Cllr. Kruah Vows to Number Homes for Mail Delivery

Cllr. Cooper Kruah addressing-web.jpg
Min. Kruah: "I remain an ardent supporter of President George Weah."

Cllr. Cooper Kruah, the Post and Telecommunications Minister-designate, has told Senators that he will prioritize the numbering of homes in the country to make the delivery of mail and packages as easy as it is done in other African countries.

He said that even though technology has advanced and there has been high teledensity the courier service is valuable and is widely used to counter security threats that involve hacking.

He told members of the Senate’s Committee on Post and Telecommunications that if confirmed, the pilot phase of his plan will be initiated in one year.

Cllr. Kruah said the ministry’s research on how to impose a tariff on every package brought into the country by DHL and FedEx will make the government’s Expedited Mail System (EMS) comparable to others and generate revenue.

He told the Senators that if confirmed, he would reopen mail boxes by reintroducing the ‘Lock Box System’ in each of the 15 counties and ensure a functional ministry.

“The Ministry of Postal Affairs and Telecommunications will wake up from its present stage of sleepiness to the one that will be more functional,” Cllr. Kruah declared.

He said the ministry would engage the legislature for increased budgetary allotment to complete the marking or numbering of homes across the country, reopen the locked box system, and to settle its debts with international organizations to the tune of over US$2.6 million.

Meanwhile the Deputy Minister-designate for Administration, Cllr. Edward Gobah, told Senators that under their leadership, the ministry will become vibrant.

Cllr. Kruah and his deputy-designate for Administration are practicing lawyers in the Supreme Court.

He has been in the legal profession for more than 27 years.


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