Commerce Ministry to Make ‘Fronting’ a Criminal Offense

Pror Tarpeh: threatened administrative and regulatory sanctions against individuals, firms, and residents currently undertaking projects within and along the wetland in the area.

Authorities at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said it has formulated efforts aimed at making “fronting” a criminal offense, a release has said.

Fronting, according to the Ministry, is one of the biggest challenges to the Liberianization policy.  The term basically describes a type of fraud, in which Liberians become the face of businesses under the Liberianization policy, but which are financially backed by foreigners below the required investment threshold. “It can, however, have serious consequences,” the release said.

Many people who ‘front’ do not know it is illegal, and instead think they are being savvy with their business.

But Commerce Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh, said the ministry’s legal team has been working along with the Legislature to enact a law that criminalizes fronting.

The Liberianization Policy, meant to give Liberians the needed space in the commerce of their country, continues to be undermined by some of the “very people it was intended to help.”

Some of the main problems with fronting has been the government’s capacity to determine who all might be in violation and where; as well as sufficient awareness conducted on the practice. In some cases, the political will to clamp down on fronting is stymied by some powerful officials in government who may have interests in certain foreign-owned businesses and choose to front instead of investing their fair share.

Mr. Tarpeh then called on well-meaning Liberians, especially those in the business sector to desist from practices that have the propensity to undermine government’s efforts to transform their lives.

He said fronting, among other vices, will continue to give aliens and foreigners edge over Liberians in the business sector.


  1. Sokan Weah stop this disrespecting your leaders and someone that is older them you, this is why some of these day children are Departing from this earth before their time.You that I know looking at God’s appointed leader and telling you are lying, the spirit of death is handing over if you can’t stop disrespecting your leaders and older persons. I prayed for you repent from your sins now!

    • Alphanso – Is Tarpeh some deity? You sound silly to think that Tarpeh is God’s appointed leader. He’s a damn public servant, period. There is so much ignorance in Liberia that a government Minister is considered some supreme being when he is only a public servant.

  2. James,
    “He’s a damn public servant”?? “There is so much ignorance in Liberia…”??
    According to you, who is sound minded, “public servant” are subjects of disrespect and insults.
    Low level characters like you are in the constant habit of attacking personalities, instead of addressing the issues.
    A profound ignoramus like you have the audacity to referred to Liberians as ignorants.
    What is so ignorant about Alphanso advising Sokan Weah not to disrespect Minister Tarpeh?
    Beside being a Cabinet Minister, Professor Wilson Tarpeh is also a senior elder. In Liberia, (Africa) we are thought to respect our elders and leaders. But many of you have lost your sense of reasoning.
    Your arrogance speaks a volume about who you are.
    By their fruits ye shall know them.

    • Isaac D. Dikenah, so are you saying no one should look in the face of an elder, a minister or a public servant and say ‘you are lying or you are a liar?’ If there is mounting evidence that the elder or public servant is lying, then why not say it? We all know that Politicians from every scribe lie a lot including the appointed, ordained and anointed one. lol.

      I remember those days growing up in Liberia, your parents would tell you not to say an older person was lying….they prefer you say “Telling story.” In as much as I support Minister Tarpeh’s policy, and I hope it gets enacted into law quickly, the Minister lies at times. He’s one of the Frontmen for foreigners to dupe our system. He is extremely corrupt, and his corruption started during the Samuel Doe government. We all know this and I think it’s about time Liberians look their Politicians in the face and say paypay or olma, you lied.

      Our president lied when he said during his inauguration that “Liberians would not be spectators in their own economy”, but then took all government contracts and gave it to the Lebanese, the Indians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Burkinabes, Senegalese and Chinese. Who’s building his estate? It’s a Lebanese dude with no experience in construction, the dude who owns Building Materials Company(BMC). BMC had no construction project work experience in Liberia till the anointed one came to power. Now BMC is building roads, but how are they doing it? They go and hire Liberians to do the work and pay them pesewas.

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