CLTI Breaks Ground for College Preparatory School


The Christian Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) last Saturday performed an elaborate ground- breaking  ceremony for the construction of a modern school costing more than US$300,000, in Ganta City, Nimba County.

The school, when completed, will be named “College Preparatory School” and will prepare high school students, especially those in Grade 12, for college education.

CLTI president, Dr. Sei Bour, said the idea is to construct the campus for the training of church leaders.

According to Dr. Bour, while in the United States, he received letters from elders of the Liberia Inland Church to come home and contribute to the society, especially in the area of education, to prepare the young ones for college.

That request, he said, “continues to ring a bell in my ear; and it was based on that call that I decided to break ground to construct a training center for those desirous of becoming future leaders.”

Dr. Bour said his first contribution was to establish the LICC, which began academic activities in Ganta in 2009 and is now offering first degrees in basic academic disciplines.

According to him, the idea of building the College Preparatory School was born in 2015, when a large number of high school students failed the national exam administered by West African Examination Council.

It started as a study class for 12th graders in Ganta, but made a great impact in 2016/2017 on the performance of students who were privileged to have been part of the study class.

Bour said  the study class program, which was hosted at the campus of the Methodist School, became vibrant to such an extent that the campus could no longer host a huge influx of  12th graders who attended the program.

“Looking at the needs of the students, we decided to lobby with our friends and partners in the United States so we could build a campus to host a huge number of the students, including some of the 9th graders,” he said.

The school will be built on seven acres of land, situated around the LPRC Community, near the LOIC Site east of Ganta.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by several prominent Nimbaians, including Reverend Laiah Zayour,  president of Liberia United Liberia Inland Church, Ganta City Mayor Amos N. G. Suah, Dr. James Kermue, LICC’s president, and Jay Skinner, CLTI US representative.


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