‘Commit Yourselves to Country, Not Party’

Mr. Selmah speaks to MICOL members on November 29.jpg

Former Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) personnel Wilfred Selmah on Tuesday, November 29, called on Liberians to demonstrate serious commitment to the country, and not political parties.

Speaking at the recent fundraiser program organized by the Movement for Intellectual Change of Liberia (MICOL) on Somalia Drive (72nd), Mr. Selmah said it is sad that many Liberians, including politicians, give lip-service commitment to the country and follow political parties that are unable to demonstrate a greater sense of nationalism in their actions.

He noted that eligible Liberian voters must make themselves useful by making sure that political parties that claim attention with ‘promises of a better tomorrow’ should be avoided, adding that they should rather support parties that by their actions mean well for the country.

“We are tired of hearing from political parties and their promises to build roads, hospitals, among others, while the people’s needs in both empowerment and development are left undone,” he said.

Selmah said Liberians are interested in businesses, both local and international, that hold the promise to lead the way for the eventual management of their country’s economy.

He suggested that government officials, including lawmakers, should have the mind to reduce their salaries and other benefits and direct them to help the poor in Liberia.

Mr. Selmah noted that love for country should move “our leaders to implement policies that would contribute to the improvement of the education sector and strengthen mechanisms and agencies in the country to make a difference in the lives of the people.”

He called for dedication and commitment from every Liberian in dealing with issues that affect the country.

Mr. Selmah admonished MICOL members to be mindful of their actions and interests as partisans in the emerging political evolution in the country.

“Be careful of your support to any of the political establishments that have the potential to reduce you into mere beggars; and you must use intelligence, research and dialogue to direct your interests,” he said.

Also speaking, the chairman of MICOL, Mr. Prince Kamara, said he was happy that though the program was held on President Tubman’s birthday, Nov. 29 (which is a national holiday), the members decided to concentrate on the future of their organization by attending the event.

Mr. Kamara said the organization is looking forward to receiving contributions from kind hands to reach a sizeable amount to be able to construct a small ‘Palava Hut’ to host their future intellectual debates.

The group then paraded through the streets around SKD Boulevard, after which a football match was held between MICOL and 72nd Old Timers Association.


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