Coach Thomas Kojo: Can Lone Star Overcome Zimbabwe on Nov. 16?


Make no mistake, national team coach Thomas Kojo should be aware that the Zimbabwean national team and officials heard his team’s victory over Congo on October 16 and may be calculating their chances when they meet his boys on Nov. 16 at the SKD Complex.

Recall that Lone Star lost to Zimbabwe to an incredible score of 3-0. Since you were part of the team in Harare, the important question, what happened that Lone Star suffered such a loss? We need to make sure that what happened to Congo on October 16 also happened to Zimbabwe on Nov. 16.

The coincidence of the dates is interesting and therefore it provides the opportunity for Kojo to prepare the team for the crucial encounter against Zimbabwe. The point is Lone Star want to be in Cameroon next year for the African Cup of Nations. Though Lone Star began the campaign poorly, the victory against Congo means a lot to Kojo.

Being a smart coach, it is clear that Coach Kojo is working on his strategies for the match against Zimbabwe. He may do well to exploit the pattern used in the match against Congo.

Evidently, Coach Kojo will need all the support to ensure a great performance against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean national team collected three points with a scoreline of 3-0, and they would be coming into the game with a lot of expectation with the hope that they would avoid the Congolese experience and hence Kojo will be extremely careful in his strategy for the game.

The fact is, winning the game could place Lone Star in a comfortable place of seeing the ‘promised land’ next year. It was great that Lone Star took advantage to make use of their set-pieces and that should be a focused priority during training.

Kojo should also remember that when players are fit, they are able to run in 90 minutes and beyond and therefore we cannot stress too much on that. It should a must during training. The players must also be congratulated for their success and they should look forward with enthusiasm for their next match against Zimbabwe.

Another interesting thing worth remembering is for the players to assist each other with inter-positional passes. I am talking about the one known many years ago as ‘from-me-to-you.” The objective is getting the ball into your opponents’ goal but to do that a lot of stamina and the creative ability of the strikers can do a lot of damage to an opponents’ defense.

It is hoped that the success on Oct. 16 has cleared the way to put the players in a proper frame of mind for their match on Nov. 16.

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