Concern over Management of Bahn Health Budget


Concerns are said to be mounting in Bahn City, Nimba County over the management of the health center’s budget.

Some citizens complain that since government began releasing funds to run the health center there has been no public accounting available to them.

The issue pertaining to the implementation of the health budget at the county seat is creating concern in the Zoe Geh District where Bahn is situated.

Reports gathered by the Daily Observer say the health center has been receiving US$50,000 annually from the National Budget since 2008, but how the money is being used is not made known to the citizens.

On 4th October, the board of Bahn Health Center sent in its resignation to Bahn citizens because of “non-compliance, undermining, marginalizing” amongst others.

They said instead of the health center having its own accountant or comptroller, the funds intended for running the health facility is being managed by the County Health accountant, based in Sanniquellie.

All the public health facilities in Nimba County, including Jackson F. Doe Referral Hospital, Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center and the G. W. Harley Hospital in Sanniquellie, manage their own budgets, leaving the citizens of Bahn to wonder why the budget for running the Bahn Health Center is still controlled outside of Bahn.

The board claimed in their resignation letter that the health center’s budget is being managed by the county health team “without the consent of the board.”

They further said, “For the past four years, the County Health Team has been receiving the budgetary appropriation of US$50,000 along with approximately LS$500,000 annually, but what is being done with the money is yet to be established.”

Despite these allegations from board members, the current administrator of the Bahn health center, Arthur Gaypul, III, told this newspaper that the only health board he knows is the County Health Board, which is headed by the superintendent.

Although he could not say whether the health center budget is being controlled by his office or not, Gaypul stated that with funding from the National Budget, his administration has constructed a nurses’ quarter and another annex.

Gaypul’s comments were buttressed by the Health Services Administrator of Nimba, Ramsey Leasala, who stated that the Nimba Health Board meets regularly during which all reports pertaining to finances, including expenditure, are made.


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