Collaborating Parties Endorse Dillion, Urey in Pending By-elections

The collaborating opposition political parties executives have endorsed Darius Dillon and Telia J. Urey (both center) for Montserrado Senate and District 15 seats, respectively.

The four collaborating opposition political parties have on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, endorsed Abraham Darius Dillion, Liberty Party vice-chair for political affairs, and Telia J. Urey, daughter of businessman Benoni Urey, to occupy the vacancies created by the deaths of Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and District #15 Representative Adolf A. Lawrence, respectively.

According to Article 37 of the 1986 Constitution, in the event of a vacancy in the Legislature caused by death, resignation, expulsion or otherwise, the presiding officer shall within 30 days notify authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) thereof. The Commission shall not later than 90 days thereafter cause a by-election to be held; provided that where such vacancy occurs within 90 days prior to the holding of general elections, the filling of the vacancy shall await the holding of such elections.”

It is in this regard that the collaborating parties, including the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP), Unity Party (UP), and All Liberian Party (ALP), have endorsed the candidacies of two individuals.

ANC Chairman Senator Daniel F. Naatehn, who read the endorsement statement on behalf of the parties, said the parties chose to put aside their egos and come together as one to support a single candidate for each seat; the one that is well-placed in the upcoming two by-elections.

Sen. Naatehn added, “this endorsement is a demonstration of the collaborating parties’ ongoing efforts to further enhance cooperation, confidence building, and mutual respect as a basis for the consolidation of our individual strength, and capacity into a common purpose of building and sustaining our collaborative relationship.

“We, therefore, reaffirm our commitment to using these by-elections scheduled for July 2, 2019, to propagate the essence of our collaboration, and therefore, call on all partisans, supporters and the Liberian people to support the collaborating candidates,” he said.

For that decision, Mr. Dillion, who spoke on behalf of Ms. Urey and himself, expressed gratitude to the leadership of the collaborating parties for the trust and support to contest the July 2 by-elections, adding, “we are going to the legislature with open and transparent minds.”

The collaborating parties endorsement of the two candidates came shortly after NEC issued the writs of elections for the conduct of the Montserrado County District #15 representative seat, as well as the county’s senatorial by-election.

In a related development, Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, on May 14, 2019 (Unification Day), officially joined the ANC to work together with the party’s executives for a “better Liberia.” He serves the district as an Independent member of the 54th Legislature.

Rep. Kolubah, who referred to himself as a founding member of the ANC, said after discovering that the party is the answer to the many challenges the country is now faced with, “it is time I return home.”

Sen. Naatehn (R) presents membership form to Rep Kolubah on behalf of the party.

The controversial Rep. Kolubah said he refused to attend the Unification Day dialogue with President George Weah, “because I strongly believe that since the President has never achieved anything tangible with the opposition during previous meetings, he will never do so any at any future dialogue.”

He  said the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” cannot be avoided through dialogue.

“This is why we are going around the country to educate our people about the essence of the protest because the international community is carefully following the process,” Kolubah said. “To tell the Liberian people we are serious about the protest, my children will be part of the protest on June 7,” he declared to the deafening applause from the floor comprising mainly party supporters.


  1. Come on now, you opposition parties “shout, scream, halla and protest” on “so- called” principles. Then you recommend an inexperienced young lady (because she is Urey’s daughter) for a legislative seat. I guess “the same oh,same oh”. Do what I say but not what I do.

    • Not only because she is Urey´s daughter; but because her fauther is Congau and Urey has bought them with the very government money Urey has stolen. That whole collaboration of parties is owned By these three Congau crooks: Alex Cummings, Charles Brumskine, and Benoni Urey. Boakai is just a figurehead/stooge.

    • Telia should be admonished and encouraged for stepping out into the political arena. She is an accomplished young professional woman who can serve as a role model for the youthful generation. There is no specific prior experience needed for a legislative office. She brings a Corporate experience that includes dealmaking skills, managing and executing on deliverables. Certainly those are essential skills for a member of the House to have.

      Comments I have read opposing her have no relevance with respect to the position she is seeking and the criticisms border on the critics’ perceived biases.

      Congratulations Telia. Go for it and show your generation can make progressive contributions to the nation.

  2. For the record, I agree with the protest. That young lady is NOT bringing VALUE to the government. No experience, priviledge, and “spoiled “. I admire her courage thiugh

  3. Collaborating political parties: are you really serious about putting up a great fight in the upcoming bi-elections? From your choice of candidates, I don’t think you are. You could not win a district bi-election in Montserrado County, now you think you can win the county’s senatorial set with your choice of candidate? Come on guys. Do better.

    What is happening out there in our society is cause for great despair.
    Why not find the words to define a DILEMNA that makes us ALL HURT?

    The ‘’leaders’’, particularly the ‘Standard Bearers’ of the Coalition of Patriots should be able to ADDRESS ISSUES IN PUBLIC, AS YOU DO WITH THE INDIVIDUAL; and DISCUSS POLITICS OPENLY, AS YOU DO IN PRIVATE. Instead, they are SITTING [not standing] in the shadows of their partisans. Don’t forget, they’re ALL somehow connected! NOW, a clueless child POPS UP,…ON REMOTE CONTROL TO DO WHAT? Like father, like daughter. How shameless WE are.

    We don’t LOVE OUR COUNTRY, nor do we love one another, is it therefore surprising that we don’t love what is in our country, i.e. our natural resources, our wild life, the natural beauty of Liberia?

    We have to find the PEACE, the SOLUTIONS TO PEACE.
    Populations grow, and people become more dissatisfied.

    Our institutions/structures are not fit for purpose. We have leaders, talking without direction!
    WE ARE THE PEOPLE,… The TRUE, EDUCATED Liberians, not these old and new Liberian-Americans. Liberians ONLY, should run government. But where are they?

    What is democracy? The most recent model that we have has not worked. The manipulation of democracy is a very serious issue in our country, and it has worked! Our population has a level of illiteracy that can be manipulated, and that’s NOT right.
    Democracy is the new and dearly beloved concept in Liberia when it comes to politics. But what about capital/$$$? Most capital/$$$ is allocated by dictatorship — or perhaps at best, a post-war ruling class of people whose power DID NOT and does not derive from their wealth. It is not plutocracy.

    Liberia needs a SOLID LIBERIAN WOMAN who will JUSTIFY her actions AND PURGE THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM BY SETTING EXAMPLES. A 100% WOMAN, with sincere LOVE OF COUNTRY, a LEADER who can take Liberians to a place where they should be.
    Demonstrating REAL LEADERSHIP, that is EARNED, and that earning is GOOD LEADERSHIP.

    And Liberia is where it is in 2019. I challenge ANY Liberian!


    That ‘Coalition of Patriots’ cannot hold! AND this is who equates herself with the likes of the Late Adolph Lawrence? Next…


  7. Snapper Hill. By pass. Ashmun street, down the Rocks, mamba point or where? Rock girl, tuff woman or true patriot??

  8. J. Whama: all of the above; the core of the City of Monrovia, and NOT parts adjacent.
    Read our History; in the beginning, there was the Repubic Party, the Founding Fathers! WE set up the Republic of Liberia in 23 years [1847-1870]. Then came the True Whig Party [TWP] that lasted 2 years [1870-1872] = majority rule from parts adjacent and beyond, who had no clue. They were weak enough to reckon with the Republican Party = POWER SHARING for 20 years [1872-1892]. 1892-1980, majority rule = True Whig Party [TWP]. The rest is our History. Dat aye dare…

  9. To ALL Liberians with limited knowledge of the facts surrounding Liberian History, usually written by True Whig Party [TWP] historians, READ AND LEARN the following:

    In 1847, there was ONLY the Republican Party or True Liberian Party, established by an educated minority group, i.e. the “status quo”, the seat of government; the Political Capital is Monrovia. President Joseph Jenkins Roberts was its first President, among other such credible men.

    This resulted in these two [2] presidents, Joseph Jenkins Roberts [1848-1856, 1872-1876] and James Spriggs Payne [1868-1870, 1876-1878], serving two [2] non-consecutive terms.

    For the records, Joseph Jenkins Roberts [Republican] and colleagues believed in EDUCATION.
    In 1862, Joseph Jenkins Roberts helped found Liberia College in Monrovia, now The University of Liberia, and served as its 1st president until 1876.

    REPUBLICAN PARTY or TRUE LIBERIAN PARTY, 1847-1870 [23 years]
    TRUE WHIG PARTY [TWP], 1870-1872 [2 years]

    Majority Rule : And that spelled the end of the Republican Party. The vision and mission of the Republican Party since our independence in 1847 was losing ground and grip, thus leading to the phenomenon of doing things ‘the Liberian way’… under the True Whig Party [TWP], and the Republican pledge ‘supporting the EDUCATION of Liberia’s children’ faded.

    TRUE WHIG PARTY [TWP], 1892-1980 [88 years]
    The mission, vision and policies of national inclusion of the Original Republican Party, an educated minority group/the status quo in the political capital Monrovia, that was in place for the growth and development of Liberia in 1847 as a Beacon of Hope for Africa, was totally different from that of the True Whig Party [TWP].

    Fast forward in 2019, Liberia is where it is! I challenge ANY Liberian.

  10. J. Whama, do share the above HISTORICAL FACTS with ALL who want to learn and keep Liberia in real perspective. When the current ‘politicians’ themselves don’t know our History, and certain ‘historians’ are twisting and rewriting it, this becomes most damaging for the current and next generations. It took generations for the current ‘politicians’ to navigate the True Whig Party [TWP] and get this far. Now, they appear to be playing musical chairs…. LOL
    The good news is that we are not all dead. We’re watching. We MUST do a U-turn.

  11. The younger people like yourself are alert, knowledgeable and independent. Making choices based on merit. I applaud your candor and brilliance.
    Stay true to your beliefs no matter what

  12. Thank you, J. Whama. Have you not noticed that no one can contradict any of my above Historical facts about Liberia, our country? LOL You appear to be the only person reading with comprehension. Our people are programmed to reject the TRUTH, compounded with the Stockholm Syndrome. There are many complex layers and it can all be explained, if only WE would listen, learn, READ and COMPREHEND. The lack of a basic education is the glaring generational crisis that Liberia faces. It has become our living nightmare. What a price to pay!


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