Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull Gets Theology Degree

Former TRC Comissioner, Rev. Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull (center)

Former TRC Commissioner, 14 others Awarded Degree in Theology and Religious Education

Former Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull was over the weekend awarded a Bachelor’s degree in theology from the Baptist Seminary, located in Paynesville along the Roberts Field highway.

She was among 15 graduates who completed studies in theology and religious education at that institution. Speaking to the press at the end of the baccalaureate and thanksgiving service, the former Commissioner and outspoken lawyer thanked all those who supported her. Continuing, the former Commissioner said she had fulfilled her calling to serve the Lord by completing studies in theology, which was required to prepare her for her mission to spread the gospel of Christ.

Earlier, the Reverend Emile Sam Peal, delivering the baccalaureate sermon, called on graduates to be true to their calling by leading the way and becoming not cisterns but fountains of living waters from which those thirsty for the word of God can drink and quench their thirst.

The occasion was graced by a number of distinguished personalities, amongst them former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations James Bull and his wife Cecelia Freeman Bull, former Dean of Liberia college at the University of Liberia (UL) and Madame Yvette Chesson Wureh, Head of the Angie Brooks Center.


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