“Conduct Research Based on Facts”

Mwetana CEO, Vivien C. Jones, served as Chief Launcher of the Liberia Professionals For Development (LPFD)

Mwetana CEO Urges newly established Liberian Professionals Group

Vivien C. Jones, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Mwetana Consulting & Technology Group, has urged the newly established Liberian Professionals Group to conduct research based on facts.

Serving as the chief launcher at the official launch of a group of professional Liberians under the banner, “Liberian Professionals for Development” (LPFD) on Friday, September 25, 2020, in Monrovia, Mr. Jones said amid the current economic challenge Liberia is faced with, advocacy, research, and engagement should be the mission of the LPFD. He described the launch of the organization as timely and a new era has come for those activities in the country.

Mr. Jones believes that engagement will be more important because the method of engaging government, private sector, or even the political parties matters. “Probably, differences may arise between the government and the LPFD in certain sectors, that does not require for engagement to be terminated,” he said.  

He further urged the Liberian professional group not to attribute the success of the organization to their expertise, but rather to the love of the country, admonishing members to always admit when they notice any error in research.

“If you realized a mistake after researching, be bold and admit that the data that was accumulated during the research had an error, therefore the findings are inaccurate,” he cautioned.

Mr. Jones also commended the newly established Liberian Professionals Group to be unwavering by conducting research based on facts with respect to the timeframe, maintaining that some research can take about 10 to 20 years before some level of findings can be realized. “Do not discontinue any research midway; accomplish it,” Mr. Jones recommended.

Also speaking via a PowerPoint Presentation from the United States of America (USA), Daniel Abbey, Board Chairperson of the organization, described the launch of the organization as a milestone achievement that requires everyone’s support for the realization of their dream.

Mr. Abbey disclosed that LPFD is an independent civil society organization, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious in nature and without any special political agenda, adding that its arrival is intended to provide policy advocacy and engagement.

“Our Mission is policy, advocacy, and strategy, a Think Tank to support the reconstruction process of the country. We need members who have the ability to contribute ideas in the form of papers, researching and engaging other organizations,” he noted.

He used the occasion to encourage those who have the expertise to come on board, describing the project as a journey that is posed to bringing incredible benefit to the nation when the citizens work together as a group. He then lauded the founder and visionary for the brilliant idea including the members for their commitment to LPFD.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of LPFD, Boima S. Kamara, indicated that the event was another great opportunity afforded them to support national development endeavors which brings to bear Liberian Professionals from the Diaspora along with those in the country.

Mr. Kamara who served as former Deputy Governor of Economic Policy at the Central Bank of Liberia, indicated that as they begin to look at critical research which is based on quality relative to facts, pointed out that Econometric Research will be one of the core focuses of the organization.

Mr. Kamara, who previously served as Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, assured the people of Liberia that as they conduct objective research, the findings arising there through the form of white papers will be submitted to the government as their way of contributing to the rebuilding process of the country. “Findings may elevate questions or issues, so we are going to present the way forward to addressing those would-be issues,” he divulged.

The LPFD senior executive said his organization will be an incorporation of various Liberian Professionals in all sectors of the economy; he named Health, Money and Banking, Industrial, and others.

He mentioned that everything that the organization does is in alignment with the government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PAPD), indicating that they have nineteen sectors.

Sarah Beyslow Nyanti, Founder and Visionary of the LPFD, told the gathering that the initiative may seem small for now, but it can get bigger when it is embraced by nationalistic development, noting that it is about time to call professional Liberians in the Diaspora to come and help their country change the developmental trajectory.

She mentioned that there are many Liberians who are innovators, engineers, medical doctors, scientists, among others, who are working throughout the world but no one knows who or where they are. “LPFD is established to bring them under one umbrella to share the lessons learned, so as to strengthen their roles regarding the development of the country. We want Liberians that will roll up their sleeves and work very hard to change the narrative by helping Liberia assume its rightful place among the comity of nations,” she said.

Madam Nyanti revealed that she saw the idea working perfectly for the people of Yemen and other countries when the professionals from the World Bank, United Nations came together as a group and provided needed services that moved their country forward.

“The time is now for us to do likewise,” she said. “Our advice, stop criticizing the government too much. Even though it is good to criticize, but we all need to act based on evidence,” she urged.

Madam Weade Boley, Vice President for Instructional Development and Planning at the University of Liberia (UL) stated that the establishment of LPFD has coincided with the UL Administration’s commitment to taking the university to the public.

She acknowledged that the UL is a storehouse containing professionals of all disciplines that, at this point, research will be essential to informing public policy. “Meaning that, they have brainstormed considering the pros and cons. We need to put that expertise together so that we can move the country forward and for its people to also benefit,” she said.


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