Comedy-Drama, Worlds Apart, To Premiere This Week


On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 5, 2019, at Millennium Guest House, a standard comic family drama titled, “Worlds Apart,” will be premiered by Vision International Production (VIP).

Tickets are on sale at African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) Finance Office, Camp Johnson Road and Philadelphia Central Church; Congo Town; with prices ranging from US$10, to US$20. The colorful event will include live interviews on the Red Carpet, Photo-op, raffle draw and full viewing of the film. 

The film will be shown at five different time on the holiday. At 10am for US$10, 12 noon for US$15, 2pm for US$15, 4pm for US$20 and 6pm for US$20. According to Cosme R. Pulano, Jr., this was done to ensure that those attending are seated apart and health protocols are obeyed. 

“As our way of giving back to our fans and supporters, we have also included a raffle draw where those attending will stand the chance to win rice cooker, ice box and 32-inch tv, amongst others.

The film, based on a real-life account, is a story of love and the wrong choices people sometimes make in relationships. Murphy, an older man who has lived a promiscuous life, decides to leave his woman of over 10 years for a younger girl who he claims will respect, honor, love and obey him.

He arranges with his uncle in the village to get a young girl for him, who is only nineteen-years-old and “a young chicken,” as he describes her. To ensure her sustainability and livelihood, Murphy withdraws all of his savings and purchases things before his young wife arrival.  

‘Worlds Apart,’ a movie about resentment, love and regrets, is full of twists and turns that will keep viewers glued to the screen in suspense.

The movie is directed by Liberian emerging filmmaker – movie writer, actor and director, Cosme R. Pulano, Jr., Executive Director, Vision International Production. He intoned that, like their projects before now, the movie provides education and entertainment for all ages.

Worlds Apart is the third film by VIP. The first, ‘Decisions,’ was a blockbuster, which was the nation highest gross film on open day, in April 2017. The production company, in 2019, premiered ‘Hells Gate’. “It is the first-ever future film shot in Liberia about the deadly Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and goes beyond the makings of independent movies,” he stated.

According to CNN “Inside Africa Lollywood”, the film has placed an emerging film industry on an enviable upward trajectory toward unending development and growth, which will expose it to new markets, producers and directors. Vision International Production (VIP), in collaboration with Messiah Investment, completed the film’s principal photography in June, 2019. 


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