Comfort Manneh Home-going Celebrated


The home going on her 74th birthday of Madam Comfort Manneh (known affectionately as Aunty Nyennoh) was celebrated at the Trinity United Methodist Church in New Kru Town, with a call to the surviving family to ensure the unity of her 32 great-grandchildren, 12 grandchildren and 10 children, five males and five females.

The officiating pastor Rev. Morrison M. Weah, Sr., spoke on the theme: ‘You Know The Way’ and quoted John 14:1-6.

After two granddaughters, Bernice A. Doe and Janice Saydee, had respectively read from the Scriptures (Isaiah 40:28-30 and Galatians 6:1-9), Rev. Morrison Wleh, senior pastor of the St. Matthew United Methodist Church of Logan Town, ministered to the bereaved family. Speaking of the goodness of the deceased, when she was alive, Rev. Wleh urged the family to emulate her example in unity.

He told the huge congregation that Comfort Manneh knew the way, and with emphasis on John 14:1-6, said Jesus is the way, and therefore they must likewise remember Him in their lives.

“Comfort Bessman Manneh helped those she did not know,” Rev. Morrison, also a relative of the deceased, said, “that’s how Jesus wants us to do. We must unite and help each other. That way we will not speak against each other.”

He explained that Comfort Bessman Manneh cared for others, and loved her fellowman; and therefore challenged the congregation, particularly Ma Comfort’s survivors, to live a life worthy of the life their matriarch lived.

He reminded his sympathizers, amid tears, that life would end one day, and “therefore they must live their life, remembering with Jesus Christ and then God.” He told them that being a Christian is about how to live well with one’s neighbor.

“That was why the deceased, when she was alive, served as a bridge that connected, not only her family but those who came in contact with her,” Rev. Wleh said.

Rev. Wleh asked the bereaved family and sympathizers to know God, through Jesus Christ, because there is no greater reward for the living than the one from above.


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