Cllr. Sherman Seeks Treatment in US


Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman yesterday left the country for the United States to seek medical treatment for his recent ailment.

Sen. Sherman recently fainted minutes before the commencement of an event on Capitol Hill where a huge crowd gathered to witness the endorsement of the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai by a majority of the Senators.

The Senator, after his collapse, was immediately rushed to the JFK Medical Center. Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dahn, was present at the Capitol Building when the incident occurred.

No immediate medical reason was given for the unfortunate incident, but Senator Sherman was attired in a large traditional country cloth gown in the crowded Rotunda where only one air condition unit was reportedly functioning.

However, in a brief comment, the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Madam Mary Broh, informed the gathering that she had visited the Senator at the hospital, and that there were signs that he will pull through.

There has also been no official statement about Senator Sherman’s trip to the United States from the ruling Unity Party or his family.


  1. Sherman is not returning to Liberia until after Ellen is gone. He does not want to go to jail. Ellen just had the Supreme Court change the judge on the case to ensure that Sherman is convicted. Sherman is a smart man.

    • The Sherman/Sable Mining Case doesn’t merit the amount of attentions its been given. When/If all Legal Principles are applied, Sen. Sherman may very well WIN. You bet! The Prosecutions’ “CASE” is weak. Very Weak! The Judge may as well call “A MISTRIAL”. *The attempt to commit a CRIME is not the same as committing the actual CRIME. Just keep that in mind… After all, SABLE MINING is the big loser; not Liberia.

      • “The attempt to commit a crime is not the same as committing the actual crime.” Yes my friend, your comment is true. However, the attempt to commit a crime is also a crime in and of itself, which could warrant jail time. So even if Sherman is not convicted of the actual crime, he could still be convicted of the attempt, solicitation, and facilitation.

        • J.C; Well then change the title of the whole case and apply the right legal principles. The defendants are being charged wrongly. Let’s hear from the prosecution’s key witnesses; in Court. If not, then the CASE is DEADLOCKED. Declare a MISTRIAL.

  2. I know our case finished died. As soon this guy gets back we will be talking about gov’t ain’t win the case.
    Why the US, when JFK is over there? Your sitting over there telling people no money to pay nurses and doctors, when small illness catch your straight USA.


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