‘Coca-Cola Facilities Environment-Friendly’


Coca-Cola International Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Alexander Cummings, has given the assurance that the company’s facilities are ‘environmentally friendly.’

Mr. Cummings made the assertion in an exclusive interview yesterday at the newly acquired offices of the Daily Observer newspaper at ELWA Junction in Paynesville.

Cummings boasted that from available records, Coca-Cola International Liberia has the best water and environmental facilities in the country.

“We treat all the water we use at our facilities and even go to the extent of recycling our products in order to make them hygienic for the consuming public,” Cummings assured.

He said the company’s treated water is tested in a fish pond filled with fish in order to determine how chemical free the treated water is at the Coca-Cola facility in Paynesville.

Mr. Cummings noted that executives and employees of Coca-Cola International are very confident of the hygienic nature of their treated water and other recycled products around the world.

The protection and safety of the residents and properties situated in the vicinity of the Coca-Cola facilities, Mr. Cummings insisted, is the overriding mission of the company, not only in Liberia, but wherever they operate in the world.

Coca-Cola International Liberia, known as Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (LCCBC), last Monday commissioned a US$5.7m plastic bottling plant and an education project in Paynesville, near Monrovia.

The new bottling line has the capacity to deliver Coca-Cola products in plastic bottles, and plans to create an estimated 7, 500 direct and indirect employment opportunities over the next five years, according to company officials.


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