Cllr. Oswald Tweh Takes Takes Helm at Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Monie R. Captan (left) administers the oath of office to Cllr. Oswald Tweh, the new president of Liberia Chamber of Commerce.

— Vows to review current economic policies governing the Chamber and make necessary changes

The leadership of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) has elected and sworn into office Cllr. Natu Oswald Tweh, a renowned Liberian lawyer, as its new president to steer the affairs of the chamber for the ensuing year.

This follows the expiration of the tenure of Mr. Wendell Addy’s, having served the Chamber in the same capacity.

Cllr. Tweh, who is also Managing Partner of the Pierre, Tweh and Associates law firm, won the chamber’s presidency on a ‘white ballot.’

The inauguration of the Cllr. Tweh and his co-officers was held on Friday, November 27, 2020, at the Chamber 69th Annual General Meeting, under the strict compliance of the coronavirus physical distance rules.

LCC is a local organization of businesses and companies with the purpose of developing and advancing the interests of Liberia’s private sector. Its membership comprises local and international companies operating in Liberia, including property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, media, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, ICT firms, as well as electronics manufacturers, among others.

The LCC’s main activities are, among others, safeguarding business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests, contact with governments, civil society, and the press, as well as organizing trade shows and events.

The election, which was chaired and conducted by the Chamber’s former President, Mr. Monie R. Captan, brought together several members of the Chamber who overwhelmingly showered their blessings on their new President and urged him to successfully steer the affairs of the entity.

The chamber also elected 12 members to its executive council, including Ms. Veda Simpson, Quidiyou farms; Ms. Laureine Guilao, CEO of TipMe Liberia; Mr. Rabin Charif; Mr. Ahmed Wazni, African Motors; Mr. Charles Collins, Jafain Consortium Inc.; Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Connex Group; Dr. Nelson Oniyama, Monrovia Breweries; Mr. Tony Hage, Consolidated African Trading Company; Abraham Karsie, Prestige Motors; Mr. Jaspal Singh, Supreme Liberia; and Mr. Rajkumar Chandraskar, Kris Int’l.

Various committees and the President elect being sworn in.

Mr. O. Natty B. Davis, Devin Corporation, Sannoh and Partners, Mr. Nathaniel E. Kevin, Norfolk Group of Companies, and Mr. Gobah A. Anderson, Youth Service Corp, were elected on the Arbitration committee, while Mr. Oliver Rogers of Abi Jaoudi was elected as Auditor of the Chamber.

The new President, in his acceptance speech, expressed appreciation and assured members of the Chamber of his commitment in collaboration with other elected members to enhance the Chamber’s effective running entity.

Cllr. Tweh further noted that his leadership at the LCC will help to boost the role of the business community in the growth of the Liberian economy.

“Our country has a serious economic problem, businesses are barely surviving and new investments are almost non-existing. We can attribute these to the many factors but the chief, which is the coronavirus,” said Cllr. Tweh.

“I must say it is sad to note that nearly all our solution has been a short term solution for our problems that led to doing more of the same. And when you continue to do things of the same way and you expect a different result, you are mistaken, because you will always get the same result.

“To help us get on the path of sustainable economic recovery,” the new LCC president added, “we have to review our current economic policy and endeavor to make the necessary changes, including creating a strong awareness in the society about the Chamber its roles and functions. Try to foster and cement the relationship with the government, African Union, ECOWAS and other international partners, which includes the Pan-African Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of the West African Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” he asserted.

Cllr. Tweh assured that under his administration, he will basically provide and try to enhance the existing networking opportunities for businesses in the country.

The chamber boss commended the staff of the entity and said his intent and desire is to partner with the government in propelling economic growth.

“We will aggressively solicit private investment in Liberia, which we all know is much needed. We will endeavor to talk and encourage members to talk to foreign businessmen and exploit areas where Liberian businesses can cooperate and participate, enhance their abilities and open new export markets, while encouraging the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy,” Cllr. Tweh stated.

He called on the executive council members to rally around the new officers “so we can be successful in our new journey.”


  1. I want to congratulate Cllr. Natu Oswald Tweh upon his election and induction as president of the Liberian Chamber of Commerce, the LCC. I understand that the LCC is a body that brings together, if not all, most of the businesses in the private sector together as one entity in the republic. The same goes out to the entire leadership corps that was elected along with Cllr. Tweh. Most Liberians like me are praying that your administration will succeed. When you succeed, Liberia succeeds.

    The Liberian people are not oblivious to the many sacrifices individuals in society make in order to start a business and run it to become a success story. We are grateful for the role you play in the Liberian society, such as creating jobs for the citizens and other philanthropic undertakings of yours in the community. This you do even, at times, under very difficult conditions in the country, and Liberia has had many such conditions that are daunting. We salute your resilience for the common good on behalf of kin and country.

    Cllr. Tweh, you know that in all countries that profess to be democratic in a free enterprise society, the economic development of the country is dependent on a strong bond of cooperation between government and the private sector. This bond is supported by the citizens of such societies when this bilateral cooperation is benevolent and is in the interest of the common good.

    I am appealing to LCC to turn its attention to the counties, especially where there is the most need. Support the grassroots that are also starting their respective small businesses and other self-help projects in their respective communities. Personally, I support a small not for profit NGO in one of the needy counties in our beloved Liberia. We know that government cannot do it all. It will definitely be foolhardy to think that we will sit and wait for government to do everything to enable our country to move forward in the twenty first century. Your leadership role and that of LCC is as important as that of the president and government of the country in this national effort.


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