Coalition Woos Over 1000 in Ganta with Christmas Dinner


Over 1000 citizens from across Nimba County on Monday, December 26, participated in a Christmas Dinner organized by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the commercial city of Ganta.

The dinner was the CDC’s way of identifying with the vote-rich population of Nimba and to keep them abreast of the party’s activities, the CDC County Chairman Mr. Nelson Korquoi said.

The occasion was also used to acquaint the citizens with a recent coalition agreement between the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party and the Liberia People Democratic Party.

Before the dinner, there was a parade on the principal streets of Ganta, an indoor program, children’s party, and sporting activities.

At the indoor program, the Coalition’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Archievego M. Doe, speaking on the topic “The Issue,” said the 2017 election would be critical because since 1944 when power was smoothly turned over from President Edwin Barlacy to Willaim V. S. Tubman, a sitting president will turn over power to another.

Mr. Doe explained that the CDC cannot take state power unless they are supported by Nimba County.

“Without the support of Nimba, we cannot take state power, because Nimba has the population and Nimba is like the State of Florida in the United States,” he said.

He added that CDC lost the first round of the 2005 election, because they lost Nimba’s support; and again they couldn’t make it in the first round in 2011, because Sen. Prince Johnson gave his support to the Unity Party.

He urged citizens in Nimba County to work together to support the leadership of the Coalition to get state power.

He said the Unity Party government made a lot of empty promises to the citizens during the course of the 2011 election, when they promised the citizens US$16 billion investment, of which not much can be shown in the form of investments in Liberia.

“They fooled the citizens by bringing in Buchanan Renewables Company, and where is the company now?” he asked.

Mr. Doe explained that then CDC’s political leader Senator George Weah was said to be uneducated and lacked experience in government, but now he has gone through all of those criteria and has a Master’s degree.

Now, the Unity Party is coming up with another issue, saying Vice President Boakai is an indigenous Liberian and “we also know that Sen. Weah is also an indigenous Liberian,” he said.

“The big issue now is what has the Unity Party led government, within the period of 12 years, done to impact the people with US$16 billion spent when we are still living in abject poverty, where the University of Liberia is still using coalpot in the laboratory?” he added.

“We need to ask them to explain the actual achievement the government has made during the 12-year leadership of the country.”

He added that it took Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana just one year in power to build the Akosombo Dam, but it has taken the government almost 12 years to build one turbine.

The dinner party was characterized by political speeches, where most of the speakers lashed out at the government for failing the citizens with empty promises, with many jobless and unable to send their children to school.

“Our hopes were high when they told us to give them a a second chance, but nothing we can boast of today, despite all the concession agreements,” said Abigail Freeman of the Coalition’s Youth Wing.

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