Clergyman Reveals God’s ‘New Plans’

Evangelist Davis- “God woke me from_web.jpg

A man claiming to be an Evangelist with the Bethel World Outreach Ministries International in Monrovia told journalist at a news conference recently that God revealed to him new plans for Liberia.

Charles Dahadolu Davis, II, claimed God had conversations with him on a number of occasions in recent years. He said the Lord called on him to help create the necessary national awareness, recovery and restoration to Liberians before it was too late and tragedy once again befell the country.

According to the evangelist, on August 13, 2013, while sleeping, “God woke me up with his powerful voice booming the spiritually significant word-‘marginalization’.”

“This is His power and spirit at work right now over the government,” he said, adding, “for too long God has observed that this country and its people have been condemned to suffer under the power of marginalization.”

According to Evangelist Davis, Marginalization has prevented Liberians from getting attention, keeping them away from the centers of activity, influence and power. It has them living in total slavery and abject poverty; a situation he believes that “God is tired with.”

Therefore, the evangelist has called on all Liberians to join him to ‘fight’; not with the weapons of man, but through prayer and supplications against the power of marginalization, which, in his opinion, has repeatedly left the majority of Liberians excluded from decisions concerning political, economic, judicial, educational development and sharing of resources.

“We have spoken about this issue everywhere we went, but now it has become more burdensome to speak out, as the spirit of God said for us to do without fear. Let it be recorded on this day— both in heaven and on earth— that I have spoken the way forward for the country according to the voice of God,” Davis declared.

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