Clergyman Predicts Danger in 2017

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A prelate of the St. Stephen Episcopal Church has warned that 2017 may not come out well if the issues of destitution in the country are not addressed.

Sounding the warning in his sermon during the church’s worship service on Sunday, June 14, Rev. Canon A-Too Williams observed that armed robbers, prostitutes, drug addicts and other vulnerable people are increasing in the country, and that the government and Liberians of goodwill need to initiate programs to address their needs.

Rev. Williams, whose scriptural emphasis was on “Jesus’ call to life for productivity,” noted that for the 2017 elections to be successful and peace sustained afterward, there is a serious need to put into action programs that will change the lives of drug addicts, prostitutes, armed robbers and other deviants.

Most of these people are young and government and its partners should contemplate on vocational programs and use some persuasive methods to get them to attend.

In an exclusive interview after the church service, Rev. Williams would not exactly state what may happen to reflect danger in 2017 if conditions remain as they are.

He, however, maintained that as the number of destitutes increases, there could be danger.

In some instances such vulnerable people can be used by politicians or others to wage war, but Rev. Williams did not state whether the danger he is predicting would go in that direction.

Even though he did not exactly state the danger Liberians may face if his concern is not taken into consideration, he in response to a question said it was his assumption that many of these people may follow an incapable politician to win the election that would in turn drag Liberia behind.

He urged Liberians not to see initiatives to eradicate deprivation as only for the government, but also for ordinary people who are in the position to do so, noting that government cannot do everything and people should learn to set a legacy of that others can emulate.


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