Commerce Minister Motivates Block Makers

Minister Diggs molding block

Commerce and Industry Minister, Mawine G. Diggs, has told block makers and other industrial workers to consider their occupations as essential, as their contributions in society are not underestimated.

In her words of motivation to the block makers undergoing professional training with CEMENCO on April 17, 2021, Minister Diggs said “Education is not only about having a structural college and university to sit in and have the academic education but industrial work like the trade is part of education and has a great contribution that the society can count on.”

She said much of the time, people take for granted the impact those plying a trade make in the economy, but it is the trade that builds the nation.

She told the trainees that in compliance with CEMENCO’s social responsibility it has taken the time to provide the training, and she was glad that the community members recruited took their time to attend the training that she feels will benefit them and their communities.

She believes that the training will equip the trainees to establish their own businesses that will bring an income to their families and the professional output will contribute to nation-building in the form of application and in some instances taxes that go to the government.

With a background in Education, Minister Diggs told the block makers that she always feels excited seeing people undergoing educative training, and such training can move her to encourage them to take serious learning for self-empowerment.  She then urged the training not to take for granted the training, assuring that what they do today will go a long way in reaching at a higher height where they will produce things that will benefit the entire society.

She commended CEMENCO for complying with its responsibility to the people, noting that its truthfulness in meeting its obligation sets a good example for others to learn.

Minister Diggs holding shovel among Block Makers

Minister Diggs in her PPE and transparent goggles also joined the block makers to mold.  It is rare for a top government official to do this unless the person understands and is practically oriented in the principle of Management that involves Management By-Walking Around.  This principle allows a supervisor or top manager to move around the workers and sometimes join in the production process to motivate them and make avoid fear for him or her.

She held the shovel, mixed her mortar, fill her mold, compacted it and produced a few concrete blocks before departing the premises of CEMENCO, performance that was greeted by applause from the block makers.

The Block Makers Academy is a part of CEMENCO’s corporate social responsibility.  Blocks made from the Academy are given as donation to various entities such as schools, hospitals, orphanages, official projects, and community driven projects.

Under the ongoing training session of block making, Ministry of Commerce and Industry will benefit 2,000 blocks and 300 bags of cement to assist in the construction of its special project.  Ministries of Labor and Public Works will benefit from the second and third sessions respectively.

In 2018, nine (9) participants produced 1,200 blocks on March 31 and eight (8) participants the same amount on April 28 of the same year at the CEMENCO Plant.

In Buchanan on May 12, 2018, 25 participants produced 2,700 blocks and on June 9 of that year, 10 participants including a female produced 1,200 blocks in Ganta, Nimba County. 

Institutions that benefited from the blocks included Liberia National Red Cross, 1,200 with 200 bags of cement to help construct its disaster management center warehouse; Liberia Nurses Association, 1,200 with 50 bags to cement to construct is headquarters, Clar Hope Foundation, 2,700 blocks with 200 bags of cement to construct an old folks home in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, and City of Ganta, 1,200 blocks and 50 bags of cement to assist in community work.


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