Commerce Disposes Rotten Frozen Food in Ganta


The local authority of the Ministry of Commence and industry in Nimba, on July 16, 2019 disposed several quantities of frozen chicken products from the cold storage of Fresh Frozen Food (FFF) in Ganta City, in Nimba County.

The contaminated chicken products were taken to a dumpsite, some kilometers from Ganta, where they were set ablaze and completely destroyed.

The local head of Ministry of Commerce, Inspector Nelson Korquio, told reporters that the management of the entity, where the frozen food got contaminated informed his office that some of their products had expired and needed to be disposed of immediately from the cold storage.

He explained that, upon receiving the invitation, his office immediately dispatched team to the cold storage to ascertain the quantity of the damaged products and have them separated.

Recently, prior to the discovery of the rotten frozen products, there were reports of rotten frozen chicken and meat products in the markets around Ganta, but it was not clear whether the reference was to the damaged frozen products in the FFF storage.

The FFF Ganta storage

At the destruction site of the products several villages pleaded to be allowed to retrieve the rotten items, but their requests could not be adhered to.

“I am here to take these rotten frozen products away for my pigs,” said an elderly lady, who came along with some girls to help her carry the items, if she was allowed.

Also, several market women were waiting at the ground of the entity, prior to the arrival of Ministry of Commerce team to retrieve the rotten products, but they immediately left without any delay. It was not clear what they were waiting for, but some workers at the said they were there for the contaminated items in order to either re-sell or to use for themselves.

FFF has the largest cold storage in Nimba, but the entity has always been linked to selling of contaminated frozen food with cheap prices to the local marketeers.

Even the compound of the storage appears dirty and emits an odor from the rotten products could be smelled from a distance. However, one of the supervisors at the cold storage explained that the frozen chicken got damaged because truck transporting the products broke down while en route to Ganta.


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