Commotion in the Coalition?

(2nd from right) Andrew Peters, acting chairman John D. Gray and J. Thomas Pluato at the news conference yesterday

NPP Warns Morlu, others against interference

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Chairman Mulbah Morlu’s denial of recognizing the interim leadership of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) has received strong resistance from the former ruling party, calling on Mr. Morlu and others to politically stay in their lanes.

The CDC was overwhelmingly elected at the 2017 presidential and legislative elections in a merger of three political parties, including the NPP and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP). NPP, as a member of the governing coalition, wants to keep its structure independent and void of external interference.

The party recently expelled its national chairman James P. Biney and also suspended Bolton Dennis for alleged violations of key provisions in the by-laws and constitution of the party.

“NPP’s National Executive Committee is concerned about a press statement purportedly issued under the signatures of individuals, including Bolton Dennis, who is subject to suspension by the National Executive committee of the NPP for recognizing the expelled Biney as national chairman of NPP,” John D. Gray, Acting national chairman of NPP, said.

Chairman Gray said it was unfortunate on the part of Mulbah Morlu, Moses Kollie, Janga Kowo, and suspended Bolton Dennis, to pose as agents of the NPP’s governing council in order to come up with a statement challenging the decision of the National Executive Committee of the NPP in a matter that is solely the internal prerogative of NPP.

Mr. Gray said the National Executive Committee of the NPP was glad to inform the public that the expulsion of Biney and suspension of Dennis came from their violating the NPP’s Constitution.

According to Gray, Biney was accorded due process as required and he appeared before the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the NPP to exonerate himself from charges of constitutional violations brought against him by the county chairpersons and auxiliaries of the NPP.

Instead, Gray said, Biney reverted to act of vandalism by allegedly bringing thugs to the Party’s headquarters which led to injury of partisans and destruction of party property.

“It was in this vein that the National Executive Committee decided to modify the judgment of the suspension for two months and ten days brought against him by the Grievance and Ethics Committee to his expulsion from the party,” Gray said.

National Executive Committee of the NPP says issuing such a statement as signed by Dennis and others contravenes the functional spirit and intent of the Coalition’s Agreement and further speaks to the fact that these individuals do not understand the agreement that brought the three parties to the coalition.

He said as far as the NPP is concerned, no constituent member of the Coalition or the Governing Council has the authority to interfere with the enforcement of law and order in the three political parties that make up the coalition.

“That is why the national executive committee of the NPP did not interfere with the Congress for Democratic Change’s decision to have Morlu replace Mr. McGill, instead of Garblah Williams, its vice chairman for administration, who is the second in command,” Gray said.

“NPP Executive Committee considers the attempt by these individuals to impose expelled chairman Biney and the suspended Dennis as an affront to the NPP and interference in its governance. This has the propensity of brewing tension within the coalition,” Gray said.

According to Gray, the purported statement further indicated that “President Weah will not do business with the NPP if the party refuses to reinstate Mr. Biney, who was expelled for gross misconduct and breach of the constitution of the party.”

Gray added that the NPP’s decision to join the coalition was in good faith and will not do anything to undermine the peace and stability of the country and the coalition-led government.

Meanwhile, efforts to contact the CDC national secretary general by phone calls and text messages proved unsuccessful.

The message said: “I’m doing a story, and will need to talk with you. I will really appreciate you talking with me now. The NPP says you and others are imposing expelled Chairman Biney on them. What is your reaction to these charges?”


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