Cllr. Banks To Testify as ‘Expert Witness’ For Ja’neh

Retired Associated Justice, Cllr. Philip A. Z. Banks

Cllr. Philip A. Z. Banks, former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, is to testify today as an ‘expert witness’ in favor of embattled Associate Justice Kabineh Mohammad Ja’neh in the impeachment trial against him.

The retired Justice was in Chambers when some of Liberia’s top oil dealers filed a writ of prohibition against the Road Fund in 2017.

The accused, Ja’neh took the stand on Monday, March 18, 2019, under direct examination by his own Counselors, and later cross-examined by Counselors for Managers of the House of Representatives.

Under direct-examination, Justice Ja’neh told the hearing that he purchased a half lot of land situated in Jallah Town from J. Nyema Constance Jr., in 1996 for US$3,600 through Administrator Deed, which he said was probated in February 1997.

Justice Ja’neh denied ever ordering the eviction of Mrs. Anne Yancy Constance as she recently claimed when she served as a witness for Managers of the House of Representatives.

On the contrary, Justice Ja’neh disclosed that Mrs. Constance is still residing on the same half lot of his land and that he has no intention to remove her now or in the near future.

As the cross-examination continued, the Senate Chambers was almost literally transformed into a legal classroom with the witness (Respondent Ja’neh) serving as a professor in an unprecedented relaxed fashion.

In one instance, Ja’neh assisted to cross-examine Cllr. Sayma Cyrenius Cephus, when he did not quote the correct Article for a reference in his earlier testimony.

Chief Justice Francis Saye Korkpor at 3:10 p.m. adjourned the trial to afford him and other lawyers sufficient time to prepare for a scheduled meeting with a delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court.

The trial continues tomorrow afternoon at 2: p.m in the Senate Chambers with Justice Ja’neh expected to face cross-examination, and the subsequent appearance of retired Justice Banks on the witness stand.


  1. What makes Philip Banks an “expert witness”? Expert witness my foot. Janeh SHOULD be ashamed of himself after buying a stolen property and then saying the rightful owner of the property the 94 year old widow is still squatting on his Janeh’s land. No integrity, no morals, no scruples, no principles. And he wants to remain a judge on the bench of the Supreme Court.

    As for that one on ECOWAS COURT RECORDS for broad day light robbery, weren’t this the same rascal and corrupt Philip Banks along with the corrupt Janeh whom the very Legislature almost impeached convict, and REMOVE from the Supreme Court?

    These people are just a bunch of corrupt rascals corrupt Ellen Johnson placed on the Bench to protect her and her children in their CORRUPT acts as in the case of CHARLES Sirleaf. The SENATE must convict that rogue Kabineh Janeh, remove him, send him to prison, and ban him from holding any public office.

    • Kou Gontee, I’m not sure which planet you’re living on, but Cllr Philip Banks is a scholar at law and without your hatred of him, you will realized that Banks graduated from prestigious Yale Law school in the USA and a product of the University of Liberia and its Arthur Grime School of Law graduating with honors. He’s legal luminary and calling him an expert is no mistake and you can take your ‘my foot’ comments. If you have followed the trial, you’ll notice that the entire exercise is a sham on our Judicial System and the Chief Justice should be ashamed of himself for melting into this legislative quagmire initiated by Rep. Acarious Gray. Ja’neh wasn’t convicted by any court for any of the charges mentioned in this impeachment and how this is becoming an impeachment is contrary to our constitution and values as Liberians.

      In your remarks, you said Ja’neh stole the land, but actually, the lady who testified last week (Old-Lady Constance) indicated that Ja’neh bought the land and she didn’t say that Ja’neh stole the land and please be clear about this categorization. If you’re not a CDC and Rep. Gray’s loyalist, I think you’re probably clueless about your constitution and don’t know a lot about the proceedings for impeachment and how a justices should be impeached.

      According to Rep. Gray testimony earlier in the proceedings, he claimed Old-Lady Constance came to him and explained that Ja’neh illegally bought the land from her son who was 40 years old then and now deceased. What Rep. Gray should have done if this wasn’t abuse of power on his part was to help the lady seek redress in court and not taking the matter to the legislature. A justice can only be impeached if he’s trialed in a court of competent jurisdiction and found guilty of four crimes; treason, bribery and other felonies, violation of the Constitution or gross misconduct. If you’ve not read your constitution, take time and learn this document about your country to understand your rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Hate is not going to help you and I’ll be very much surprised if Justice Ja’neh is not acquitted of these charges. He was brought to court simply because he dissented during the elections of 2017 saga. However, this prosecution is being done without merits and this is clearly a political witch-hunt.

      So Kou Gontee, the next time you decide to use your data and your computer/smart phone, think twice of what you spew because you may as well be spewing nonsense.

  2. I think it is unfortunate band uncouth for you to refer to current and past justices as corrupt. You firstly need to understand that the translation and application of your judicial system rest on their shoulders. Your statement is characterized by ambiguity and does not in anyway look at the legality and politics of the ongoing trials. You have been engulfed by draconian sentiments and perhaps partisanship. These are noble people who must always be respected. Go back and read with clear understanding the pathos and ethos that resulted into the civil conflict and many which bubble up to the surface of contemporary politics.. learn to respect the judiciary branch of govt in your mediocre understanding

  3. The whole Supreme Court Bench could testify and it would not make a difference to the case. In fact, they are damaged goods and in this case they condone the thief of Mrs. Constance land. I have said, and continue to say, the error originated from the Probate Court. The Court give Administrative Powers to the son of a widow, who was alive and in refugee camp. Did they do due diligence? I say no. The widow in a testate case is first in line of inheritance to her husband. Not the Son or not the children. Once the process of Administration was done without the consent of the widow, it is done on the basis of fraud. The court did not ask questions, did not request witnesses and did not do verification.Therefore the problem originated from them. The Probate Court must fix the error and give back the land to the widow. Every other discussion is a waste of time, money and a mockery to our Justice System.

  4. What do you expect to hear from the retired Justice when his hands are also not cleaned. What happened to the Nigerian business man five hundred thousand dollars case? This is the same person who was implicated, when he was at the Justice Ministry as minister. The same O Same O and the Nigerian man went to the ECOWAS Court. The ECOWAS Court made the Liberian Government to pay the Money. Now, the shameless retired Justice Banks is the witness justifying that the fraudulent case to Justice Janeh’s was done according to the laws of Liberia. What a mockery to our Justice System.

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