CMT, BIN Enter into Partnership

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The China Medical Team (CMT) based at the John F. Medical Center has entered into partnership with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) to offer free medical services to its members.

According to Dr. Sun, head of the CMT, the partnership allows them to go to BIN offices once a month and spend at least three hours to examine BIN officers.

The visits, according to Dr. Sun, will involve checking officers for cases arising from eyes, bone, gynecological and other internal problems.

“All China Medical Team members will carry on their work in humanitarian spirit; strictly perform the sacred duty of saving lives. We will live up to expectation, dedicate and make every effort for the Liberian healthcare system,” Dr. Sun adds.

The partnership runs from March 25 thru July, this year.

Also speaking at the launch of the partnership, Chinese Defense Attaché, Captain Zhang Feng Hua, said that “it is an official medical aid assigned by the Chinese government with experienced doctors to provide medical care for the Liberian people.

He assured the BIN of the team’s good medical services, noting that “for 20 years we sent 9 batches of medical teams to Liberia, and they have always carried out medical work smoothly and providing convenient and proper medication for local people.”

He recalled the genuine, honest and sincere diplomatic relations, with the recent Chinese support to the eradication of the Ebola virus disease from the country.

He said relations between China and Liberia have greatly improved and it is being nurtured by the medical team’s provision of needed medical services to Liberians at the grassroots level.

In remarks, BIN senior officer Peter Zayzay recalled that the Chinese availed themselves to train some officers of BIN in the Chinese language to deal with aliens and foreigners coming into the country.

Zayzay said it was through the first partnership the Confucius Institute linked the medical team to the BIN, with CMT providing free medical services to officers of the bureau.

Zayzay further indicated that instead of going to the clinic or hospital, where people will take hours waiting to be treated or examined, the Chinese Medical Team’s offer to exclusively treat officers of the BIN at its premises is a great advantage.

He added that the partnership is also coming with scholarships that will enable officers to study in China.


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