable a student to graduate is anti-poor. You are graduating substandard human capital with dire long-term consequences on the future of the country. Can’t you see the wealthy are sending their children out of the country to attend schools? A pro-poor government would improve the educational system for the under-privileged in any society;
    – Appointing old, failed and corrupt politicians to positions vital to the economic health of a country is no patriotism but state banditism;
    – Keeping the budget as your predecessor will provide no fixes but maintain the same status quo. It is a perjury punishable by the law. Raise the budget if you mean business;
    – Reducing the meagre salaries of our people will provoke brain drain again. The country is already suffering from this problem, the few people who have been coerced to come back home shouldn’t be driven away again. Increase salaries for Liberians to live decent lives in their country. Liberia can be an Eldorado if you dare take the right decisions.

    Stop killing our people!
    You promised fixes; provide good healthcare, improve the educational system, construct good roads, electrify the country, provide potable water, and most of all, enable an independent and credible justice system. No one will bring their cash to burn in a corrupt justice system with dubious actors.

    If these things are hard to do for you, we (Cummings and ‘apologists’) are eagerly waiting to truly serve our people!

  2. When this government is going to stop shifting blames on the past regime for their despicable treatment to the poor citizens of Liberia?

    If you so say LPRC has experienced loses over the past 14 years, why is it we didn’t experience such unprecedented gas shortage during the past regime? You guys are up for nothing absolutely.


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