Commercial Bus Burns on Ganta-Gbarnga Highway

The fire was so intense that passengers could rescue any belongings from the bus

A 36-seater privately owned commercial bus carrying 56 passengers from Ganta to Monrovia was yesterday gutted by fire near the Bong County town of Palala, about 10km from the St. John River, with no casualty reported.

The bus left Ganta at about 9 a.m. local time, but on approaching Palala, passengers reported extreme heat in the cab, and smoke coming from under the bus, which resulted in a fire.

Passengers watch as the bus burned with their belongings suck in the storage compartment.

The fire intensified, leading to a stampede that subsequently left most of the passengers sustaining minor injuries, police officers who later came on the scene told the Daily Observer.

“All the passengers’ loads, including valuable items, burned because the fire was so huge that nobody could take anything out of the bus,” a police spokesman said.

The owner of the bus, or the company – Amos Transport Service, and the driver are yet to be identified. Eyewitnesses said the driver and his conductor (car boy) fled the scene of the incident.

The bus was white in color, and loads or luggage were placed in secure cabins under the passenger seats.


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