Community Hunts ‘Mysterious Diamond’

Photo taken of the 'mysterious diamond' before it went missing

A crystalline stone believed to be a ‘diamond’, found by Morris Kamara, a resident in the Bernard Farm community in Paynesville, has gone missing a month after it was discovered. A massive hunt has been launched to discover its whereabouts.

Morris Kamara, who does casual work loading vehicles in Red Light, disclosed that he found the object while digging the earth  to gather mud for construction purposes.

“I found the ‘diamond’ when I was taking dirt to build a mud kitchen. At first I never knew that it was a ‘diamond’ until my brother, who came from Sinoe County, said that it was a gem,” Morris said.

This was confirmed by many people, according to Morris. But the object went missing a day before he (Kamara) was scheduled to meet a buyer.

Moreover, after several hours of thorough investigation late on Sunday evening, Morris’s 10-year-old son disclosed that he took the object to his friends to play. The child said that a neighbor, only identified as “Eddie”, told them to throw the object away and leave his yard, after the kids asked the neighbor to identify the object.

View of spot Morris Kamara discovered the diamond

However, the said neighbor’s home was found closed when this paper visited the scene in Bernard Farm, which is a suburb of Paynesville City. Residents believe the neighbor knows the whereabouts of the gem.

Not long after the ‘diamond’ when missing, concerned residents flooded Morris’ yard from different directions. However their main concerns were about whether a thorough investigation to discover the whereabouts of the ‘diamond’ could be conducted through the help of government authorities.

But it was not clear whether an investigative team from the government did arrive, at least until the Daily Observer newspaper left the scene. It can be recalled that a few years ago, the RedLight area was a scene of frenzied digging by hundreds of alluvial miners it was reported that diamonds were discovered in the area. But the Ministry of Lands of Mines had at the time ruled out the occurrence of diamond deposits in the area.


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