Cllr. Tubman Resurfaces for 2017


After being inactive in politics for over three years, the Standard Bearer of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Cllr. Winston Tubman, has resurfaced, announcing that he would contest the up-coming 2017 general and presidential elections.

Cllr. Tubman, who upon his resignation from politics in 2011, has been absent from the public for what he termed as a deliberate decision to reflect on the governance of the state, said that his decision to come back is precipitated upon the manner in which the state is being governed, and also watch how politics would play out without his active participation.

 He however made it public that he would be contesting, but was not specific as to the party on whose ticket he would run. He maintains though that he is still a member of the CDC.  

The onetime Justice Minister called for mergers among the political parties as to minimize the  proliferation of parties, which he believes, is not good for Liberians because it was more divisive for the approximately 4 million population.

 Cllr. Tubman made the comment at a press conference he hosted at his law firm in Monrovia yesterday.

Cllr. Tubman's pronouncement brings to the fray how congested and tough the upcoming election would be in 2017.

 It can be recalled that two other politicians, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, and Dr. Tokpah Nah Tipoteh, who also resigned from active politics, earlier announced their comeback to contest the 2017 as presidential hopefuls for their respective parties.

 Cllr Tubman, who dispelled rumors that he was never expelled from the CDC, said his decision to come back into politics is in the interest of Liberians for the purpose of development and progress.
 “Today marks more than three years since I withdrew from politics and the national spotlight, a decision I deliberately took to reflect on governance in the country, and to watch how politics would play without my active participation. Throughout these years of being politically inactive, I learned a lot,” the CDC presidential candidate said.

While sitting on the side watching the Liberian politics, Tubman says he learned that when the govt is not ruling in the interest of the vast majority of the people there can be mistrust and distrust, which was clearly evidenced during the Ebola outbreak. He said the situation went out of hand because people did not trust their govt at the initial stages. He said the mistrust led to the unfortunate situation at West points, where people were shot.


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